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LoL Essence Emporium: Every Chroma You Can Buy

News 24-08-2023 12:10
Neon Strike Vi
The Blue Essence Emporium is returning soon |©Riot Games

The eagerly awaited return of the Blue Essence Emporium is scheduled for the end of August, drawing the anticipation of many longstanding players who are excited to utilize their accumulated Blue Essences. 

Just as in previous years, the opportunity to purchase chromas for specific skins will be available. To prepare both you and us for the upcoming event, let's delve into the collection of chromas that will grace this year's Emporium.


LoL Essence Emporium 2023: Every Purchasable Chroma

League of Legends is renowned for its diverse range of skins, chromas, and other cosmetic enhancements. Typically, most of these items are exclusively attainable through the in-game shop, requiring Riot Points (RP) or real currency. However, Riot occasionally introduces the Blue Essence Emporium, a special shop offering players the opportunity to acquire chromas and various other items using Blue Essence.

Blue Essence serves as the standard in-game currency, accumulated by participating in gameplay or disenchanting champion shards. As the return of the Blue Essence Emporium approaches, the popular LoL Twitter account "League of Legends Leaks & News" has unveiled brief video clips showcasing all available chromas. Below, you will find an extensive list of chromas featured in the Emporium of 2023.

Be prepared for an extensive scrolling session, as this substantial compilation may take some time to explore.


Odyssey aatrox
Aatrox is in the Emporium with several skins and chromas

Aatrox will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Odyssey Aatrox

Odyssey Aatrox Citrine

Odyssey Aatrox EmeraldOdyssey Aatrox Rainbow

Odyssey Aatrox Rose Quartz

Odyssey Aatrox SapphireOdyssey Aatrox Turquoise
Mecha Aatrox
Mecha Aatrox ObsidianMecha Aatrox PearlMecha Aatrox Tanzanite


Ahri will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Academy AhriPopstar AhriSpriti Blossom AhriK/DA Ahri
Academy Ahri Ahri-versaryPopstar Ahri Ahri-versarySpriti Blossom Ahri Ahri-versaryK/DA Ahri Ahri-versary
Star Guardian AhriArcade AhriDynasty AhriFoxfire Ahri
Star Guardian Ahri Ahri-versaryArcade Ahri Ahri-versaryDynasty Ahri Ahri-versary

Foxfire Ahri Ahri-versary

Coven Ahri
Coven Ahri Ahri-versaryCoven Ahri CatseyeCoven Ahri EmeraldCoven Ahri Sapphire
Coven Ahri ObsidianCoven Ahri PearlCoven Ahri Rose QuartzCoven Ahri Tanzanite
Elderwood Ahri
Elderwood Ahri Ahri-versaryElderwood Ahri AmethystElderwood Ahri CatseyeElderwood Ahri Aquaramine
Elderwood Ahri ObsidianElderwood Ahri PeridotElderwood Ahri Rose QuartzElderwood Ahri Citrine
K/DA All Out Ahri
K/DA All Out Ahri Ahri-versaryK/DA All Out Ahri AmethystK/DA All Out Ahri AuquamarineK/DA All Out Ahri Emerald
K/DA All Out Ahri PearlK/DA All Out Ahri Rose QuartzK/DA All Out Ahri Tanzanite
Midnight Ahri
Midnight Ahri Ahri-versary


Kda akali skin
Akali's chromas are also in the Emporium |© Riot Games
Star Guardian Akali
Star Guardian Akali CatseyeStar Guardian Akali EmeraldStar Guardian Akali Rose Quartz
Star Guardian Akali RubyStar Guardian Akali Turquoise
Crime City Nightmare
Crime City Nightmare CatseyeCrime City Nightmare EmeraldCrime City Nightmare Obsidian
Crime City Nightmare SapphriseCrime City Nightmare TanzaniteCrime City Nightmare Pearl
Crime City Nightmare Rose Quartz

True Damage Akali

True Damage Akali CatseyeTrue Damage Akali Pearl
True Damage Akali Rose QuartzTrue Damage Akali Sapphire
PROJECT: Akali AmethystPROJECT: Akali CatseyePROJECT: Akali Obsidian
PROJECT: Akali Rose QuartzPROJECT: Akali PearlPROJECT: Akali Turquoise
PROJECT: Akali Sapphrise
Headhunter Akali
Headhunter Akali PeralHeadhunter Akali RubyHeadhunter Akali Tanzanite


Akshan will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Cyber Pop Akshan
Cyber Pop Akshan CatseyeCyber Pop Akshan EmeraldCyber Pop Akshan Obsidian
Cyber Pop Akshan Rose QuartzCyber Pop Akshan SapphireCyber Pop Akshan Pearl
Cyber Pop Akshan Tanzanite


Pumpkin prince amumu
Amumu has a ton of skins |©Riot Games

Amumu will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Infernal Amumu
Infernal Amumu AmethystInfernal Amumu CatseyeInfernal Amumu Rose Quartz


Anivia will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Bewitiching Batnavia
Bewitiching Batnavia AmethystBewitiching Batnavia CatseyeBewitiching Batnavia Pearl
Bewitiching Batnavia Rose QuartzBewitiching Batnavia RubyBewitiching Batnavia Sapphire
Bewitiching Batnavia Turquoise
Divine Phoenix Anivia
Divine Phoenix Anivia AmethystDivine Phoenix Anivia AquamarineDivine Phoenix Anivia Citrine
Divine Phoenix Anivia ObsidianDivine Phoenix Anivia PearlDivine Phoenix Anivia Emerald
Divine Phoenix Anivia Rose Quartz
Cosmic Flight Anivia
Cosmic Flight Anivia ObsidianCosmic Flight Anivia TanzaniteCosmic Flight Anivia Citrine
Cosmic Flight Anivia SapphireCosmic Flight Anivia TurquoiseCosmic Flight Anivia Emerald


Hextech annie
Annie has a ton of chromas |© Riot Games

Annie will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Fright Night Annie
Fright Night Annie AquamarineFright Night Annie CatseyeFright Night Annie EmeraldFright Night Annie Obsidian
Fright Night Annie PearlFright Night Annie Rose QuartzFright Night Annie RubyFright Night Annie Tanzanite
Cafe Cuties Annie
Cafe Cuties Annie AquamarineCafe Cuties Annie CatsyeyeCafe Cuties Annie Emerald
Cafe Cuties Annie ObsidianCafe Cuties Annie PearlCafe Cuties Annie Rose Quartz
Cafe Cuties Annie Tanzanite


Aphelios will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Spirit Blossome Aphelios
Spirit Blossome Aphelios CatseyeSpirit Blossome Aphelios CitrineSpirit Blossome Aphelios EmeraldSpirit Blossome Aphelios Tanzanite
Spirit Blossome Aphelios PearlSpirit Blossome Aphelios Rose QuartzSpirit Blossome Aphelios RubySpirit Blossome Aphelios Turquoise
Nightbringer Aphelios
Nightbringer Aphelios EmeraldNightbringer Aphelios ObsidianNightbringer Aphelios Pearl
Nightbringer Aphelios SapphireNightbringer Aphelios Turquoise


Cosmic queen ashe
More Ashe Chromas ! |©Riot Games

Ashe will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Coven Ashe
Coven Ashe AquamarineCoven Ashe CatseyeCoven Ashe Emerald
Coven Ashe ObsidianCoven Ashe PearlCoven Ashe Rose Quartz
Coven Ashe Tanzanite
Fae Dragon Ashe
Fae Dragon Ashe ObsidianFae Dragon Ashe PearlFae Dragon Ashe Rainbow
Fae Dragon Ashe Rose QuartzFae Dragon Ashe SapphireFae Dragon Ashe Tanzanite
High Noon Ashe
High Noon Ashe AmethystHigh Noon Ashe Aquamarine
High Noon Ashe NomadHigh Noon Ashe Obsidian
Cosmic Queen Ashe
Cosmic Queen Ashe EmeraldCosmic Queen Ashe Obsidian
Cosmic Queen Ashe Rose QuartzCosmic Queen Ashe Sapphire

Aurelion Sol

Aurelion Sol no skin
The Dragon is also present in the Emporium |©Riot Games

Aurelion Sol will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol
Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol AmethystStorm Dragon Aurelion Sol ObsidianStorm Dragon Aurelion Sol Pearl
Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol Rose QuartzStorm Dragon Aurelion Sol SapphireStorm Dragon Aurelion Sol Tanzanite
Mecha Aurelion Sol
Mecha Aurelion Sol AmethystMecha Aurelion Sol CatseyeMecha Aurelion Sol Obsidian
Mecha Aurelion Sol Rose QuartzMecha Aurelion Sol Pearl

Mecha Aurelion Sol Sapphire


Azir will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Elderwood Azir
Elderwood Azir CatseyeElderwood Azir PearlElderwood Azir Rose Quartz
Elderwood Azir SapphireElderwood Azir Turquoise


Astronaut Bard
Bard is here |©Riot Games

Bard will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Cafe Cuties Bard
Cafe Cuties Bard CatseyeCafe Cuties Bard ObsidianCafe Cuties Bard Rose Quartz
Cafe Cuties Bard SapphireCafe Cuties Bard TanzaniteCafe Cuties Bard Turquoise
Original Bard Chromas
Original Bard Chromas IvyOriginal Bard Chromas MarigoldOriginal Bard Chromas Sage


Blitzcrank will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Battle Boss Blitzcrank
Battle Boss Blitzcrank CatseyeBattle Boss Blitzcrank CitrineBattle Boss Blitzcrank PearlBattle Boss Blitzcrank Rainbow
Battle Boss Blitzcrank Rose QuartzBattle Boss Blitzcrank RubyBattle Boss Blitzcrank SapphireBattle Boss Blitzcrank Turquoise


Brand no skin
Brand has some nice chromas |©Riot Games

Brand will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Debonair Brand
Debonair Brand AmethystDebonair Brand CatseyeDebonair Brand Emerald
Debonair Brand ObsidianDebonair Brand Rose QuartzDebonair Brand Sapphire
Debonair Brand Turquoise
Eternal Dragon Brand
Eternal Dragon Brand AmethystEternal Dragon Brand CatseyeEternal Dragon Brand Obsidian
Eternal Dragon Brand PearlEternal Dragon Brand Rose QuartzEternal Dragon Brand Sapphire


Braum will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Sugar Rush Braum
Sugar Rush Braum CatseyeSugar Rush Braum CitrineSugar Rush Braum Obsidian
Sugar Rush Braum PearlSugar Rush Braum PeridotSugar Rush Braum Rose Quartz
Crime City Braum Chromas
Crime City Braum Chromas CitrineCrime City Braum Chromas EmeraldCrime City Braum Chromas Obsidian
Crime City Braum Chromas PearlCrime City Braum Chromas Rose QuartzCrime City Braum Chromas Sandstone
Crime City Braum Chromas Tanzanite
Dragon Slayer Braum
Dragon Slayer Braum AmethystDragon Slayer Braum CatseyeDragon Slayer Braum Emerald
Dragon Slayer Braum ObsidianDragon Slayer Braum PearlDragon Slayer Braum Sandstone


Battle academia caitlyn
Caitlyn is a champ with a ton of skins |©Riot Games

Caitlyn will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Pool Party Caitlyn
Pool Party Caitlyn AquamarinPool Party Caitlyn Catseye
Pool Party Caitlyn ObsidianPool Party Caitlyn Rose Quartz


Camille will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Strike Commander Camille
Strike Commander Camille AquamarineStrike Commander Camille ObsidianStrike Commander Camille Pearl
Strike Commander Camille Rose QuartzStrike Commander Camille RubyStrike Commander Camille Tanzanite
Strike Commander Camille Turquoise
Coven Camille
Coven Camille AquamarineCoven Camille ObsidianCoven Camille Pearl
Coven Camille Rose QuartzCoven Camille TanzaniteCoven Camille Turquoise


Mythic cassiopeia
The snake woman has some nice chromas to offer |©Riot Games

Cassio will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Bewitching Cassiopeia
Bewitching Cassiopeia CitrineBewitching Cassiopeia EmeraldBewitching Cassiopeia ObsidianBewitching Cassiopeia Pearl
Bewitching Cassiopeia Rose QuartzBewitching Cassiopeia RubyBewitching Cassiopeia SapphireBewitching Cassiopeia Turquoise
Coven Cassiopeia
Coven Cassiopeia CatseyeCoven Cassiopeia Catseye EmeraldCoven Cassiopeia Catseye Obsidian
Coven Cassiopeia PearlCoven Cassiopeia Rose QuartzCoven Cassiopeia Sapphire
Coven Cassiopeia Tanzanite
Spirit Blossom Cassiopeia
Spirit Blossom Cassiopeia CitrineSpirit Blossom Cassiopeia ObsidianSpirit Blossom Cassiopeia Pearl
Spirit Blossom Cassiopeia Rose QuartzSpirit Blossom Cassiopeia SapphireSpirit Blossom Cassiopeia Turquoise
Original Cassiopeia
Original Cassiopeia DayOriginal Cassiopeia DuskOriginal Cassiopeia Night


Corki will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Astronaut Corki
Astronaut Corki CatseyeAstronaut Corki CitrineAstronaut Corki Rose Quartz
Astronaut Corki SapphireAstronaut Corki TanzaniteAstronaut Corki Turquoise
Arcade Corki
Arcade Corki CatseyeArcade Corki CitrineArcade Corki ObsidianArcade Corki Pearl
Arcade Corki Rose QuartzArcade Corki RubyArcade Corki SapphireArcade Corki Turquoise


Darius dreadnova
Darius has some epic skins |©Riot Games

Darius will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Spirit Blossom Darius
Spirit Blossom Darius CatseyeSpirit Blossom Darius EmeraldSpirit Blossom Darius Obsidian
Spirit Blossom Darius PearlSpirit Blossom Darius Rise QuartzSpirit Blossom Darius Sapphire
Spirit Blossom Darius Turquoise
Crime City Nightmare Darius
Crime City Nightmare Darius CatseyeCrime City Nightmare Darius EmeraldCrime City Nightmare Darius Pearl
Crime City Nightmare Darius Rose QuartzCrime City Nightmare Darius SapphireCrime City Nightmare Darius Tanzanite
Crime City Nightmare Darius Obsidian

High Noon Darius

High Noon Darius ObsidianHigh Noon Darius Rose Quartz
High Noon Darius SapphireHigh Noon Darius Tanzanite
Dunkmaster Darius
Dunkmaster Darius AmethystDunkmaster Darius Amethyst AquamarineDunkmaster Darius Catseye
Dunkmaster Darius EmeraldDunkmaster Darius Citrine


Diana will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Winterblessed Diana
Winterblessed Diana EmeraldWinterblessed Diana Pearl
Winterblessed Diana Rose QuartzWinterblessed Diana Turquoise
Sentinel Diana
Sentinel Diana CitrineSentinel Diana EmeraldSentinel Diana Pearl
Sentinel Diana Rose QuartzSentinel Diana SapphireSentinel Diana Tanzanite
Sentinel Diana Turquoise
Lunar Goddess Diana
Lunar Goddess Diana AmethystLunar Goddess Diana AquamarineLunar Goddess Diana Obsidian
Lunar Goddess Diana PearlLunar Goddess Diana PerdidotLunar Goddess Diana Ruby
Lunar Goddess Diana Turquoise


Gladiator Draven Skin
Draven might have some of the coolest skin designs in LoL |©Riot Games

Draven will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Fright Night Draven

Fright Night Draven CatseyeFright Night Draven EmeraldFright Night Draven ObsidianFright Night Draven Pearl
Fright Night Draven Rose QuartzFright Night Draven RubyFright Night Draven SapphireFright Night Draven Tanzanite
Debonair Draven
Debonair Draven CatseyeDebonair Draven EmeraldDebonair Draven Obsidian
Debonair Draven SapphireDebonair Draven TanzaniteDebonair Draven Turquoise
Debonair Draven Rose Quartz
Prime Time Draven
Prime Time Draven CatseyePrime Time Draven ObsidianPrime Time Draven Tanzanite
Prime Time Draven PrarlSapphire


Ekko will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:
Star Guardian Ekko
Star Guardian Ekko CatseyeStar Guardian Ekko EmeraldStar Guardian Ekko ObsidianStar Guardian Ekko Tanzanite
Star Guardian Ekko PearlStar Guardian Ekko RubyStar Guardian Ekko SapphireStar Guardian Ekko Turquoise
True Damage Ekko
True Damage Ekko AmethystTrue Damage Ekko CatseyeTrue Damage Ekko Obsidian
True Damage Ekko PearlTrue Damage Ekko Rose QuartzTrue Damage Ekko Turquoise


Invisible all the time, but she got some nice skins |©Riot Games

Evelynn will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Spirit Blossom Evelynn
Spirit Blossom Evelynn CatseyeSpirit Blossom Evelynn EmeraldSpirit Blossom Evelynn ObsidianSpirit Blossom Evelynn Pearl
Spirit Blossom Evelynn Rose QurtzSpirit Blossom Evelynn RubySpirit Blossom Evelynn SapphireSpirit Blossom Evelynn Turquoise
Coven Evelynn
Coven Evelynn ObsidianCoven Evelynn Pearl
Coven Evelynn Rose QuartzCoven Evelynn Sapphire
K/DA ALL OUT Evelynn
K/DA ALL OUT Evelynn EmeraldK/DA ALL OUT Evelynn PearlK/DA ALL OUT Evelynn Rose Quartz
K/DA ALL OUT Evelynn SapphireK/DA ALL OUT Evelynn TanzaniteK/DA ALL OUT Evelynn Turquoise
Sugar Rush Evelynn
Sugar Rush Evelynn AmethystSugar Rush Evelynn Jasper
Sugar Rush Evelynn ObsidianSugar Rush Evelynn Rose Quartz


Ezreal will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Debonair Ezreal
Debonair Ezreal AmethystDebonair Ezreal MeteoriteDebonair Ezreal ObsidianDebonair Ezreal Pearl
Debonair Ezreal Rose QuartzDebonair Ezreal RubyDebonair Ezreal SandstoneDebonair Ezreal Striped


Spectral Fiddlesticks
Some spooky chromas for you |©Riot Games

Fiddlesticks will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Star Nemesis Fiddlesticks
Star Nemesis Fiddlesticks CitrineStar Nemesis Fiddlesticks ObsidianStar Nemesis Fiddlesticks PeridotStar Nemesis Fiddlesticks Rose Quartz
Star Nemesis Fiddlesticks RubyStar Nemesis Fiddlesticks SandstoneStar Nemesis Fiddlesticks SapphireStar Nemesis Fiddlesticks Turquoise
Praetorian Fiddlesticks
Praetorian Fiddlesticks CitrinePraetorian Fiddlesticks ObsidianPraetorian Fiddlesticks Tanzanite
Praetorian Fiddlesticks PearlPraetorian Fiddlesticks Rose Quartz


Fiora will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Pool Party Fiora
Pool Party Fiora AquamarinePool Party Fiora CitrinePool Party Fiora PearlPool Party Fiora Rainbow
Pool Party Fiora Rose QuartzPool Party Fiora SapphirePool Party Fiora TanzanitePool Party Fiora Turquoise


Fizz will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Omega Squad Fizz
Omega Squad Fizz ObsidianOmega Squad Fizz Pearl

Omega Squad Fizz Tanzanit


Mid Lane Galio
Galio has some epic skins |©Riot Games

Galio will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Infernal Galio
Infernal Galio CatseyeInfernal Galio Pearl
Infernal Galio PeridotInfernal Galio Rose Quartz


Gankplank will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Pool Party Gankplank
Pool Party Gankplank AmethystPool Party Gankplank CitrinePool Party Gankplank Obsidian
Pool Party Gankplank PeralPool Party Gankplank Rose Quartz

Dreadnova Gankplank

Dreadnova Gankplank ObsidianDreadnova Gankplank PearlDreadnova Gankplank Ruby
Dreadnova Gankplank SapphireDreadnova Gankplank Tanzanite


Garen will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Demacia Vice Garen
Demacia Vice Garen AmethystDemacia Vice Garen CatseyeDemacia Vice Garen Obsidian
Demacia Vice Garen PearlDemacia Vice Garen Sapphire


Hillibilly Gragas
Gragas is also on the Emporium |©Riot Games

Gragas will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Space Groove Gragas
Space Groove Gragas CatseyeSpace Groove Gragas ObsidianSpace Groove Gragas Pearl
Space Groove Gragas Rose QuartzSpace Groove Gragas RubySpace Groove Gragas Tanzanite


Graves will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Sentinel Graves

Sentinel Graves EmeraldSentinel Graves Pearl
Sentinel Graves Rose QuartzSentinel Graves Tanzanite
Praetorian Graves Chroma
Praetorian Graves Chroma CitrinePraetorian Graves Chroma ObsidianPraetorian Graves Chroma Pearl
Praetorian Graves Chroma Rose QuartzPraetorian Graves Chroma Sapphire
Pool Party Graves
Pool Party Graves AmethystPool Party Graves CitrinePool Party Graves Emerald
Pool Party Graves RubyPool Party Graves SapphirePool Party Graves Turquoise


Gwen will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Cafe Cuties Gwen
Cafe Cuties Gwen AmethystCafe Cuties Gwen CatseyeCafe Cuties Gwen Emerald
Cafe Cuties Gwen ObsidianCafe Cuties Gwen PearlCafe Cuties Gwen Rose Quartz
Cafe Cuties Gwen Turquoise


Elderwood Hecarim 2403
Some nice chromas for the horse? |©Riot Games

Hecarim will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Cosmic Charger Hecarim
Cosmic Charger Hecarim CitrineCosmic Charger Hecarim ObsidianCosmic Charger Hecarim Pearl
Cosmic Charger Hecarim Rose QuartzCosmic Charger Hecarim TanzaniteCosmic Charger Hecarim Turquoise
High Noon Hecarim
High Noon Hecarim AmethystHigh Noon Hecarim EmeraldHigh Noon Hecarim Obsidian


Heimerdinger will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Pool Party Heimerdinger
Pool Party Heimerdinger AmethystPool Party Heimerdinger AquamarinePool Party Heimerdinger Citrine
Pool Party Heimerdinger ObsidianPool Party Heimerdinger RainbowPool Party Heimerdinger Rose Quartz


Illaoi will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Cosmic Ivoker Illaoi
Cosmic Ivoker Illaoi AmethystCosmic Ivoker Illaoi CitrineCosmic Ivoker Illaoi Emerald
Cosmic Ivoker Illaoi ObsidianCosmic Ivoker Illaoi Rose QuartzCosmic Ivoker Illaoi Turquoise


Sentinel Irelia
Some nice Sentinel Irelia Skins? |©Riot Games

Irelia will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Sentinel Irelia
Sentinel Irelia CitrineSentinel Irelia EmeralSentinel Irelia PearlSentinel Irelia Turquoise
Sentinel Irelia Rose QuartzSentinel Irelia SapphireSentinel Irelia Tanzanite
Divine Sword Irelia
Divine Sword Irelia AmethystDivine Sword Irelia AquamarineDivine Sword Irelia EmeraldDivine Sword Irelia Meteorite
Divine Sword Irelia ObsidianDivine Sword Irelia Rose QuartzDivine Sword Irelia Unflinching Zeal


Ivern will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Old God Ivern
Old God Ivern CitrineOld God Ivern EmeraldOld God Ivern Pearl
Old God Ivern Rose QuartzOld God Ivern SapphireOld God Ivern Tanzanite


Janna will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Cyber Halo Janna
Cyber Halo Janna AquamarineCyber Halo Janna CatseyeCyber Halo Janna PearlCyber Halo Janna Peridot
Cyber Halo Janna Rose QuartzCyber Halo Janna RubyCyber Halo Janna TanzaniteCyber Halo Janna Turquoise
Battle Queen Janna
Battle Queen Janna AmethystBattle Queen Janna AquamarineBattle Queen Janna Catseye
Battle Queen Janna ObsidianBattle Queen Janna PearlBattle Queen Janna Peridot
Sacred Sword Janna
Sacred Sword Janna AquamarineSacred Sword Janna PeridotSacred Sword Janna Rose QuartzSacred Sword Janna Sapphire

Jarvan IV

Jarvan iv
Jarvan blessed us with some chromas |©Riot Games

Jarvan IV will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Pool Party Jarvan IV
Pool Party Jarvan IV AmethystPool Party Jarvan IV AquamarinePool Party Jarvan IV EmeraldPool Party Jarvan IV Rose Quartz
Pool Party Jarvan IV ObsidianPool Party Jarvan IV PearlPool Party Jarvan IV Peridot


Jax will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Empyrean Jax
Empyrean Jax CatseyeEmpyrean Jax CitrineEmpyrean Jax EmeraldEmpyrean Jax Pearl
Empyrean Jax Rose QuartzEmpyrean Jax RubyEmpyrean Jax TanzaniteEmpyrean Jax Turquoise


Jayce will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Resistence Jayce
Resistence Jayce CitrineResistence Jayce ObsidianResistence Jayce Pearl
Resistence Jayce Rose QuartzResistence Jayce SapphireResistence Jayce Tanzanite


Jhin 0
Which Chromas does the sharpshooter has to offer? |©Riot Games

Jhin will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Empyrean Jhin
Empyrean Jhin AquamarineEmpyrean Jhin CatseyeEmpyrean Jhin EmeraldEmpyrean Jhin Pearl
Empyrean Jhin RainbowEmpyrean Jhin Rose QuartzEmpyrean Jhin RubyEmpyrean Jhin Tanzanite


Jinx will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

PROJECT: Jinx AquamarinePROJECT: Jinx CatseyePROJECT: Jinx Emerald
PROJECT: Jinx ObsidianPROJECT: Jinx PearlPROJECT: Jinx rose Quartzz
Oddyssey Jinx
Oddyssey Jinx AquamarineOddyssey Jinx EmeraldOddyssey Jinx Pearl
Oddyssey Jinx Rose QuartzOddyssey Jinx Tanzanite


K'Sante will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Empyrean K'Sante
Empyrean K'Sante EmeraldEmpyrean K'Sante Pearl
Empyrean K'Sante PearlEmpyrean K'Sante Turquoise


Best ADC = Best Chromas ? |©Riot Games

Kai'Sa will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Star Guradian Kai'Sa
Star Guradian Kai'Sa AquamarineStar Guradian Kai'Sa CatseyeStar Guradian Kai'Sa Emerald
Star Guradian Kai'Sa RubyStar Guradian Kai'Sa Tanzanite

Lagoon Dragon Kai'Sa

Lagoon Dragon Kai'Sa CitrineLagoon Dragon Kai'Sa EmeraldLagoon Dragon Kai'Sa ObsidianLagoon Dragon Kai'Sa Pearl
Lagoon Dragon Kai'Sa Rose QuartzLagoon Dragon Kai'Sa SapphireLagoon Dragon Kai'Sa Tanzanite


Karma will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Tranquility Dragon Karma
Tranquility Dragon Karma AmethystTranquility Dragon Karma AquamarineTranquility Dragon Karma Catseye
Tranquility Dragon Karma ObsidianTranquility Dragon Karma PearlTranquility Dragon Karma Rose Quartz
Odyssey Karma
Odyssey Karma AquamarineOdyssey Karma CitrineOdyssey Karma Pearl
Odyssey Karma PeridotOdyssey Karma Rose QuartzOdyssey Karma Turquoise


Karthus' chromas are in the Emporium as well |©Riot Games

Karthus will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Pentakill III: Lost Chapter Karthus
Pentakill III: Lost Chapter Karthus CatseyePentakill III: Lost Chapter Karthus EmeraldPentakill III: Lost Chapter Karthus ObsidianPentakill III: Lost Chapter Karthus Pearl
Pentakill III: Lost Chapter Karthus Rose QuartzPentakill III: Lost Chapter Karthus RapphirePentakill III: Lost Chapter Karthus Tanzanite
Infernal Karthus
Infernal Karthus AmethystInfernal Karthus CitrineInfernal Karthus Emerald
Infernal Karthus Rose QuartzInfernal Karthus Sapphire
Grim Reaper Karthus
Grim Reaper Karthus BlightGrim Reaper Karthus BurnGrim Reaper Karthus Frostbite


Katarina will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Battle Queen Katarina

Battle Queen Katarina EmeraldBattle Queen Katarina ObsidianBattle Queen Katarina Pearl
Battle Queen Katarina SapphireBattle Queen Katarina Tanzanite


Kayle pentakill
Some Kayle Pentakill chromas are in the shop |©Riot Games
Kayle will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:
Aether Wing Kayle
Aether Wing Kayle AmethystAether Wing Kayle EmeraldAether Wing Kayle Rose Quartz
Aether Wing Kayle RubyAether Wing Kayle Sapphire
Pentakill III: Lost Chapter Kayle
Pentakill III: Lost Chapter Kayle AquamarinePentakill III: Lost Chapter Kayle CatseyePentakill III: Lost Chapter Kayle EmeraldPentakill III: Lost Chapter Kayle Tanzanite
Pentakill III: Lost Chapter Kayle ObsidianPentakill III: Lost Chapter Kayle PearlPentakill III: Lost Chapter Kayle Rose Quartz
PsyOps Kayle
PsyOps Kayle EmeraldPsyOps Kayle Rose QuartzPsyOps Kayle Sandstone
PsyOps Kayle SapphirePsyOps Kayle TanzaniteTurquoise


Kayn will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Nightbringer Kayn
Nightbringer Kayn CatseyeNightbringer Kayn SapphireNightbringer Kayn Tanzanite
Odyssey Kayn
Odyssey Kayn EmeraldOdyssey Kayn PearlOdyssey Kayn Sapphire


Swamp Master Kennen
Some chromas for the top lane hamster? |©Riot Games

Kennen will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Infernal Kennen
Infernal Kennen AmethystInfernal Kennen CatseyeInfernal Kennen Emerald
Infernal Kennen RainbowInfernal Kennen Rose Quartz


Kha'Zix will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:
Odyssey Kha'Zix
Odyssey Kha'Zix CitrineOdyssey Kha'Zix ObsidianOdyssey Kha'Zix Pearl
Odyssey Kha'Zix Rose QuartzOdyssey Kha'Zix Sapphire
Mecha Kha'Zix
Mecha Kha'Zix CatseyeMecha Kha'Zix EmeraldMecha Kha'Zix Pearl
Mecha Kha'Zix Rose QuartzMecha Kha'Zix SapphireMecha Kha'Zix Tanzanite


Kindred will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:
Spirit Blossom Kindred
Spirit Blossom Kindred AquamarineSpirit Blossom Kindred CatseyeSpirit Blossom Kindred Obsidian
Spirit Blossom Kindred PeridotSpirit Blossom Kindred Rose QuartzSpirit Blossom Kindred Sapphire


Lol kogmaw rework
Slimy chromas in the shop |©Riot Games

Kog'Maw will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Zap'Maw AmethystZap'Maw AquamarineZap'Maw Pearl
Zap'Maw Rose QuartzZap'Maw TanzaniteZap'Maw Turquoise
Arkanist Kog'Maw
Arkanist Kog'Maw AquamarineArkanist Kog'Maw CatseyeArkanist Kog'Maw EmeraldArkanist Kog'Maw Obsidian
Arkanist Kog'Maw RainbowArkanist Kog'Maw Rose QuartzArkanist Kog'Maw Sapphire


LeBlanc will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Bewitching LeBlanc
Bewitching LeBlanc CatseyeBewitching LeBlanc EmeraldBewitching LeBlanc ObsidianBewitching LeBlanc Sapphire
Bewitching LeBlanc PearlBewitching LeBlanc Rose QuartzBewitching LeBlanc RubyBewitching LeBlanc Turquoise
Debonair LeBlanc
Debonair LeBlanc CatseyeDebonair LeBlanc EmeraldDebonair LeBlanc ObsidianDebonair LeBlanc Tanzanite
Debonair LeBlanc PearlDebonair LeBlanc Rose QuartzDebonair LeBlanc Sapphire
Program LeBlanc
Program LeBlanc ObsidianProgram LeBlanc Rose Quartz
Program LeBlanc RainbowProgram LeBlanc Sapphire

Lee Sin

Traditional Lee Sin lol skins on sale
Some nice Lee sin Chromas for everay MMA enjoyer |©Riot Games

Lee Sin will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Storm Dragon Lee Sin
Storm Dragon Lee Sin ObsidianStorm Dragon Lee Sin Pearl
Storm Dragon Lee Sin SapphireStorm Dragon Lee Sin Tanzanite
Dragon Fist Lee Sin
Dragon Fist Lee Sin EmeraldDragon Fist Lee Sin Pearl
Dragon Fist Lee Rose QuartzDragon Fist Lee Sin Sapphire


Leona will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Debonair Leona
Debonair Leona CatseyeDebonair Leona EmeraldDebonair Leona ObsidianDebonair Leona Turquoise
Debonair Leona Rose QuartzDebonair Leona SapphireDebonair Leona Tanzanite


Lilia will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Nightbringer Lilia
Nightbringer Lilia CatseyeNightbringer Lilia EmeraldNightbringer Lilia Pearl
Nightbringer Lilia Rose QuartzNightbringer Lilia SapphireNightbringer Lilia Tanzanite
Spirit Blossom Lilia
Spirit Blossom Lilia AmethystSpirit Blossom Lilia CitrineSpirit Blossom Lilia Obsidian
Spirit Blossom Lilia Rose QuartzSpirit Blossom Lilia SapphireSpirit Blossom Lilia Turquoise


Blade Queen Lissandra
Some icy skins for you |©Riot Games

Lissandra will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Space Groove Lissandra
Space Groove Lissandra CatseyeSpace Groove Lissandra EmeraldSpace Groove Lissandra ObsidianSpace Groove Lissandra Pearl
Space Groove Lissandra Rose QuartzSpace Groove Lissandra RubySpace Groove Lissandra Sapphire
Dark Comsic Lissandra
Dark Comsic Lissandra CitrineDark Comsic Lissandra EmeraldDark Comsic Lissandra ObsidianDark Comsic Lissandra Pearl
Dark Comsic Lissandra RainbowDark Comsic Lissandra Rose QuartzDark Comsic Lissandra SapphireDark Comsic Lissandra Turquoise
Coven Lissandra
Coven Lissandra AquamarineCoven Lissandra MeteoriteCoven Lissandra Obsidian
Coven Lissandra Rose QuartzCoven Lissandra SandstoneCoven Lissandra Tanzanite


Lucian will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Strike Paladin Lucian
Strike Paladin Lucian AmethystStrike Paladin Lucian CitrineStrike Paladin Lucian ObsidianStrike Paladin Lucian Rose Quartz
Strike Paladin Lucian RubyStrike Paladin Lucian SandstoneStrike Paladin Lucian TanzaniteStrike Paladin Lucian Turquoise
Demacia Vice Lucian
Demacia Vice Lucian AmethystDemacia Vice Lucian CatseyeDemacia Vice Lucian Obsidian
Demacia Vice Lucian SapphireDemacia Vice Lucian Turquoise


Lulu Wallpaper
Wanna buy some support chromas as well? |©Riot Games

Lulu will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Monster Tamer Lulu
Monster Tamer Lulu AmethystMonster Tamer Lulu EmeraldMonster Tamer Lulu ObsidianMonster Tamer Lulu Pearl
Monster Tamer Lulu Rose QuartzMonster Tamer Lulu RubyMonster Tamer Lulu SapphireMonster Tamer Lulu Turquoise
Dragon Tamer Lulu
Dragon Tamer Lulu ObsidianDragon Tamer Lulu Pearl
Dragon Tamer Lulu Rose QuartzDragon Tamer Lulu Turquoise
Cosmic Enchntress Lulu
Cosmic Enchntress Lulu CatseyeCosmic Enchntress Lulu Obsidian
Cosmic Enchntress Lulu Rose QuartzCosmic Enchntress Lulu Turquoise
Pool Party Lulu
Pool Party Lulu CatseyePool Party Lulu CitrinePool Party Lulu PeridotPool Party Lulu Rose Quartz
Pool Party Lulu RubyPool Party Lulu SandstonePool Party Lulu Turquoise


Lux will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Empyrean Lux
Empyrean Lux CatseyeEmpyrean Lux EmeraldEmpyrean Lux ObsidianEmpyrean Lux Pearl
Empyrean Lux Rose QuartzEmpyrean Lux RubyEmpyrean Lux SapphireEmpyrean Lux Tanzanite


Shamrock malphite
Some chromas for this Malphite skins would be nice |©Riot Games

Malphite will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Odyssey Malphite
Odyssey Malphite EmeraldOdyssey Malphite PearlOdyssey Malphite Rose Quartz
Odyssey Malphite SapphireOdyssey Malphite Tanzanite
Mecha Malphite
Mecha Malphite CatseyeMecha Malphite CitrineMecha Malphite EmeraldMecha Malphite Granite
Mecha Malphite ObsidianMecha Malphite PearlMecha Malphite SandstoneMecha Malphite Sapphire


Malzahar will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Debonair Malzahar
Debonair Malzahar Cerulean ClubDebonair Malzahar CitrineDebonair Malzahar EmeraldDebonair Malzahar Obsidian
Debonair Malzahar Rose QuartzDebonair Malzahar SapphireDebonair Malzahar Tanzanite

Debonair Malzahar Turquoise


Maokai will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Astronaut Maokai

Astronaut Maokai CatseyeAstronaut Maokai CitrineAstronaut Maokai EmeraldAstronaut Maokai Rose Quartz
Astronaut Maokai SapphireAstronaut Maokai TanzaniteAstronaut Maokai Turquoise

Master YI

Master Yi
Some chromas for the most annyoing champion ever |©Riot Games

Master Yi will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Spirit Blossom Master Yi
Spirit Blossom Master Yi CatseyeSpirit Blossom Master Yi EmeraldSpirit Blossom Master Yi ObsidianSpirit Blossom Master Yi Pearl
Spirit Blossom Master Yi Rose QuartzSpirit Blossom Master Yi RubySpirit Blossom Master Yi SapphireSpirit Blossom Master Yi Turquoise
Debonair Master Yi
Debonair Master Yi AmethystDebonair Master Yi ObsidianDebonair Master Yi CatseyeDebonair Master Yi Emerald
Debonair Master Yi Rose QuartzDebonair Master Yi SapphireDebonair Master Yi Turquoise
PsyOps Master Yi
PsyOps Master Yi EmeraldPsyOps Master Yi Rose QuartzPsyOps Master Yi Sandstone
PsyOps Master Yi SapphirePsyOps Master Yi TanzanitePsyOps Master Yi Turquoise
Eternal Sword Master Yi
Eternal Sword Master Yi ObsidianEternal Sword Master YiPeralEternal Sword Master Yi Rise Quartz
Eternal Sword Master Yi RubyEternal Sword Master Yi Turquoise

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Ruined Miss Fortune
Ruined Miss Fortune AmethystRuined Miss Fortune CatseyeRuined Miss Fortune EmeraldRuined Miss Fortune Obsidian
Ruined Miss Fortune PearlRuined Miss Fortune Rose QuartzRuined Miss Fortune Sapphire
Arcade Miss Fortune
Arcade Miss Fortune AmethystArcade Miss Fortune AquamarineArcade Miss Fortune Citrine
Arcade Miss Fortune PeridotArcade Miss Fortune Ruby


PROJECT Mordekaiser
Some bad ass Morderkaiser chromas |©Riot Games

Mordekaiser will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Pentakill III: Lost Chapter Mordekaiser
Pentakill III: Lost Chapter Mordekaiser AquamarinePentakill III: Lost Chapter Mordekaiser CitrinePentakill III: Lost Chapter Mordekaiser ObsidianPentakill III: Lost Chapter Mordekaiser Peridot
Pentakill III: Lost Chapter Mordekaiser Rose QuartzPentakill III: Lost Chapter Mordekaiser SandstonePentakill III: Lost Chapter Mordekaiser Tanzanite


Morganar will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:
Star Nemesis Morgana
Star Nemesis Morgana AmethystStar Nemesis Morgana CatseyeStar Nemesis Morgana EmeraldStar Nemesis Morgana Peridot
Star Nemesis Morgana Rose QuartzStar Nemesis Morgana RubyStar Nemesis Morgana SapphireStar Nemesis Morgana Turquoise
Dawnbringer Morgana
Dawnbringer Morgana AmethystDawnbringer Morgana CatseyeDawnbringer Morgana Emerald
Dawnbringer Morgana ObsidianDawnbringer Morgana PearlDawnbringer Morgana Rose Quartz
Majestic Empress Morgana
Majestic Empress Morgana CatseyeMajestic Empress Morgana MeteoriteMajestic Empress Morgana Rose Quartz
Majestic Empress Morgana SapphireMajestic Empress Morgana TanzaniteMajestic Empress Morgana Turquoise


Urf The Nami Tee
Some fishy chromas are in the emporium |©Riot Games

Nami will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Space Groove Nami
Space Groove Nami CitrineSpace Groove Nami EmeraldSpace Groove Nami Obsidian
Space Groove Nami PearlSpace Groove Nami Rose QuartzSpace Groove Nami Sapphire
Cosmic Destiny Nami
Cosmic Destiny Nami AmethystCosmic Destiny Nami EmeraldCosmic Destiny Nami Obsidian
Cosmic Destiny Nami RainbowCosmic Destiny Nami Rose QuartzCosmic Destiny Nami Turquoise
Splendid Staff Nami
Splendid Staff Nami AquamarineSplendid Staff Nami CitrineSplendid Staff Nami Pearl
Splendid Staff Nami PeridotSplendid Staff Nami Rose QuartzSplendid Staff Nami Tanzanite
Program Nami
Program Nami AmethystProgram Nami ObsidianProgram Nami PearlProgram Nami Rose Quartz

Koi Nami

Koi Nami SmokeKoi Nami SunbeamKoi Nami Twilight



Nasus will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Armored Titan Nasus
Armored Titan Nasus AquamarineArmored Titan Nasus CasteyeArmored Titan Nasus EmeraldArmored Titan Nasus Grabite
Armored Titan Nasus Rosw QuartzArmored Titan Nasus RubyArmored Titan Nasus TanzaniteArmored Titan Nasus Turquoise
Battlecast Nasus
Battlecast Nasus PearlBattlecast Nasus CatseyeBattlecast Nasus EmeraldBattlecast Nasus Obsidian
Battlecast Nasus PearlBattlecast Nasus SapphireBattlecast Nasus Tanzanite
Dreadknight Nasus
Dreadknight Nasus BlightDreadknight Nasus BurnDreadknight Nasus Frostbite


Subterranean Nautilus Skin
Chromas for the Anchor man |©Riot Games

Nautilus will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Fright Night Nautilus
Fright Night Nautilus CitrineFright Night Nautilus ObsidianFright Night Nautilus PearlFright Night Nautilus Rose Quartz
Fright Night Nautilus RubyFright Night Nautilus SapphireFright Night Nautilus TanzaniteFright Night Nautilus Turquoise


Neekowill be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Bewitching Neeko
Bewitching Neeko CitrineBewitching Neeko EmeraldBewitching Neeko ObsidianBewitching Neeko Pearl
Bewitching Neeko Rose QuartzBewitching Neeko RubyBewitching Neeko SapphireBewitching Neeko Turquoise


Nidalee will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Cosmic Huntress Nidalee
Cosmic Huntress Nidalee CitrineCosmic Huntress Nidalee EmeraldCosmic Huntress Nidalee ObsidianCosmic Huntress Nidalee Pearl
Cosmic Huntress Nidalee Rose QuartzCosmic Huntress Nidalee RubyCosmic Huntress Nidalee TanzaniteCosmic Huntress Nidalee Turquoise
Dawnbringer Nidalee
Dawnbringer Nidalee AmethystDawnbringer Nidalee PearlDawnbringer Nidalee PeridotDawnbringer Nidalee Rose Quartz


Some nice looking Nilah chromas? |©Riot Games

Nilah will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Star Guardian Nilah
Star Guardian Nilah CatseyeStar Guardian Nilah EmeraldStar Guardian Nilah ObsidianStar Guardian Nilah Pearl
Star Guardian Nilah Rose QuartzStar Guardian Nilah RubyStar Guardian Nilah SapphireStar Guardian Nilah Tanzanite


Nocturne will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Old God Nocturne
Old God Nocturne AquamarineOld God Nocturne CatseyeOld God Nocturne EmeraldOld God Nocturne Obsidian
Old God Nocturne PearlOld God Nocturne Rose QuartzOld God Nocturne RubyOld God Nocturne Sapphire


Olaf will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Pentakill III: Lost Chapter Olaf
Pentakill III: Lost Chapter Olaf AuquamarinePentakill III: Lost Chapter Olaf CatseyePentakill III: Lost Chapter Olaf EmeraldPentakill III: Lost Chapter Olaf Obsidian
Pentakill III: Lost Chapter Olaf PearlPentakill III: Lost Chapter Olaf Rose QuartzPentakill III: Lost Chapter Olaf Tanzanite
Sentinel Olaf
Sentinel Olaf CatseyeSentinel Olaf EmeraldSentinel Olaf PearlSentinel Olaf Rose Quartz
Sentinel Olaf SapphireSentinel Olaf TanzaniteSentinel Olaf Turquoise


Sewn Chaos Orianna
Orianna chromas, anyone? |©Riot Games

Orianna will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Pool Party Orianna
Pool Party Orianna AmethystPool Party Orianna CatseyePool Party Orianna Obsidian
Pool Party Orianna PearlPool Party Orianna PeridotPool Party Orianna Rose Quartz


Ornn will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Space Groove Ornn
Space Groove Ornn EmeraldSpace Groove Ornn ObsidianSpace Groove Ornn Pearl
Space Groove Ornn Rose QuartzSpace Groove Ornn RubySpace Groove Ornn Sapphire
Elderwood Ornn
Elderwood Ornn CitrineElderwood Ornn EmeraldElderwood Ornn Obsidian
Elderwood Ornn PearlElderwood Ornn Rose QuartzElderwood Ornn Sapphire


Pantheon will be in the Emporium with these Chromas

Ruined Pantheon
Ruined Pantheon AmethystRuined Pantheon CitrineRuined Pantheon EmeraldRuined Pantheon Pearl
Ruined Pantheon Rose QuartzRuined Pantheon SapphireRuined Pantheon Tanzanite


Battle regalia poppy lol skin
Some chromas for the yordle warrior|©Riot Games

Poppy will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Battle Regalia Poppy
Battle Regalia Poppy AmethystBattle Regalia Poppy EmeraldBattle Regalia Poppy Obsidian
Battle Regalia Poppy Rose QuartzBattle Regalia Poppy RubyBattle Regalia Poppy Sapphire


Pyke will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Empyrean Pkye
Empyrean Pkye EmeraldEmpyrean Pkye PearlEmpyrean Pkye Rose Quartz
Empyrean Pkye RubyEmpyrean Pkye Turquoise
Sentinel Pyke
Sentinel Pyke AquamarinSentinel Pyke CitrineSentinel Pyke EmeraldSentinel Pyke Pearl
Sentinel Pyke SapphireSentinel Pyke TanzaniteSentinel Pyke Turquoise

PsyOps Pyke

PsyOps Pyke ObsidianPsyOps Pyke Rose QuartzPsyOps Pyke Sandsrtone
PsyOps Pyke SapphirePsyOps Pyke Tanzanite
PROJECT: Pyke AmethystPROJECT: Pyke AquamarinePROJECT: Pyke Obsidian
PROJECT: Pyke PearlPROJECT: Pyke Rose QuartzPROJECT: Pyke Turquoise


True Damage Qiyana
You're not even reading this, right? |©Riot Games

Qiyana will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Battle Queen Qiyana
Battle Queen Qiyana CatseyeBattle Queen Qiyana EmeraldBattle Queen Qiyana Obsidian
Battle Queen Qiyana PearlBattle Queen Qiyana SapphireBattle Queen Qiyana Turquoise


Quinn will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Star Guardian Quinn
Star Guardian Quinn CatseyeStar Guardian Quinn EmeraldStar Guardian Quinn ObsidianStar Guardian Quinn Pearl
Star Guardian Quinn Rose QuartzStar Guardian Quinn RubyStar Guardian Quinn SapphireStar Guardian Quinn Turquoise


Rakan will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:
Elderwood Rakan
Elderwood Rakan CatseyeElderwood Rakan EmeraldElderwood Rakan Pearl
Elderwood Rakan Rose QuartzElderwood Rakan SapphireElderwood Rakan Tanzanite
Star Guardian Rakan
Star Guardian Rakan AquamarineStar Guardian Rakan Rose Quartz


Chrome Rammus
More than just OK chromas|©Riot Games

Rammus will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Astronaut Rammus
Astronaut Rammus AmethystAstronaut Rammus CatseyeAstronaut Rammus CitrineAstronaut Rammus Turquoise
Astronaut Rammus EmeraldAstronaut Rammus Rose QuartzAstronaut Rammus Sapphire


Rek'Sai will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Pool Party Rek'Sai
Pool Party Rek'Sai EmeraldPool Party Rek'Sai ObsidianPool Party Rek'Sai Ruby
Pool Party Rek'Sai Rose QuartzPool Party Rek'Sai TanzanitePool Party Rek'Sai Turquoise


Rell will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:
Star Guardian Rell
Star Guardian Rell CatseyeStar Guardian Rell EmeraldStar Guardian Rell ObsidianStar Guardian Rell Pearl
Star Guardian Rell Rose QuartzStar Guardian Rell RubyStar Guardian Rell SapphireStar Guardian Rell Turquoise
Battle Queen Rell
Battle Queen Rell AquamarineBattle Queen Rell CatseyeBattle Queen Rell Obsidian
Battle Queen Rell SapphireBattle Queen Rell TanzaniteBattle Queen Rell Turquoise

Renata Glasc

Get them all ! |©Riot Games

Renata will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Fright Night Renata Glasc
Fright Night Renata Glasc CatseyeFright Night Renata Glasc EmeraldFright Night Renata Glasc ObsidianFright Night Renata Glasc Pearl
Fright Night Renata Glasc Rose QuartzFright Night Renata Glasc RubyFright Night Renata Glasc SapphireFright Night Renata Glasc Tanzanite


Rengar will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Sentinel Rengar
Sentinel Rengar AquamarineSentinel Rengar CitrineSentinel Rengar Pearl
Sentinel Rengar Rose QuartzSentinel Rengar SapphireSentinel Rengar Tanzanite
Mecha Rengar
Mecha Rengar AquamarineMecha Rengar CitrineMecha Rengar Obsidian
Mecha Rengar RubyMecha Rengar PearlMecha Rengar Tanzanite


Riven will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Battle Bunny Prime Riven
Battle Bunny Prime Riven Ruby
Sentinel Riven
Sentinel Riven CitrineSentinel Riven EmeraldSentinel Riven PearlSentinel Riven Sapphire
Sentinel Riven Rose QuartzSentinel Riven TanzaniteSentinel Riven Turquoise
Spirit Blossom Riven
Spirit Blossom Riven CatseyeSpirit Blossom Riven EmeraldSpirit Blossom Riven Obsidian
Spirit Blossom Riven Rose QuartzSpirit Blossom Riven SapphireSpirit Blossom Riven Tanzanite
Battle Bunny Riven
Battle Bunny Riven AmethystBattle Bunny Riven AstralBattle Bunny Riven CatseyeBattle Bunny Riven Emerald
Battle Bunny Riven GraniteBattle Bunny Riven Rose QaurtzBattle Bunny Riven RubyBattle Bunny Riven Sapphire


Samira Spott 1
Samira chromas for everyone |©Riot Games

Samira will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

PsyOps Samira
PsyOps Samira AmethystPsyOps Samira CatseyePsyOps Samira Obsidian
PsyOps Samira PeridotPsyOps Samira Rose QuartzPsyOps Samira Sapphire


Sennawill be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Bewitching Senna
Bewitching Senna CatseyeBewitching Senna EmeraldBewitching Senna ObsidianBewitching Senna Pearl
Bewitching Senna Rose QuartzBewitching Senna RubyBewitching Senna SapphireBewitching Senna Turquoise
True Damage Senna
True Damage Senna AmethystTrue Damage Senna CatseyeTrue Damage Senna Citrine
True Damage Senna PearlTrue Damage Senna Sapphire


Seraphine will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Graceful Phoenix Seraphine
Graceful Phoenix Seraphine EmeraldGraceful Phoenix Seraphine ObsidianGraceful Phoenix Seraphine PearlGraceful Phoenix Seraphine Rose Quartz
Graceful Phoenix Seraphine SapphireGraceful Phoenix Seraphine TanzaniteGraceful Phoenix Seraphine Turquoise



Sett chromas are always worth it |©Riot Games

Sett will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Spirit Blossom Sett
Spirit Blossom Sett CatseyeSpirit Blossom Sett EmeraldSpirit Blossom Sett Rose Quartz
Spirit Blossom Sett RubySpirit Blossom Sett Sapphire
Obsidian Dragon Sett
Obsidian Dragon Sett AmethystObsidian Dragon Sett AquamarineObsidian Dragon Sett CatseyeObsidian Dragon Sett Citrine
Obsidian Dragon Sett EmeraldObsidian Dragon Sett PearlObsidian Dragon Sett Rose Quartz


Shaco will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Winterblessed Shaco
Winterblessed Shaco AmethystWinterblessed Shaco CatseyeWinterblessed Shaco EmeraldWinterblessed Shaco Obsidian
Winterblessed Shaco PearlWinterblessed Shaco Rose QuartzWinterblessed Shaco RubyWinterblessed Shaco Turquoise
Crime City Nightmare Shaco
Crime City Nightmare Shaco AmethystCrime City Nightmare Shaco CatseyeCrime City Nightmare Shaco EmeraldCrime City Nightmare Shaco Sapphire
Crime City Nightmare Shaco ObsidianCrime City Nightmare Shaco PearlCrime City Nightmare Shaco Rose Quartz
Arcanist Shaco
Arcanist Shaco AquamarineArcanist Shaco EmeraldArcanist Shaco Rainbow
Arcanist Shaco SapphireArcanist Shaco TanzanitzeArcanist Shaco Turquoise


Shen no skin
Shending some chromas, will ya? |©Riot Games

Shen will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

PsyOps Shen
PsyOps Shen EmeraldPsyOps Shen ObsidianPsyOps Shen Sandstone
PsyOps Shen SapphirePsyOps Shen TanzanitePsyOps Shen Turquoie
Infernal Shen
Infernal Shen CatseyeInfernal Shen PearlInfernal Shen PeridotInfernal Shen Rosw Quartz


Singed will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Resistance Singed
Resistance Singed CatseyeResistance Singed EmeraldResistance Singed ObsidianResistance Singed Pearl
Resistance Singed Rose QuartzResistance Singed TanzaniteResistance Singed Turquoise


Sivir will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Cafe Cuties Sivir
Cafe Cuties Sivir CatseyeCafe Cuties Sivir EmeraldCafe Cuties Sivir ObsidianCafe Cuties Sivir Rose Quartz
Cafe Cuties Sivir SapphireCafe Cuties Sivir TanzaniteCafe Cuties Sivir Turquoise
Odyssey Sivir
Odyssey Sivir CatseyeOdyssey Sivir EmeraldOdyssey Sivir Rainbow
Odyssey Sivir Rose QuartzOdyssey Sivir SapphireOdyssey Sivir Tanzanite


Skarner no Skin 1
Scorpian chromas for me and you |©Riot Games

Skarner will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Cosmic Sting Skarner
Cosmic Sting Skarner AquamarineCosmic Sting Skarner CitrineCosmic Sting Skarner EmeraldCosmic Sting Skarner Tanzanite
Cosmic Sting Skarner ObsidianCosmic Sting Skarner Rose QuartzCosmic Sting Skarner RubyCosmic Sting Skarner Turquoise


Sona will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Star Guradian Sona
Star Guradian Sona AmethystStar Guradian Sona AquamarineStar Guradian Sona CatseyeStar Guradian Sona Obsidian
Star Guradian Sona PearlStar Guradian Sona Rose QuartzStar Guradian Sona RubyStar Guradian Sona Tanzanite

Pentakill III: Lost Chapter Sona

Pentakill III: Lost Chapter Sona AquamarinePentakill III: Lost Chapter Sona CitrinePentakill III: Lost Chapter Sona EmeraldPentakill III: Lost Chapter Sona Obsidian
Pentakill III: Lost Chapter Sona PearlPentakill III: Lost Chapter Sona Rose QuartzPentakill III: Lost Chapter Sona Tanzanite
PsyOps Sona
PsyOps Sona AmethystPsyOps Sona CitrinePsyOps Sona Emerald
PsyOps Sona ObsidianPsyOps Sona SapphirePsyOps Sona Turquoise
Odyssey Sona
Odyssey Sona AquamarineOdyssey Sona ObsidianOdyssey Sona Pearl
Odyssey Sona Rose QuartzOdyssey Sona Tanzanite


Nightbringer Soraka
Heals even better with chromas |©Riot Games

Soraka will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Spirit Blossom Soraka
Spirit Blossom Soraka CitrineSpirit Blossom Soraka ObsidianSpirit Blossom Soraka PearlSpirit Blossom Soraka Rose Quartz
Spirit Blossom Soraka RzbySpirit Blossom Soraka SapphireSpirit Blossom Soraka TanzaniteSpirit Blossom Soraka Turquoise
Cafe Cuties Soraka
Cafe Cuties Soraka CatseyeCafe Cuties Soraka ObsidianCafe Cuties Soraka PearlCafe Cuties Soraka Peridot
Cafe Cuties Soraka SapphireCafe Cuties Soraka TanzaniteCafe Cuties Soraka Turquoise


Swain will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Winterblesses Swain
Winterblesses Swain CatseyeWinterblesses Swain EmeraldWinterblesses Swain ObsidianWinterblesses Swain Pearl
Winterblesses Swain Rose QuartzWinterblesses Swain RubyWinterblesses Swain SapphireWinterblesses Swain Turquoise


Syndra will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Spirit Blossom Syndra
Spirit Blossom Syndra CatseyeSpirit Blossom Syndra ObsidianSpirit Blossom Syndra PearlSpirit Blossom Syndra Rose Quartz
Spirit Blossom Syndra RubySpirit Blossom Syndra SapphireSpirit Blossom Syndra TanzaniteSpirit Blossom Syndra Turquoise
Star Guardian Syndra
Star Guardian Syndra CasteyeStar Guardian Syndra EmeraldStar Guardian Syndra ObsidianStar Guardian Syndra Pearl
Star Guardian Syndra Rose QuartzStar Guardian Syndra RubyStar Guardian Syndra SapphireStar Guardian Syndra Tanzanite
Pool Party Syndra
Pool Party Syndra AquamarinePool Party Syndra CatseyePool Party Syndra EmeraldPool Party Syndra Pearl
Pool Party Syndra RainbowPool Party Syndra Rose QuartzPool Party Syndra RubyPool Party Syndra Tanzanite


Freljord Taliyah
Chromas, there everywhere |©Riot Games

Taliyah will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Star Guardian Taliyah
Star Guardian Taliyah AmethystStar Guardian Taliyah CatseyeStar Guardian Taliyah EmeraldStar Guardian Taliyah Obsidian
Star Guardian Taliyah PearlStar Guardian Taliyah RubyStar Guardian Taliyah SapphireStar Guardian Taliyah Tanzanite
Pool Party Taliyah
Pool Party Taliyah AmethystPool Party Taliyah AquamarinePool Party Taliyah Casteye
Pool Party Taliyah PeridotPool Party Taliyah Rose QuartzPool Party Taliyah Turquoise


Talon will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Enduring Sword Talon
Enduring Sword Talon AmethystEnduring Sword Talon CatseyeEnduring Sword Talon Emerald
Enduring Sword Talon ObsidianEnduring Sword Talon Rose QuartzEnduring Sword Talon Sapphire
Dragon Blade Talon
Dragon Blade Talon AmethystDragon Blade Talon CatseyeDragon Blade Talon Emerald
Dragon Blade Talon ObsidianDragon Blade Talon PearlDragon Blade Talon Sapphire


Taric will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Space Groove Taric
Space Groove Taric CatseyeSpace Groove Taric EmeraldSpace Groove Taric ObsidianSpace Groove Taric Rose Quartz
Space Groove Taric RubySpace Groove Taric SapphireSpace Groove Taric Turquoise
Pool Party Taric
Pool Party Taric CatseyePool Party Taric ObsidianPool Party Taric PearlPool Party Taric Rose Quartz


Little devil teemo
Some devlish Teemo Chromas? |©Riot Games

Teemo will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Space Groove Teemo
Space Groove Teemo CatseyeSpace Groove Teemo ObsidianSpace Groove Teemo Peridot
Space Groove Teemo Rose QuartzSpace Groove Teemo Ruby
Cottontail Teemo
Cottontail Teemo AmethystCottontail Teemo AquamarineCottontail Teemo Rose Quartz
Cottontail Teemo SpeckledCottontail Teemo Turquoise
Omega Squad Teemo
Omega Squad Teemo ObsidianOmega Squad Teemo PearlOmega Squad Teemo Sandstone


Thresh will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Steel Dragon Thresh
Steel Dragon Thresh AmethystSteel Dragon Thresh AquamarineSteel Dragon Thresh CatseyeSteel Dragon Thresh Obsidian
Steel Dragon Thresh PearlSteel Dragon Thresh Rose QuartzSteel Dragon Thresh Turquoise
Spirit Blossom Thresh
Spirit Blossom Thresh CatseyeSpirit Blossom Thresh EmeraldSpirit Blossom Thresh Obsidian
Spirit Blossom Thresh PearlSpirit Blossom Thresh Rose QuartzSpirit Blossom Thresh Sapphire
High Noon Thresh
High Noon Thresh ObsidianHigh Noon Thresh PearlHigh Noon Thresh SapphireHigh Noon Thresh Tanzanite


Buccaneer Tristana Skin
Some Chromas for Tristana, always nice |©Riot Games

Tristana will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Spirit Blossom Tristana
Spirit Blossom Tristana CitrineSpirit Blossom Tristana EmeraldSpirit Blossom Tristana ObsidianSpirit Blossom Tristana Pearl
Spirit Blossom Tristana Rose QuartzSpirit Blossom Tristana RubySpirit Blossom Tristana SapphireSpirit Blossom Tristana Turquoise
Dragon Trainer Tristana
Dragon Trainer Tristana EmeraldDragon Trainer Tristana ObsidianDragon Trainer Tristana Rainbow
Dragon Trainer Tristana Rose QuartzDragon Trainer Tristana Sapphire
Omega Squad Tristana
Omega Squad Tristana CitrineOmega Squad Tristana EmeraldOmega Squad Tristana Obsidian
Omega Squad Tristana PearlOmega Squad Tristana Sapphire


Trundle will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Fright Night Trundle
Fright Night Trundle CatseyeFright Night Trundle EmeraldFright Night Trundle PearlFright Night Trundle Rose Quartz
Fright Night Trundle RubyFright Night Trundle SapphireFright Night Trundle TanzaniteFright Night Trundle Turquoise


Tryndamere will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:
Nightbringer Tryndamere
Nightbringer Tryndamere SapphireNightbringer Tryndamere CatseyeNightbringer Tryndamere Obsidian
Nightbringer Tryndamere AmethystNightbringer Tryndamere Turquoise

Twisted Fate

Blodd moon twisted fate
Chromas colorfull like his cards|©Riot Games

TF will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Space Groove Twisted Fate
Space Groove Twisted Fate CatseyeSpace Groove Twisted Fate EmeraldSpace Groove Twisted Fate ObsidianSpace Groove Twisted Fate Rainbow
Space Groove Twisted Fate Rose QuartzSpace Groove Twisted Fate RubySpace Groove Twisted Fate TanzaniteSpace Groove Twisted Fate Turquoise
Crime City Nightmare Twisted Fate
Crime City Nightmare Twisted Fate AmethystCrime City Nightmare Twisted Fate CatseyeCrime City Nightmare Twisted Fate EmeraldCrime City Nightmare Twisted Fate Sapphire
Crime City Nightmare Twisted Fate ObsidianCrime City Nightmare Twisted Fate PearlCrime City Nightmare Twisted Fate Rose Quartz
Odyssey Twisted Fate
Odyssey Twisted Fate AquamarineOdyssey Twisted Fate CatseyeOdyssey Twisted Fate EmeraldOdyssey Twisted Fate Pearl
Odyssey Twisted Fate Rose QuartzOdyssey Twisted Fate TanzaniteOdyssey Twisted Fate Turquoise


Twitch will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Omega Squad Twitch
Omega Squad Twitch ObsidianOmega Squad Twitch PearlOmega Squad Twitch Sandstone


Urgot will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Fright Night Urgot
Fright Night Urgot AmethystFright Night Urgot CatseyeFright Night Urgot CitrineFright Night Urgot Emerald
Fright Night Urgot Rose QuartzFright Night Urgot RubyFright Night Urgot SapphireFright Night Urgot Turquoise
High Noon Urgot
High Noon Urgot PearlHigh Noon Urgot SapphireHigh Noon Urgot TanzaniteHigh Noon Urgot Turquoise
Battlecast Urgot
Battlecast Urgot ObsidianBattlecast Urgot PearlBattlecast Urgot Ruby
Battlecast Urgot SapphireBattlecast Urgot Tanzanite


Project Varus
Varus Chromas, go get them guys ! |©Riot Games

Varus will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Cosmic Hunter Varus
Cosmic Hunter Varus CatseyeCosmic Hunter Varus EmeraldCosmic Hunter Varus Obsidian
Cosmic Hunter Varus PearlCosmic Hunter Varus Rose QuartzCosmic Hunter Varus Turquoise
Infernal Varus
Infernal Varus CasteyeInfernal Varus PearlInfernal Varus PeridotInfernal Varus Rose Quartz


Vayne will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Sentinel Vayne
Sentinel Vayne AmethystSentinel Vayne EmeraldSentinel Vayne Rose QuartzSentinel Vayne Sapphire
Spirit Blossom Vayne
Spirit Blossom Vayne CitrineSpirit Blossom Vayne EmeraldSpirit Blossom Vayne Obsidian
Spirit Blossom Vayne PearlSpirit Blossom Vayne Rose QuartzSpirit Blossom Vayne Tanzanite
Dragon Slayer Vayne
Dragon Slayer Vayne GreenDragon Slayer Vayne RedDragon Slayer Vayne Silver


Veigar Superb Villain skin
Evil Chromas for me and you|©RIot Games

Veigar will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Monster Tamer Veigar
Monster Tamer Veigar CatseyeMonster Tamer Veigar JasperMonster Tamer Veigar ObsidianMonster Tamer Veigar Rainbow
Monster Tamer Veigar Rose QuartzMonster Tamer Veigar RubyMonster Tamer Veigar SapphireMonster Tamer Veigar Turquoise
Astronaut Veigar
Astronaut Veigar CatseyeAstronaut Veigar CitrineAstronaut Veigar EmeraldAstronaut Veigar Rainbow
Astronaut Veigar Rose QuartzAstronaut Veigar SapphireAstronaut Veigar Tanzanite
Elderwood Veigar Chromas
Elderwood Veigar Chromas AmethystElderwood Veigar Chromas CatseyeElderwood Veigar Chromas EmeraldElderwood Veigar Chromas Obsidian
Elderwood Veigar Chromas PearlElderwood Veigar Chromas RainbowElderwood Veigar Chromas Rose QuartzElderwood Veigar Chromas Turquoise
Omega Squad Veigar
Omega Squad Veigar CatseyeOmega Squad Veigar SapphireOmega Squad Veigar Tanzanite


Vel'Koz will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Infernal Vel'Koz
Infernal Vel'Koz AmethystInfernal Vel'Koz CatseyeInfernal Vel'Koz Emerald
Infernal Vel'Koz Rose QuartzInfernal Vel'Koz Rainbow


Vex will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Empyrean Vex
Empyrean Vex CatseyeEmpyrean Vex EmeraldEmpyrean Vex PearlEmpyrean Vex Rose Quartz
Empyrean Vex RubyEmpyrean Vex SapphireEmpyrean Vex TanzaniteEmpyrean Vex Turquoise
Dawnbringer Vex
Dawnbringer Vex CatseyeDawnbringer Vex EmeralDawnbringer Vex Meteorite
Dawnbringer Vex Rose QuartzDawnbringer Vex SapphireDawnbringer Vex Tanzanite


Smashing chromas in the shop |©Riot games

Vi will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

PsyOps Vi
PsyOps Vi GranitePsyOps Vi ObsidianPsyOps Vi Rose Quartz
PsyOps Vi SandstonePsyOps Vi TanzanitePsyOps Vi Turquoise


Viego will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Dissonance of Pentakill Viego
Dissonance of Pentakill Viego CitrineDissonance of Pentakill Viego EmeraldDissonance of Pentakill Viego ObsidianDissonance of Pentakill Viego Rose Quartz
Dissonance of Pentakill Viego SandstoneDissonance of Pentakill Viego SapphireDissonance of Pentakill Viego Tanzanite


Victor will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

PsyOPs Victor

PsyOPs Victor AmethystPsyOPs Victor ObsidianPsyOPs Victor Perdiot
PsyOPs Victor SandstonePsyOPs Victor SapphirePsyOPs Victor Turquoise


Brave Phoenix Xayah
Xaxah has some nice Chromas |©Riot Games

Xayah will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Brave Phoenix Xayah
Brave Phoenix Xayah CatseyeBrave Phoenix Xayah EmeraldBrave Phoenix Xayah ObsidianBrave Phoenix Xayah Pearl
Brave Phoenix Xayah Rose QuartzBrave Phoenix Xayah SapphireBrave Phoenix Xayah Tanzanite
Elderwood Xayah
Brave Phoenix Xayah CatseyeBrave Phoenix Xayah EmeraldBrave Phoenix Xayah Pearl
Brave Phoenix Xayah Rose QuartzBrave Phoenix Xayah SapphireBrave Phoenix Xayah Tanzanite
Star Guardian Xayah
Star Guardian Xayah AquamarineStar Guardian Xayah Turquoise

Xin Zhao

Xin Zhao will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:
Cosmic Defender Xin Zhao
Cosmic Defender Xin Zhao CitrineCosmic Defender Xin Zhao EmeraldCosmic Defender Xin Zhao ObsidianCosmic Defender Xin Zhao Tanzanite
Warring Kingdom Xin Zhao
Warring Kingdom Xin Zhao AmethystWarring Kingdom Xin Zhao AquamarineWarring Kingdom Xin Zhao Pearl
Warring Kingdom Xin Zhao PeridotWarring Kingdom Xin Zhao Rose QuartzWarring Kingdom Xin Zhao Ruby


Odyssey Yasuo
Chromas for Yasuo, there are plenty |©Riot Games

Yasuo will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Spirit Blossom Yasuo
Spirit Blossom Yasuo CatseyeSpirit Blossom Yasuo EmeraldSpirit Blossom Yasuo Obsidian
Spirit Blossom Yasuo PearlSpirit Blossom Yasuo Rose QuartzSpirit Blossom Yasuo Sapphire
True Damage Yasuo
True Damage Yasuo AmethystTrue Damage Yasuo AquamarineTrue Damage Yasuo Catseye
True Damage Yasuo ObsidianTrue Damage Yasuo Pearl
Odyssey Yasuo
Odyssey Yasuo ObsidianOdyssey Yasuo PearlOdyssey Yasuo Tose Quartz
Odyssey Yasuo SapphireOdyssey Yasuo Tanzanite
High Noon Yasuo
High Noon Yasuo AmethystHigh Noon Yasuo EmeraldHigh Noon Yasuo Jasper
High Noon Yasuo ObsidianHigh Noon Yasuo Sapphire
Dawnbringer Yasuo
Dawnbringer Yasuo EmeraldDawnbringer Yasuo ObsidianDawnbringer Yasuo PearlDawnbringer Yasuo Rose Quartz
Spirit Blossom Yasuo
Spirit Blossom Yasuo AquamarineSpirit Blossom Yasuo CatseyeSpirit Blossom Yasuo Emerald
Spirit Blossom Yasuo ObsidianSpirit Blossom Yasuo Rose QuartzSpirit Blossom Yasuo Tanzanite


Undertaker Yorick
In the dephs you will find some chromas |©Riot Games

Yorick will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Spirit Blossom Yorick
Spirit Blossom Yorick CitrineSpirit Blossom Yorick ObsidianSpirit Blossom Yorick PearlSpirit Blossom Yorick Rose Quartz
Spirit Blossom Yorick RubySpirit Blossom Yorick SapphireSpirit Blossom Yorick Turquoise
Pentakill III: Lost Chapter Yorick
Pentakill III: Lost Chapter Yorick CitrinePentakill III: Lost Chapter Yorick EmeraldPentakill III: Lost Chapter Yorick ObsidianPentakill III: Lost Chapter Yorick Pearl
Pentakill III: Lost Chapter Yorick Rose QuartzPentakill III: Lost Chapter Yorick SapphirePentakill III: Lost Chapter Yorick Tanzanite
Resistence Yorick
Resistence Yorick CatseyeResistence Yorick EmeraldResistence Yorick PearlResistence Yorick Rose Qaurtz
Resistence Yorick SapphireResistence Yorick TanzaniteResistence Yorick Turquoise


Zac will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Empyrean Zac
Empyrean Zac CitrineEmpyrean Zac EmeraldEmpyrean Zac PearlEmpyrean Zac Rose Quartz
Empyrean Zac RubyEmpyrean Zac SapphireEmpyrean Zac TanzaniteEmpyrean Zac Turquoise
Battlecast Zac
Battlecast Zac AmethystBattlecast Zac EmeraldBattlecast Zac Obsidian
Battlecast Zac PearlBattlecast Zac Tanzanite


Zed 0
Zed Chromas, here they are |© Riot Games

Zed will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Empyrean Zed
Empyrean Zed AmethystEmpyrean Zed CatseyeEmpyrean Zed EmeraldEmpyrean Zed Pearl
Empyrean Zed Rose QuartzEmpyrean Zed RubyEmpyrean Zed Sapphire
Debonair Zed
Debonair Zed CatseyeDebonair Zed EmeraldDebonair Zed ObsidianDebonair Zed Tanzanite
Galaxy Slayer Zed
Galaxy Slayer Zed EmeraldGalaxy Slayer Zed PearlGalaxy Slayer Zed Rose QuartzGalaxy Slayer Zed sapphire
PsyOps Zed
PsyOps Zed EmeraldPsyOps Zed ObsidianPsyOps Zed Sandstone
PsyOps Zed SapphirePsyOps Zed TanzanitePsyOps Zed Turquoise
Shockblade Zed
Shockblade Zed AmethystShockblade Zed AquamarineShockblade Zed Catseye
Shockblade Zed EmeraldShockblade Zed Rose QuartzShockblade Zed Ruby


Ziggs will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Sugar Rush Ziggs
Sugar Rush Ziggs AmethystSugar Rush Ziggs AquamarineSugar Rush Ziggs Catseye
Sugar Rush Ziggs PeridotSugar Rush Ziggs MeteoriteSugar Rush Ziggs Sandstone


Zilean will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Winterblessed Zilean
Winterblessed Zilean CitrineWinterblessed Zilean ObsidianWinterblessed Zilean PearlWinterblessed Zilean Rose Quartz
Winterblessed Zilean RubyWinterblessed Zilean SapphireWinterblessed Zilean Turquoise
Sugar Rush Zilean
Sugar Rush Zilean AquamarineSugar Rush Zilean CitrineSugar Rush Zilean Rose Qaurtz
Sugar Rush Zilean MeteoriteSugar Rush Zilean Peridot


Zoe Chromas to make her even more colorfull |©Riot Games

Zoe will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Winterblessed Zoe
Winterblessed Zoe AquamarineWinterblessed Zoe CatseyeWinterblessed Zoe EmeraldWinterblessed Zoe Peridot
Winterblessed Zoe RainbowWinterblessed Zoe Rose QuartzWinterblessed Zoe RubyWinterblessed Zoe Sapphire
Star Guardian Zoe
Star Guardian Zoe AmethystStar Guardian Zoe CitrineStar Guardian Zoe Aquamarine
Star Guardian Zoe JasperStar Guardian Zoe PearlStar Guardian Zoe Rose Quartz
Pool Party Zoe
Pool Party Zoe AmethystPool Party Zoe EmeraldPool Party Zoe Rainbow
Pool Party Zoe Rose QuartzPool Party Zoe Sapphire


Zyra will be in the Emporium with these Chromas:

Crime City Nightmare Zyra
Crime City Nightmare Zyra AmethystCrime City Nightmare Zyra AquamarineCrime City Nightmare Zyra CatseyeCrime City Nightmare Zyra Emerald
Crime City Nightmare Zyra PearlCrime City Nightmare Zyra PeridotCrime City Nightmare Zyra Rose Qaurtz
Coven Zyra Chromas
Coven Zyra Chromas CasteyeCoven Zyra Chromas emeraldCoven Zyra Chromas ObsidianCoven Zyra Chromas Pearl
Coven Zyra Chromas Rose QuartzCoven Zyra Chromas SapphireCoven Zyra Chromas Tanzanite

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