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LoL Patch 14.6 Will Kill Galio Even More

News 12-03-2024 18:20

Galio has been struggling to find an identity in the League of Legends meta lately. He can be played as a tanky front liner, but he also works as an engage bruiser. But Riot is not happy and, since the Full AP fiasco from a few years ago, would just like to see him be played tanky.

Galio 3
Galio is getting changed! | © Riot Games

In Patch 14.6 Riot is going to change Galio quite a bit. Every one of his skills will be getting changed. According to whom you ask these changes can look like huge quality of life buffs or big nerfs. Galio Mains are definitely skeptic since the champion has been niche for quite a while. 

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LoL: Are The Galio Changes Good?

Enchanted Galio skin
Tank Galio might return. | © Riot Games

Galio has been struggling a bit. He isn't necessarily tanky unless you play against mages, and he doesn't do tons of damage with AP items either. He always just looks like a big health bar that dies fast if he doesn't kill faster.

Basically, the upcoming Galio changes trade damage for cooldowns. All of his spells get a 2-second cooldown reduction either in the early or late game with the trade-off of losing some AP scaling. 

He also gets 5 extra move speed but trades in some HP per level. I guess they are going in the roaming direction where he is supposed to permanently dive the enemy bot laners. 

Some players have mentioned that they will stop playing AP Galio or the champion as a whole. 

Supreme Overlord Galio 1
Will you stop playing Galio? | © Riot Games

But the changes are not that bad. While you are definitely losing a lot of damage from your spells, you are now forced to play another combo which focuses more on his passive. If you manage to squeeze a few more slams into your combo, you can easily out-damage the previous iteration. After all, Galio was never supposed to be a full AP mage

Tank Galio will still be amazing. Frozen Heart is an option, and Kaernic Rookern also still exists. You are forced to buy a Bami's Cinder now to clear waves efficiently, but that item is only 1,100 gold and gives you the very valuable HP you desperately need.

Are the changes good? Time will tell, they certainly aren't as bad as everyone thinks. 

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