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The Big Worlds 2022 Hunger Games

Hunger Games
The Worlds Hunger Games have started. | © Lionsgate

Okay guys, we've done tierlists, we've taken a look at the top teams at the 2022 League of Legends World Championship, but we have not put them into a fight to the death battle royale situation just yet, which is why we've decided to take a look at the teams for this League of Legends World Championship and how they would fare at the hunger games. 

Now it's time to go over the districts and teams, obviously and then put them through the wringer in the hunger games simulator. Yes, that is a website, it is a thing and this is 100% the results we received after putting our 24 LoL Worlds squads into the simulator. Enjoy the carnage. 


The LoL Worlds Hunger Games Districts

First of all let's go over the 12 districts and each team in a district. 

DistrictTeam 1Team 2
District 1Gen.GJDG
District 2T1Top Esports
District 3DAMWON KIARogue
District 4Edward GamingCloud9
District 5GAM EsportsG2 Esports
District 6CTBC Flying Oyster100 Thieves
District 7Royal Never Give UpFnatic
District 8Evil GeniusesDRX
District 9Beyond GamingMAD Lions
District 10Saigon BuffaloDetonatioN FocusMe
District 11Istanbul WildcatsIsurus
District 12Chief's EsportsLOUD

Now that we have the setting and the team it's about time we start the Hunger Games, right? So, we set the scene, all our teams have trained hard for this Hunger Games event which kicks off in Mexico City and then moves onto multiple other cities in the United States. So let's get started. 

LoL Worlds Hunger Games: The First Day

As the carnage begins we have to quickly look at which teams run away right as the horn sounds and which teams are there to fight. Honestly, our simulation of the Hunger Games was wild so let's quickly recap what happened right at the beginning of the events. 

Teams that run away from the Cornucopia: 

  • LOUD
  • Edward Gaming
  • T1
  • G2 Esports 
  • JDG
  • Top Esports 

Now, that's just the boring old scardey-cats of the Hunger Games, we are here for blood and guts though and some teams have delivered those for us right as the horn sounds. 


We have our sneaky bastard team RNG who manages to convince MAD Lions not to kill them, only to kill them instead. Then, Beyond Gaming seems to be overwhelmed and ends up committing suicide. Edward Gaming is also pretty violent, managing to slice Saigon Buffalo, killing them, with a sword. Old school, but effective. 

The real MVP though? None other than Gen.G who kick the Hunger Games off with a bang – literally. They set off an explosive killing Istanbul Wildcats, Rogue, Chief's Esports and Evil Geniuses

On the other hand we have some lame death's as well on the first day like DetonatioN FocusMe eating berries and well... poisoning themselves. Oh, and remember how RNG managed to convince MAD not to kill them only to stab them in the back? Well, they tried that tactic again with LOUD, only to be killed by them. Guess the same trick won't work twice, eh? 

Summoner Cup
This is what everyone is fighting for. | © Riot Games

Deaths After The First Day

District 9MAD Lions
District 11Istanbul Wildcats
District 3Rogue
District 12Chief's Esports
District 8Evil Geniuses

District 5

GAM Esports
District 11Isurus
District 4Cloud9
District 9Beyond Gaming
District 10DetonatioN FocusMe
District 7Royal Never Give Up
District 10Saigon Buffalo

LoL Worlds Hunger Games: The Second Day

Once the shots ring out one more death takes place, though this one was not documented for the first day. Edward Gaming finds DAMWON KIA and decapitates them with a sword. Savage. But, does anything else happen during the day for the remaining 11 teams? 

JDG runs away from G2 Esports, while 100 Thieves has their camp raided by LOUD, Top Esports, EDG and Fnatic. Rude, if you ask me, but necessary. DRX is on the prowl, looking for other tributes, but don't seemt o find any. Oh, and remember our MVP from the first day? Well, Gen.G is questioning their sanity after taking so many lives at once. 

Deaths After The Second Day



District 3DAMWON KIA

LoL Worlds Hunger Games: The Third Day

As the next day approaches CTBC Flying Oyster tries to treat their infection, while G2 Esports is going at it with LOUD to try and take them down. When they pick up their bow and arrow, fire it their way the Brazilian squad manages to evade the attack, while Top Esports, who is just standing by is caught in the crossfire and ends up getting killed by G2 Esports

Now, we know Gen.G was questioning their sanity the previous night, but it seems they got their wits about them as they approach Edward Gaming, stabbing them in the back. 

The Cornucopia is replenished at this time, but who dares go there? Only DRX it seems. T1 is too busy killing LOUD by whipping a knife in their chest while Fnatic and JDG team up to track down and kill CTBC Flying Oyster. 

100 Thieves Closer
100 Thieves is still in the fight for the crown of the Worlds Hunger Games. | © Riot Games

Deaths After The Third Day

District 2Top Esports
District 4Edward Gaming
District 6CTBC Flying Oyster
District 12LOUD
District 5G2 Esports

LoL Worlds Hunger Games: The Fourth/Fifth Day

The fourth day begins and it seems that the remaining teams are on the hunt, prowling about. Some teams seem to be losing their marbles like T1 who beg 100 Thieves to kill them but the NA hopefuls deny them. 


At this point we also see that Nadeshot has been hard at work, because 100 Thieves, though only from district 6 have received multiple gifts from an anonymous sponsor. This has to be Nadeshot, no? 

Then, on the fifth day, the unthinkable happens. Up to this point Gen.G have been the MVPs of our Worlds 2022 Hunger Games, but they lose their mind and decide to kill themselves. They are eliminated with 6 kills under their belt. 

Deaths After The Fifth Day

District 1Gen.G
T1 Worlds 2021
Will T1 be able to make it to the end? | © Riot Games

LoL Worlds Hunger Games: The Sixth Day

Day 6 has begun and there are five teams remaining in the running for the crown of the Worlds 2022 Hunger Game kings. Let's quickly recap who still has a chance at winning it all: 

  • JDG
  • T1
  • 100 Thieves
  • Fnatic
  • DRX

Now that we know we're so close to the end it's time to check out the action of day six. We've even got some steamy romance happening between our teams with JDG letting Fnatic share their tent. 

On the other hand DRX runs into 100 Thieves and they aren't as nice to them. Unable to convince 100 Thieves not to kill them, DRX is eliminated, leaving only four teams in the running. 

The sixth day doesn't end there though, with our four remaining teams all running into one another 100 Thieves, gaining some confidence after killing DRX, seems to have the upper hand and manage to overthrow Fnatic, forcing them to either kill JDG or T1. 

Too bad our romance is too strong, which means T1 is eliminated right before the end of the whole ordeal. 

Deaths After The Sixth Day

District 8DRX
District 2T1

LoL Worlds Hunger Games: The Seventh Day

The final three teams remain. During the night, Fnatic – that two-timing hoe – shares a tent with 100 Thieves, leaving their lover of the previous night, JDG, in the dust. 

In a fit of rage and jealousy, JDG, who are currently suffering from an infection, attack 100 Thieves and severely injure them. In a moment of clarity they realize what they did and end 100 Thieves misery, leaving only JDG and their former companion Fnatic alive. 

Fnatic witnesses this murder and cannot handle the circumstances anymore and decides to end their own life and thus ending the Worlds 2022 Hunger Games. 

Deaths After The Seventh Day

District 6100 Thieves
District 7Fnatic
The Winners
The winners of the 2022 Worlds Hunger Games! | © Riot Games

The Worlds 2022 Hunger Games Winners: JD Gaming

The clear winners of the event are JDG from district 1. They earned their spot with hard training, some love affairs and smart play-making. No team stood a chance against them. 

Though, throughout this experience we do think that Gen.G also deserves some praise for their 6-kill rampage. No other team in the mix managed such carnage. Now, overall this is just for fun but who would you have thought would win our Worlds 2022 Hunger Games? 

Now let's take one last look at the final standings of our Hunger Games and who the real MVPs of the event were. 

Hunger Games
Gen.G is our MVP, but who is yours?