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Did Riot Accidentally Leak Yuumi's LoL Rework?

Riot doesn't even need leakers... they leak it themselves. | © Riot Games

Yuumi getting a rework is nothing new. The team seems to have been hard at work to bring Yuumi's rework to life. We know they've chosen to go for a beginner-friendly kit, but now we might know more about the update. 

Let's go over what we know about the Yuumi rework and how this could affect the champion going forward.

Did Riot Reveal Yuumi's New Abilities? 

Riot just nerfed Yuumi to hell and back, with Riot Phroxzon even stating that she has sustained a ~3% nerf at average play thus far. But Riot will also rework her to improve the state of the game. So, what could Riot have planned? 

We know that Riot wants to keep her W as is and they also want to make her a champion for beginners to get to know the game more before they jump into the combo-heavy fighters like Riven. 

Recently, Riot was hacked and due to this some of the upcoming in-game material has not had a chance to make it to the PBE, like the Aurelion Sol CGU. Therefore, Riot opted to add videos of playtests and in those videos we see some of Yuumi's abilities that are... different from her current state on live servers. 

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New Yuumi Abilities Found in ASol CGU Footage

These are the changes that players can see in the Aurelion Sol CGU playstest footage of Yuumi. 

One of the things players have found that even when the partner Yuumi sits on dies, their image is still tethered next to Yuumi's health bar. Could this mean that she will have a champion she is 'bonded' to at the beginning similar to Kalista's Oathsworn

Yuumi also has some changes to her shield. She doesn't need to detach to shield anymore. Instead, it seems like her E will now shield allies instead of healing them. 

Her Q also got some changes. Similar to Soraka who uses her Q to heal, it seems like Yuumi will need to land her Q's to be able to heal her allies, or herself. 

These are the changes we found, but will these really impact her in the pro scene as well? Yuumi is in dire need of a rework and we sure hope that we won't need to see Zeri and Yuumi bot lane for the millionth time in the upcoming Mid-Season Invitational. 

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