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E-Girls Hate To Hear It: Engage Supports Are Better Than Enchanters

Champions 13-03-2024 16:29

Supports are incredibly strong at the moment. Some of the best Supports are Engage Supports, are they just better than Enchanters?

Astronaut Maokai
Maokai is the King of Support. | © Riot Games

Ask any ADC Main and most of them will tell you that they really prefer playing with an Engage Support over an Enchanter.

This lies in the whole identity of the engage and support champions. 

Engage supports are front liners that make space and allow plays from their teammates. However, they give barely any stat bonuses to the team.

Enchanter supports are mostly in the back line and act more supportive than play making. They usually give shields, heals or bonus stats to their teammates.

But What Is Better? Engage Or Support?

Janna and Morgana are great to counter Engages. | © Riot Games

Well, you saw it in the title. Im not necessarily unbiased here. Personally I would take an Engage Support over an Enchanter any day. 

Engage Supports inherently already counter supports. Once you can catch them with any hook or crowd control they are basically dead. 

Enchanters have a very low HP pool and barely any abilities to defend themselves while Tanks and Engagers can typically stop the enemies right in their tracks.

Empyrean Pyke
Pyke is more popular than most supports. | © Riot Games

Stats also back this up. The best Supports for a while have been Blitzcrank, Maokai and Pyke. Sure there is a Janna thrown into the Mix, but she has a very specific role that counters specifically engagers.

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While Champions like Lulu and Soraka will just die as soon as they get engaged on, Janna has a lot more disengage and self-peel abilities. It also has to be sad that Enchanter Supports are harder to play than Engage Supports. Comparing a Maokai combo to the things a good Lulu has to do in a team fight is rather unfair and even Yuumi has to play team fights very well.

Dawnbringer Soraka
Soraka is a popular support but she isn't as good as others. | © Riot Games

Janna can use her tornado to stop enemy engages or even ult them away. Morgana is also up there as an Engage countering support. This is mainly because she herself can CC for quite a while, and she has a black shield ability. This shield makes the carrier crowd control immune which means that the targeted champion can easily escape engages.

However, in a team fight scenario it is always better to have an engage champion. Especially if the rest of your team cannot engage, a Maokai ult or Blitzcrank Hook can be game winning. 

What do you think? Do you prefer to play with Engage Supports or Enchanters?

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