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LoL: Low Elo And High Elo Nidalee Are Not The Same – Here's Why

Champions 08-03-2024 11:35

Nidalee is known to be one of the hardest champions in the game to pilot. 

Warring Kingdoms Nidalee
Best Nidalee skin no doubt. | © Riot Games

Nidalee is one of the hardest, if not the hardest champion in the game. She demands a lot of mechanical prowess and knowledge about the game. She rewards you for a good game sense and punishes you for doing nothing. Those are just a few reasons why she never took off in lower elos while she is a preferred pick in master+.

Granted Nidalee is pretty strong with the new items, but the disparity used to be a lot bigger. In Gold Nidalee currently has a 49% win rate. If we check out Diamond2+ she is suddenly at 54%

So how come Nidalee is a lot better in higher elos?

LoL: Nidalee Is Really Hard

Nidalee 8
Its called Challenger Nidalee for a reason. | © Riot Games

Nidalee has a long list of requirements that need to be fulfilled to play her at maximum efficiency. Those requirements are:

  • Almost perfect skill usage
  • Creating map pressure
  • Counter jungling efficiently
  • Farm her own camps efficiently
  • Get an early lead
  • Close the game before it gets too long

You only need to mess up at one of these requirements to make Nidalee significantly weaker. She is like a toolbox with everything you could ever need. But if you don't know how to swing a hammer then you can't finish the project. 

All these steps require mechanical prowess and a lot of game sense. Most lower elo players may be able to use her skills really well and get an early lead, but then fail to do the other things consistently well. 

Higher elo players have a better understanding of where to be and how to better starve enemies of resources, so Nidalee naturally becomes a bit easier the better you are at the game. But even for those players, it is still hard to perform on such a mechanical champion.

Cosmic Nidalee
Just avoid Nidalee in low elo. | © Riot Games

If you meet a Nidalee in ranked below diamond, chances are that It's either a smurf or that they will not perform optimally. Smurfs are able to reach high diamond with excellent win rates as a perfectly played Nidalee just suffocates the entire enemy team. Gank bot side ⇾ steal enemy jungle ⇾ gank mid lane etc.

There are obviously Nidalee mains below high elo, and they might be really good mechanically and set up early leads, but then fail to finish the game before they inevitably get out scaled. Nidalee isn't good in the late game as she stops oneshotting squishies and is heavily reliant on one of the hardest skill shots in the game.

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