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These are the guys that will take your money and your life.

All Pirate Champions in League of Legends

This is more of a Privateer than a pirate though | © Riot Games

Though the Void and Shurima have been taking the spotlight recently, with the upcoming Void jungler and Void event, there is one other League of Legends region where beauty is found in the chaos. Of course, we're talking about Bilgewater.

In this instance, though, we're talking about those that take on the pirate aesthetic, and not the champions tied to underwater deities. Pirates are their own masters, after all, and here are the ones prowling the Rift.

Who are the Pirate Champions in LoL?

By definition, a pirate is one who attacks and robs ships at sea. As far as we're concerned, of the Bilgewater champions, there are four that fit the bill. Two of which find that to be their main trade, and two that have likely done that as a mercenary job:

4. Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate is a gambler and an old-school rogue that charmed his way all across Runeterra. And, while he is not openly a pirate, his jobs have taken him to cooperate with quite a few of their ilk, making him one by association. At the end of the day, walk by the riverbank long enough and you're bound to get wet.

Twisted Fate
You're about to thank him for robbing you blind | © Riot Games

He is just a step above his partner in crime, Graves when it comes to being innocent of piracy.

3. Graves

Let's face it, the champion just isn't the same without his customary cigar. Still, the loss of his tobacco addiction does not mean this wretch has gained a moral compass.

The cigar makes the champion complete | © Riot Games

Only recently Graves was shown trying to capture and sell Yordles on the black market. If he's not against slavery, then piracy isn't even on his radar of morally repulsive things to avoid.

2. Miss Fortune

Sarah Fortune is the embodiment of a new-age pirate in Bilgewater, as much as she is the embodiment of a beginner ADC. Though, her thirst for vengeance does give her some traditional flair.

Miss Fortune
Isn't there already a guy that says he will be the Pirate King? | © Riot Games

It's unfortunate that Ruined King: A League of Legends Story, did not go into her motivations and character development as a new Pirate King, as much as it could.

1. Gangplank

The original League of Legends pirate. Even his name is a play on words, as a gangplank is the plank pirates force their prisoners to walk, and be fed to the fishes.

Gol D. Roger looks a little different these days | © Riot Games

If there is a champion on Runeterra that has anything of value, Gangplank has likely raided or stolen it. Not even the Emperor of Noxus is safe, as Gangplank stole his prized warship, Leviathan.

Other Bilgewater Champions

Bilgewater is the most visited region in Runeterra, due to all the trade flowing through it. Even the champions from the far reaches of Freljord have made the journey and visited the hive of sum and villainy that is Bilgewater, for one reason or another. These, however, are the rest of the champions born and bred in Bilgewater itself:

  • Fizz
    • Yordles take on the characteristics of the environment they grow up and spend their time in, with Kled and Fizz being the most extreme examples of this. Fizz is the trickster of Bilgewater, whose tricks often prove deadly to humans.
  • Illaoi
    • A priestess of underwater deity Nagakabouros the next two champions on our list are also connected to, Illaoi is more than just the top lane annoyance everyone sees her as.
  • Nautilus
    • The avatar of Nagakabouros, Nautilus teaches everyone why the depths of the seas are to be respected and feared.
  • Pyke
    • Where Nautilus is an embodiment of a Divinity in the mortal world, Pyke is its tool, used to take out those who may have slighted it.

The theme of Bilgewater is very much reminiscent of the Pirates of the Caribbean storyline. As a sucker for those movies, I certainly hope we can see some more pirate champions make their appearance in Runeterra.