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The Best ADC Champions For Beginners

Miss Fortune - Easy Champions
Can't go wrong with Captain Fortune. | © Riot Games

We have explored some of the easiest top lane champions, as well as support champions before. But who else should you and your noob friends play after watching and loving Arcane? Any of the Arcane champions? Let's find out. 

League of Legends is extremely fun, but also very hard for newcomers to get into. There are over 150 champions, the newest being an ADC and some are harder than others to master. So we're going to give you some advice on a few of the easier champions, so you'll be able to start your League adventures on the right foot! 


3. Miss Fortune - The Bounty Hunter

Miss Fortune is one of the most well-known champions in League of Legends, mostly thanks to her looks and the role she played in Ruined King: A League of Legends story. She is also an extremely popular ADC and a damn good one at that. You don't need to know much about League to master her. 

Her passive? Easy, when attacking new targets you deal more damage. She's got her Q which deals a whole lot of damage, her E is a slow and her W let's her strut her stuff down the lane and deal a bit more damage as well. It's easy to understand and as long as you stay safe behind your minions you will win lane with ease. 

Her ultimate? Just make sure you don't move while casting it, because that will actually cancel it. Other than that you just have to practice last-hitting minions to gain gold to buy that much-needed Kraken Slayer... hello she is a pirate, of course she needs a Kraken Slayer! 

2. Ashe - The Frost Archer

Ahse is one of the first champions you get introduced to when playing League of Legends. Her mechanics are simple, and her kit is very easy to understand. You won't need to spend too much time with her to truly understand what you want to be doing with her. 

Coven Ashe
She is a great beginner pick, trust us. | © Riot Games

Once you understand the way her Q works you'll be good to go. Thanks to her W – Volley you're also going to be able to slow opponents and utilize the AoE to put down more damage on them. Her biggest problem is her lack of mobility, but you'll be hard pressed not to find an ADC with this issue. But we're not here to talk about her bad sides, we want to sell her to you and well her ultimate can be a game changer when you want to kick off a fight. 

The fact that Ashe always somehow finds her way back into the meta also speaks for her, making her one of the best champions to main early on, since you'll always have a solid option to fall back on even when you've moved on to other ADCs that are a bit more difficult to master

1.  Sivir - The Battle Mistress

Easy Champion Sivir
She isn't just one our list because she brought Pizza. | © Riot Games

Sivir is an extremely beginner-friendly ADC. She can clear waves quickly and efficiently, earning lots of gold quickly and gaining an advantage. Sure, she might not have the same range as others, but that doesn't mean that she can't chunk down opponents. 

Sivir can stay safe thanks to her spell shield, which blocks damage, which can be quite beneficial to someone who is just starting out playing League of Legends. You'll likely overstep sometimes and with Sivir you won't get punished as bad when you do. 

Finally, her kit is also pretty straightforward. You whip your blades around and hope that you hit someone. Thanks to her Q and W she can last-hit minions and gain gold, farming into an attack damage monster! 

Hopefully, you have fun and enjoy playing League of Legends. Now you can also keep your Riot Account a little safer thanks to the 2-Factor Authentication. If you want something a little more advance, check out our splitpush guide as well!