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Riot Games Unveils Spectator Mode for TFT: Exciting Update for Teamfight Tactics Enthusiasts

News 05-12-2023 16:45

It has been long-awaited by the community, and finally, it's time: Riot Games has announced a TFT Spectator Mode!

TFT Set 10 Header
TFT is finally getting a spectator|©Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics first released in June 2019 and has since been growing increasingly popular. After initial uncertainty about the game's success, TFT recently reached its 10th Set a few weeks ago. 

While Riot's flagship game, League of Legends, has had a spectator mode for 12 years, TFT players did not have the luxury of watching their friends lose. 

This is not the only issue: High Elo games can only be followed from the perspective of a streamer, and competitive play relies on streamers broadcasting their own perspective.

The Arrival Of TFT Spectator Mode: A Game-Changer For Players And Tournaments

On December 4, Riot announced on X/Twitter that the TFT spectator mode is expected to appear on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) with the new patch on December 6th. 

This means that the TFT Spectator Mode will be released with the launch of Patch 14.1 on January 9, 2024, providing the community with a significant quality of life improvement. 

Especially amateur TFT tournaments will greatly benefit from this, as they have previously resorted to using Discord screen sharing for the cast, which significantly reduces the quality of viewability.

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