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What is a CGU | Aurelion Sol's Savior

Aurelion Sol
Let's check out what Riot has planned with Aurelion Sol. | © Riot Games

We have been wondering about the upcoming 'mystery' VGU for a while now. At first, we thought it would be Cho'Gath, but then more and more evidence came about pointing to none other than our favorite giant dragon from space — Aurelion Sol. 

Now, in the 2022 April Champion Roadmap Reav3 finally revealed what the champions team has in store for this mystery rework and it actually sounds pretty incredible. If Riot can get this right, then many fans will be quite excited. 


Is Aurelion Sol Getting a VGU? 

VGU stands for visual and gameplay update. In this case Aurelion Sol will not be getting a VGU, since he is one of the most popular champions in terms of visuals and looks. In the champion roadmap, Reav3 wrote that ASol always scores in the top 10 champions by looks. 

Therefore, Aurelion Sol will not be getting a VGU, but a whole new type of champion rework unlike anything we've seen before. This time Riot is solely focusing on the champion's abilities and his kit. So this means his visuals, as well as his lore, are all staying intact. 

CGU — What Is That? 

CGU stands for Comprehensive Gameplay Update. In short, Riot will focus on fixing his gemplay and leave the rest of the champion alone. This type of rework will hit champions that either have big gameplay issues that a simple shift in power cannot fix, or champions that have a kit which doesn't fit with their fantasy. 

So, while Taliyah can get a small mid-scope update and Olaf has one ability reworked, Aurelion Sol faced much bigger issues that smaller updates like the aforementioned wouldn't fix. Therefore, Riot has created this new type of rework and hey, if it lands well, then we might see more of these in the future. 


Why Was Aurelion Sol Chosen for the CGU? 

As already mentioned, Aurelion Sol has great visuals and some pretty nice skins. Upon release, he was also quite popular, but after witnessing just how bad his gameplay was, players immediately dropped him. The 2019 rework also didn't help him in the popularity department. 

So, while ASol is a fearsome beast in his lore and he looks the part, his gameplay is lacklustre and doesn't give players the same immersion it's supposed to, which is why Riot will have to scrap his existing abilities and create new ones. Please Riot... let Aurelion Sol hide in a bush this time around. 

All jokes aside though, with this update to Aurelion Sol, Riot is going to bring forth the giant dragon fantasy everyone had hoped for back in 2016 when he was released. Riot is also working together with Aurelion Sol mains to see what could be fixed on his kit. 


What is Riot Changing on Aurelion Sol's Kit?

On July 15, 2022 Riot released a video on YouTube in which Riot King Cobra, the producer of the Aurelion Sol Gameplay Update, explained what the team had in mind for the Star Forger and how far along with the update they are. 

With Aurelion Sol being one of the most powerful beings in League of Legends lore, Riot wants to reflect that within his gameplay and therefore make him a late game power mage. According to Riot King Cobra, Aurelion Sol will have his abilities grow with time. 

He is going to be a scaling champion and will dominate the late game. Kassadin and Kayle will have some fierce competition when the Aurelion Sol CGU is done, eh? 

New Abilities Shown

In the recent Champion Roadmap, some videos of the upgraded Aurelion Sol were shown. His Q is going to let him shoot out a beam of space fire and his W will be a flying mechanic, much better and improved than his previous one. You'll also be able to combine the two abilities and ASol will fly while shooting down his opponents with fire. 

Will Riot Remove his Orbiting Stars?

In the gameplay teaser we get a glimpse of the abilities Riot is currently working on for the champion, but one thing we see missing are the stars around him. It could be that they're toying with taking the orbiting stars completely out of his kit for this update, but nothing is confirmed yet. 

When Can We Expect the Aurelion Sol CGU?

If you're keen to jump onto the rift to play some Aurelion Sol, then you'll have to wait awhile until the CGU is shipped onto live servers. In the 2022 April Roadmap Reav3 wrote that they're expecting to release the new and improved ASol onto the rift in late 2022. With COVID and other world issues going on right now, that could definitely be delayed a little as well. 

But, we now know who the 'mystery VGU' belongs to, and we're excited to see Aurelion Sol get some attention and love from Riot. Finally, we will be getting the space dragon dominance we'd been hoping for... and it only took six years.