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5 Reasons Why Blitzcrank Should Be Deleted From LoL

Champions 30-08-2023 13:00
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PoV: Blitzcrank ruins your laning phase. Riot, please delete Blitzcrank! | © Riot Games

Do you enjoy it when a huge steam golem just comes out of nowhere and grabs you, then electrocutes you and gives you a taste of their fist? No? Well, that means we have something in common. Blitzcrank, however, does not care about your feelings. They may be a gentle, helpful character in their lore, but they will ruin your day on Summoner's Rift. Here are five reasons to delete Blitzcrank from League of Legends.

League of Legends has many champions that are interesting to play or to play against. Obviously, we need to make an exception for Yuumi because she is neither of those two. Blitzcrank is probably another exception.

The Great Steam Golem is one of the oldest champions in League of Legends. This also means that their kit has been aging, and recent attempts to modernize their kit have not ended up working out. This means that Blitzcrank is only good at one thing: catching people out with his Q – Rocket Grab. The issue is that Blitzcrank is a little too good at that, what makes them incredibly annoying to play against!

While Blitzcrank was invented to help people and probably saved more cats from trees and high buildings than the average firefighter (nothing against firefighters – they are amazing people!), they ruined at least as many of our games on Summoner's Rift! Riot, please delete Blitzcrank from League of Legends already!

1. Blitzcrank Sucks Because Their Skill Expression Is Too Simple

Blitzcrank has an easy play pattern. Their bread and butter spell is their Q – Rocket Grab, everything after that stands and falls with the player being able to hit that spell. We have a few other champions that suffer from a similar problem, but none of them as extreme as Blitzcrank.

If your Blitzcrank hits the majority of their Rocket Grabs, they are the most valuable player on the team. If your Blitzcrank misses the majority of their Rocket Grabs, they are instead called boosted animals. This is all down to one spell! 

This also means that Blitzcrank is lacking skill expression, as mechanical prowess is basically nonexistent. Is this what you want in your games? 

2. Blitzcrank Sucks Because A Single Rocket Grab Can Decide The Entire Game

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Have you ever played a game where you were by far the most valuable member of your team in a close game, and you had to concede a 1k shutdown because Blitzcrank grabbed you from somewhere over the wall? Now the game is much more difficult to play, and you can no longer carry quite as hard. Your team had no chance to help you, and you would have never guessed that Blitzcrank is camping in a random bush, 360-noscoping you with a Rocket Grab. 

Does this feel fair to you? Literally out of nowhere? Definitely does not feel fair to us. The number of defensive wards you need against Blitzcrank even when you are extremely fed is outright ridiculous.

3. Blitzcrank Sucks Because They Are Not As Flexible As Other Playmaker Supports

Due to Blitzcrank's age, they struggle a lot with being one-dimensional. This becomes evident quickly when you compare the Great Steam Golem to champions that do similar things. 

Thresh can hook champions too, but when things are going wrong, he can still save a teammate with his W – Dark Passage

Pyke can hook champions too, but he can also seal his victim's fates with R – Death from Below and thereby hand his teammates some extra gold. 

Nautilus can hook champions too, but he has a lot more crowd control and easy-to-access natural tankiness to his exposal. With this, he can easily tank more while disrupting more people.

Amumu, Leona and Rell have easy engages, but their crowd control is not centered on a single champions and can instead disrupt entire teams. 

Blitzcrank is bound to beat up a single person. The only exception would be an R – Static Field onto multiple enemies, but that only applies a 0.5 second silence and impossible to set up with a single Rocket Grab.

4. Blitzcrank Sucks Because Their Mains Will Constantly Laugh At You

You have probably played against a Blitzcrank main before. Somehow, their players have a strange obsession with the key combination Ctrl + 4, because all they do is laugh at you. If you stand still to laugh back at them, they will immediately flash forward and grab you. Not cool, Blitzcrank mains!

Thankfully, there is a solution to that. If you open your scoreboard with Tab, you will see a mute symbol next to Blitzcrank. Click it, then mute all options to be safe from their stupid laughter. Playing against Blitzcrank is suddenly so much more relaxed! Well, as relaxed as it can be to play against Blitzcrank.

5. Blitzcrank Sucks Because You Will Never Be As Good As Blitzcrank Mains

Blitzcrank lancer paragon
Lancer Paragon Blitzcrank is a pretty skin, but we are still sad it did not get its own walking animation. BLITZ DOESN'T HAVE FEET HERE, RIOT! | © Riot Games

Playing against a Blitzcrank main is absolutely miserable. They will hit Rocket Grabs that look absolutely impossible to you, and they will single-handedly decide games with a single grab. It gets frustrating after some time!

After a long time with hundreds of Rocket Grabs right in your face, you decide to pick Blitzcrank up for yourself for those sweet and easy LP. However, winning with Blitzcrank is harder than you thought. You miss the majority of your grabs, and you end up doing precisely nothing after 20 minutes. You watch the enemy support outscale you, and you fall further down the ranked ladder.

Blitzcrank's window of opportunity is difficult to use. You need to wait for an enemy missstep, and you need to capitalize on it – if you can't, you will simply lose the game. Maybe banning Blitzcrank is actually the only way you can have any success on bot lane.

These are our top five reasons to delete Blitzcrank. We think they are super cool in the lore and would love to keep him in TFT, Legends of Runeterra and future games, but they simply have to go from Summoner's Rift. Riot, please delete them already!

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