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He's bugged to hell and back!

Aurelion Sol LoL CGU: Multiple Bugs Found Ahead of Release

Mecha Aurelion Sol
Will Riot really ship him like this...? | © Riot Games

LoL Patch 13.3 is set to release on February 8, 2023. With it Ahri's Art and Sustainability Update will finally go live and player who don't have a PBE account can also, finally, experience the Comprehensive Gameplay Update for none other than Aurelion Sol. 

Now, of course, there are a few bugs with the updated champion... this is League of Legends after all and this game wouldn't exist without a multitude of bugs. Thankfully, YouTuber Vandiril has already found some of the funniest ones in the game pertaining to our big boy ASol. 

Aurelion Sol Can Now Merge With Terrain on Summoner's Rift

There are some pretty hilarious bugs in League of Legends, but the newest Aurelion Sol bug might just take the cake. Vandiril, known for his bug-finding skills in the game, has posted a video showing just how messed up some interactions of the giant space dragon can be. 

If you stand close to a wall, use your Q and W and then E at a certain position, Aurelion Sol will go under the map, merging with the terrain. You'll be stuck in this position until you hit a blast cone. While stuck your Aurelion Sol will not move, but rather teleport short distances while merged with the terrain around him. 

Sounds weird? Just watch Vandiril's video: 

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That isn't the only thing he's found. When there are two Aurelion Sol's on the team, which could happen in a blind pick or 'All for One' game and won't really affect your solo queue matches, you can forego the 1-second wind up of Aurelion Sol's Q. 

When there are two Aurelion Sol's they can use their Q, but instead of ticking 1 second before dealing huge chunks of damage, this can be widdled down to 0 and boy... does this space dragon duo hit hard. 

Vandiril posted a final video showing off just how much damage ASol can now deal with 44444+ Stacks and it's probably the most hilarious of all the videos. Sure, it isn't a bug, but the damage is insane and the size.... hot damn. Good luck trying to win that one, eh? 

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