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5 Reasons Why Yasuo Should Be Deleted From LoL

Champions 31-08-2023 13:00
Project Yasuo Skin
5 reasons why Yasuo should be deleted from LoL: This skin is not one of them, but you will probably have bad memories due to EVERY YASUO MAIN USING IT! | © Riot Games

Is there a single champion in League of Legends that is as annoying as Yasuo? This guy dashes around endlessly, is impossible to catch and somehow always deals more damage than you. Is this what having fun feels like? No, certainly not. Here are our top five reasons why Yasuo should be deleted.

One extremely difficult thing to balance in League of Legends is mobility. Give a champion too little, and they will be at the mercy of everyone else in the game. Give a champion too much, and they will most likely become a balancing nightmare (looking at you, Akali). While Yasuo's days as a balancing nightmare are certainly over, he is still incredibly annoying!

Yasuo is not just incredibly mobile, but also scales much quicker than the usual crit champion. Additionally, he can make plays that you couldn't even execute in your wildest dreams. Playing against a really good Yasuo feels straight up unfair. Rito please, delete him already!

1. Yasuo Sucks Because He Is Incredibly Hard To Catch

Once Yasuo hits level 2 on lane, he will skill his E – Sweeping Blade and start to dash around. He will dash to a minion, then to another minion, then to a completely different minion, to you and then a minion again. How are you supposed to hit any skillshots? How are you supposed to get away from him? How do you even catch him out? 

This also means he can easily chase you down any lane if you are unlucky enough to run into a freshly spawned minion wave. This dash has an on-target cooldown of six seconds in the later stages of the game, but that just means that he can only dash once per second in the average minion wave. Who approved this?

2. Yasuo Sucks Because His Wind Wall Blocks Things It Should Not Block

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By now, we have already accommodated to the fact that Yasuo will destroy all projectiles that go through his W – Wind Wall. Sadly for us, these are not the only ones he actually blocks. Certain other spells that rain straight down from the skies, like Veigar's W – Dark Matter, get blocked too. It gets extra ridiculous with Vel'Koz' W – Void Rift, which literally opens the ground below Yasuo's feet – how in the world does his Wind Wall block that?!

We get it. Yasuo's Wind Wall can be difficult to use, it has an incredibly high cooldown and it takes a lot of skill to place it correctly. But please, at least add sensible logic to it! By the way: Senna players will be glad to hear that Wind Wall does not block their basic attacks, because they are not coded as projectiles.

3. Yasuo Sucks Because Your Team's Yasuo Always Feeds

It is always the same: the enemy team gets a Yasuo, and he will survive lane and carry his team in the late game. The next game, you get a Yasuo too. He has played 100 games of Yasuo this ranked season and he has over 600,000 mastery points, so you are optimistic that he will do the same. 

20 minutes later, he has gone 0/10. His surrender vote did not go through, and he goes AFK. Why is it always like this?

Obviously, ranked experiences differ from person to person. However, there is a huge number of Yasuo players who struggle in the early laning phase, and it is because...

4. Yasuo Sucks Because He Is Very Hard To Play 

... he is incredibly hard to play on a high level! Let us be real: the only thing better than watching an absolute Yasuo god play is to replicate their plays by yourself. Unfortunately for us mere mortals, this is very difficult to do for multiple reasons.

Yasuo's laning phase is weak, and his range is basically nonexistent. He relies on squishy item builds, and he is easy to poke down on lane. His Passive – Way of the Wanderer shield is easy to get rid of for ranged champions too. 

Even if you get out of the laning phase, you will still be very squishy. Unlike many assassins, who have spells to escape the center of the fight after destroying the enemy bot laner, Yasuo has no easy way out. 

This means that you will have to invest many hours to learn to play Yasuo properly. All of this is still in vain if the enemy jungler decides that he does not like you today. 

5. Yasuo Sucks Because He Is CertainlyT's Biggest Success

Inkshadow Yasuo
Transfer his skins to Legends of Runeterra, they look quite nice. | © Riot Games

If you have played League of Legends for a while – or if you have friends who complain about champions a lot – you have probably heard of former champion designer Bradford 'CertainlyT' Wenban. While being the undisputed greatest champion designer League of Legends has ever seen, his creations are infamous as they are popular.

Yasuo is one of his earliest creations. After joining Riot Games in 2012, CertainlyT has first designed Darius, Zyra and Thresh before turning his attention to the wind samurai. In the months following Yasuo's release, the nimble fighter has even managed to surpass Darius in the list of most annoying champions! Disclaimer: we do not have an official source for that, but if you played top lane in 2014, you probably had Darius and Yasuo on your list of most annoying champions too.

This is very telling for the entire roster of CertainlyT. Most of his champions are hard to play, but they feel incredibly rewarding – and when you encounter a decent player on that specific champion, they will make your game miserable

Even with a comparably bad win rate of 49%, Yasuo is still one of the most popular champions, featuring in every fifth champion select. His pick rate and ban rate are roughly the same at 10% each. It is safe to say that Yasuo was really successful in League of Legends!

This, however, also carries the issue with CertainlyT's champions further. People really like playing this incredibly annoying champion, so Riot's champion design team do not see an issue with releasing more of them – and release more they did!

These are our top five reasons to delete Yasuo. Deleting him from your current game also works very well by counterpicking him, but we would very much prefer not to have to put up with him in our ranked games. Riot, please delete him already!

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