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LoL Arena: Best Duos In LoL Patch 13.24

News 08-12-2023 14:30

Arena is back and you are wondering, what the most broken combinations are? Look no further!

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Arena is back, and we have the best duos for you!

The meta completely shifted after the OP champs of Patch 13.16 got nerfed and others got buffed. I searched through the depths of data analysis to find the best win-rate combinations for you.

LoL Arena: The Best Pairs In Patch 13.24

5. Leona / Yuumi

Leona Yuumi Arena
Top 5: Leona & Yuumi

Leona and Yuumi might seem like an odd duo, but they have a synergy win rate of 69.97%.

While Yuumi is actually F-Tier, this is only because people are building her wrong. You should always build Echoes of Helia on her, which has a 12% higher win rate than Moonstone.

This combo becomes nearly unkillable in the later stages of the game and can CC and kill everyone, especially squishy champs.

4. Trundle / Veigar

Trundle Veigar Arena
Top 4: Trundle & Veigar | ©Riot Games

Trundle and Veigar are a classic combo, as Trundle can use his pillar to ensure the stun of Veigar's cage.

This combo has a win rate of 70.02%.

3. Kayn / Sion

Kayn Sion Arena
Top 3: Kayn & Sion | ©Riot Games

Kayn and Sion are a nightmare for champs who can't quickly kill them. They both excel at surviving and can also chain their CC quite effectively. If you think they are dead, they most likely aren't.

This combo has a win rate of 70.32%.

2. Galio / Illaoi

Galio Illaoi Arena
Top 2: Galio & Illaoi

Illaoi's ult is certainly scary. But what do you do if you can't even kill her while standing in it, CC'd by Galio? Well, pretty much nothing.

That's why this combo has a win rate of 71.54%.

1. Trundle / Gragas

Trundle Gragas Arena
Top 1: Trundle & Gragas | ©Riot Games

Our first place goes to the combination of Trundle and Gragas. These champs might not seem that synergistic, but they are just plain broken in this mode.

Both are in the top 3 win-rate-wise, and that's why this combo has a win rate of 71.99%.

Interested in those S-Tier picks? Here is our full tier list for LoL 2v2v2v2 Arena!

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