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Let's check out how the biggest tournament will go!

LoL Worlds 2022 Format Explained

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Each year Riot puts on a huge show for the League of Legends World Championship. It's their biggest event of the year with insane viewership numbers helping grow the game and the professional league. Now, Riot is putting on an event in North America for 2022.

We are going to check out the even, as well as the format for the upcoming World Championship. If you've been around for a while then this is nothing new for you, because it seems that when it comes to international League of Legends esports, Riot hates lower bracket miracle runs. 


LoL Worlds 2022 Tournament Format Explained

The League of Legends World Championship is kicking off soon so it's time we explain the format of the tournament, so everyone is on the same page. Let's go over the different phases and which teams you can expect to see. 

Play-In Phase

The first part of the World Championship is the Play-In Phase. Here, twelve teams compete for the final four spots of the Main Stage event, which is set to take place in New York. 

In this phase the teams are put into two groups of six. Every team is going to play one game against every other team in their group. The first seeded teams from each group will advance, while the other teams have to duke it out for the final spots. 

Third and fourth will play a best of five to determine who will play a best of five against the opposing group's second place team. The winners of these matches will also proceed onto the main event and the group stage. 


Group Phase

The four teams we just mentioned all managed to make it to the next stage, right? Well, now it's time to seed them into the groups. No teams from the same region can be in the same group, so the teams will be added accordingly. 

Once that is done, we've got four groups of 4-teams, making it a total of 16 teams. In the group stage we're going to get two rounds of games. Each team in a group plays one another twice. The first and second seeded teams of each group make it into the next stage of Worlds, which are the Knockout Rounds. 

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Who is making it to the knockout phase? | © Riot Games

Knockout Phase

Now, for the final part of the tournament we have got a single elimination bracket for the final eight teams of the tournament. This part of the League of Legends World Championship is made up of the quarterfinals, semifinals and finals. 

The final team standing will be crowned the League of Legends World Champions. Are you ready for the tournament? Have you already got your pick'ems prepared? Let us know on Discord