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Hwei Bot Lane Guide: Mastering The Champion As APC And Support

News 07-12-2023 18:08

Dive into the world of Hwei, the new, skillshot-centric champion in the bot lane, as we explore his unique abilities and strategies for dominating as both APC and Support.

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Hwei's Strongest Role Is Not in the Mid Lane | © Riot Games

Hwei was released on December 6th, and the first statistics are finally available for us to see.

While his win rate is understandably low due to the level of complexity his kit provides, we can examine the initial indicators.

His win rate is 32.29% in the mid lane, 34.73% as an APC, and 33.12% as a support.

Why Hwei Is Better In The Bottom Lane

Hwei is purely skillshot reliant and also has some supportive abilities for his teammates. These abilities are pretty much all AOE and can therefore not be used to their full potential in a solo lane.

Adding to that, skill shots are very effective when you have someone to set them up with their CC. As each of Hwei's 10 abilities are skill shots, this makes him much better with a laning partner.


Hwei has a bunch of combinations in his kit, that go beyond the typical 4 abilities that a champion normally has.


This is your bread and butter ability in close range, as it's a short range AOE spell.


This ability can be used to farm an important cannon minion while you are being zoned or in general for poking the enemy or following up on CC while out of range, as this ability has an absolute insane range.


This ability is your main wave clear tool, as it's basically a weaker Rumble ult.


This ability gives movement speed to you and your allies, hence why it's the optimal tool to get faster to lane. Also, if you want to catch or follow up on an engage, this ability will be of good use.


This ability is your main tool in stationary fights and 2v2s, as it gives an AOE shield to you and your lane partner.


If you run out of mana, this is your main tool to bring it back up. Think of it as a mini Nami E, which can only be used onto yourself, but restores mana on hit.


Your EQ is the main tool to disengage enemy divers. Fear is one of the strongest CCs in the game. Think of it as Jinx W with Fiddlesticks Q.


This ability is an insane follow-up onto CC, as it also roots the enemies.


EE is also an ability which is pretty good for farming, as it positions enemies in the center and allows your QE to hit everything.


Your ultimate ability is a good set up for your other spells or for your support, as it slows the enemy. But beware, it's also a skill shot.

Hwei As An ADC / APC

Hwei isn't monoton|©Riot Games

Your rune of choice should be either Dark Harvest, Arcane Comet, or First Strike. Potentially, Summon Aery could be really good if you know how to play the champion well. This Rune has a very low pick rate, though.

The highest win rate setup includes Dark Harvest, Cheap Shot, Ghost Poro, and Ultimate Hunter with Presence of Mind and Coup de Grace. The other runes are very close win rate wise, though.

You want to max Q into E.

For your build, opt for Luden's Tempest or Liandry's Anguish, followed by Shadowflame or Horizon Focus with Sorcerer Boots.

Good supports include Janna, Rakan, and Leona, as those allow Hwei to set up his skill shots nicely.

You scale extremely well, but your laning phase doesn't look too hot.

Your main abilities to use are QE and EE onto the wave and QQ / QW and EW onto your support's CC.

Hwei As A Support

Hwei teaser image
Hwei is pretty versatile|©Riot Games

With Hwei support, you can pretty much go for the same runes as Hwei APC.

Most people are going for the AP mythics on him, but it seems like he could also use Shurelya's Battlesong.

Hwei has a good synergy with Miss Fortune, Ashe, and Jhin, as those champs have some form of CC that allows Hwei to hit his skill shots easier.

For support, your EQ is an important tool, but you can also make good use of your other supportive abilities. Also, your QW can be used as a potent poking tool with a lot of range.

With Hwei support, you can also think about maxing your E, as those will empower your supportive abilities even more.

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