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LoL Worlds Semi Finalist Accused Of Sexual Harassment

News 28-06-2023 14:15
HLE Clid
LoL: HLE Clid faces allegations of sexual harassment toward fans. | © Riot Games

Making a name for yourself in the LCK is anything but easy! However, if you have managed to do so, you should really pay attention to not get into serious trouble anymore. This could easily be a reason, why your team decides to not have you on their active roster anymore! 

One of the most recent cases surrounding Hanwha Life Esports' "Clid", shows exactly, how fast one can land on the bench, for abusive chat behavior. And no, we are not talking about the LoL “All-Chat” … 

LoL Worlds Semi Finalist Accused Of Sexual Harassment 

As of right now, Kim “Clid” Tae-min is the main jungler for Hanwha Life Esports in the LCK. During his time as a professional LoL player, he was performing for several teams, including Gen.G and FunPlus Phoenix. 

HLE without Clid
This is the current Hanwha Life Esports 2023 roster! | © Riot Games

Over the past few months, Hanwha Life Esports had transformed into a whole new team. In addition to Clid, other well-known professionals are playing for HLE right now, such as the two Worlds 2022 winners Kingen and Zeka! Everything that is missing now, is a top-class ADC, but luckily the 2021 World Champion, Viper got their backs! 

Truly a team, that is set up for success!

Clid himself joined his current team, in November 2022 and has been an important part of the main line-up ever since. This however, changed on June 28, where he got benched for their LCK game against Dplus KIA.  

The previous day, on June 27, the 23-year-old was accused of sexual assault, and as it turned out some hours later, in multiple cases! But what exactly happened?

Clid's Messages 

In the later hours of the past Tuesday, several chat conversations of the LCK player were leaked on Twitter. In them, among other things, Clid talked about quite explicit content and insults towards a particular woman. The conversation took place on Kakao Talk, the Korean equivalent of WhatsApp.

The woman he allegedly exchanged said messages with, was also the one who published the chats. She goes by the name “seoyeon67206575” on Twitter. 

In one of the leaked screenshots, you could even see a selfie, which Clid sent to the woman, proof that the messages are indeed from Clid himself. 

Shortly afterwards, another woman came forward, who is said to have had similar experiences with Cild. At the time of the conversation, the woman was a minor.

Seoyeon67206575 claimed, that she already tried to inform and reach out to Hanwha Life Esports about the topic. She was also demanding a compensation for the “mental damage” this conversation caused on her side. However, the company ignored her demands, which led her to take further steps against the LCK player.

Consequences For Hanwha Life Esports

Even Hanwha Life Esports has to face the consequences of theirs and Clid's actions now. Many people, make them responsible for not caring about the topic enough, and that they are trying to ignore it in the first place. 

Right after, HLE started to delete the most recent YouTube and Social Media content, where the young player was seen in. Many saw this as another try to hide the situation. 

Early today, the rest of the HLE crew was seen playing ARAM without Clid, indicating, that he wouldn't play in today's game live on stage.

Shadow Corporation's Statement

During the course of today, June 28, the agency, to which Clid belongs, put out a statement via Twitter.

In said statement, the Shadow Corporation apologizes on behalf of Clid for everything that happened. Especially Clid's insufficient contact with women in real life, among other things, should have led to such behavior.

Furthermore, Clid claims to have never met the woman in real life and never wanted to harm her.

Since the whole situation is still pretty heated, it's quite hard to predict any further consequences. Hopefully, Clid and Hanwha Life Esports as a whole, will follow up with a statement and an apology as well. 

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