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Time to check out all the buffs and nerfs

All Durability Buffs and Nerfs in Patch 12.10

Patch Notes
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One-shotting opponents might become a bit harder in League of Legends Patch 12.10. Yes, Riot is going to be fixing a rampant issue that has been plaguing our solo queue matches for quite some time — power creep. But how are they doing this? Well, that's what we're about to go over. 

We've already touched upon the durability update, but now it's only a week away and Riot has outlined in further detail what they're going to be changing with League of Legends Patch 12.10. One thing Riot Phlox has made clear on Twitter is that we're to expect some b-patching and hotfixes right as the patch releases. But let's check out what the durability update has in store for us. 


Durability Update Hitting Patch 12.10

System Adjustments in Patch 12.10 

Multiple systems in League of Legends will be hit hard with nerfs due to the durability update coming in LoL Patch 12.10. Towers and Baron will deal more damage, while Grievous Wounds, healing and shielding are all getting nerfed. 

These changes will have a pretty big impact on our solo queue games, since Riot is trying to make it harder for assassins and mages to one-shot squishy champions, while also mitigating some of the healing and shielding power, since the balance team does not want everyone to be vying for Mundo in the coming months. 

So let's check out the system changes in LoL Patch 12.10: 

Systems with Healing
  • Reduced by 10-28%
Systems with Shielding
  • Reduced by 10%
Grievous Wounds
  • 40% --> 30% // Enhanced 60% --> 50%
% Pen Items
  • Reduced by 5-10%
Turred AD
  • Outer: 152 - 278 --> 167 - 391
  • Inner: 170 - 305 --> 187 - 427
  • Inhibitor: 170 - 305 --> 187 - 427
  • Nexus: 150 - 285 --> 165 - 405
Baron Nashor
  • AD: 125+8/m --> 150+10/m

One important thing to note is that while towers will be dealing more damage to champions, the minion damage will stay the same. So you won't have to adjust to a new way to CS under tower. Don't worry guys.

Champion Adjustments in LoL Patch 12.10

Systems are all nice and fun, but what we really care about are the champions. Every single champion is going to be getting buffs to their base stats, but these buffs will be adjusted with coming hotfixes and b-patches. 

Healers and shielders will also be receiving some nerfs, much like the shield and heal systems did. Soraka mains are crying right now, but don't worry at least you won't be one-shot constantly anymore by the opposing jungle Zed, right? 


All Champions

Base Health + 70
All ChampionsHealth/lvl+ 14

All Champions

Armor/lvl +1.2
All Champions Magic Resis/lvl +0.8


Reduced by 10-28%
ShieldingReduced by 10%

These overall changes will be adjusted in coming patches, as mentioned before. But for now, this is being done to counteract the rapid damage increase in the game. Team fights will  feel longer and more rewarding. Players should still be able to 100 to 0 other champions, only they'll need to use their full kit to do just that. 

So, don't worry all your LeBlanc mains out there, you'll still be able to be powerful in LoL Patch 12.10. But other champions like Lulu will be able to survive longer as well to help out their team.