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Fans Disappointed With LoL Patch 13.9 Sion Nerfs

Champions 27-04-2023 11:52
Lumberjack Sion
LoL Patch 13.9: Sion Nerfs incoming, but are they enough? | © Riot Games

Sion is going to be getting some nerfs in LoL Patch 13.9, but are they enough to keep him from being the lane dominant monster that he's been throughout all of Season 13? Some fans believe this isn't enough and that the nerfs won't have any effect on the champion or lane. 

What has Riot nerfed on TheBausffs favorite champion and is the streamer going to be impacted by these nerfs as well? Maybe Riot isn't going too hard on Sion because they're just afraid of AP Irelia making a comeback... 

LoL Patch 13.9: Sion Nerfs To Passive Are Not Enough

Riot revealed all the changes for the upcoming League of Legends patch. Sion will be getting a nerf to his passive, making his zombie form decay quicker, meaning he will stay in the form for about 1 to 1.5 seconds shorter. But does this mean the champion is completely unplayable? Hardly. 

Sion is a very oppressive champion in lane thanks to his passive. He's able to still attack the minion wave, meaning that opponents have a hard time setting up a favourable lane state for themselves even after getting a kill on Sion. This leads to any Sion being in the driver's seat for most of the game. 

Simon "Thebausffs" Hofverberg has perfected the art of Sion with his unique playstyle which he can achieve through his knowledge on how to get the most favourable lane state possible even after dying ten times, or even more, in lane. His late game Sion is able to carry single-handedly even with a couple of deaths under his belt. 

This goes to show that Sion is a pretty strong champion, when in the right hands. But will the nerfs have an effect on this playstyle? Hardly. Sion's zombie form has immense amounts of life steal, which means that even if the champion decays quicker, he's still able to take most of the wave of minions before he completely dies. 

Riot did state that these nerfs are directly targeting the Durability Update from LoL Patch 12.10, as well as how strong Sion is thanks to Heartsteel, but it seems that most fans are not satisfied with these changes and want to see more from Riot. 

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One Reddit user stated that they would have liked for Sion to receive some nerfs to his W-Q combo, since the champion is able to clear entire waves in one shot with it. A suggestion was to increase the mana cost so players cannot simply spam this over and over. 

We're going to have to wait for LoL Patch 13.9 to release to see how effective the current nerf truly is, but if nothing changes, then Riot will likely take Sion under the microscope once more for some more intensive nerfs or adjustments as well. 

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