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LoL: "That Unique, Cringe Playstyle" – Tyler1 Calling Out Thebausffs During EUW Challenger Run

More 04-04-2023 13:15
Thebausffs and Tyler1
LoL: Tyler1 says EUW playstyle ruined due to Thebausffs. | © Riot Games

Tyler "Tyler1" Steinkamp has been in Europe, trying to make it to Challenger for the last few weeks, but is currently still stuck in Master tier. It seems like he's going to be hard stuck until his stay in Europe has come to an end, due to the amount of griefers and inters in his games. 

In a recent stream, Tyler1 lost it, blaming content creators like Simon "Thebausffs" Hofverberg, for the culture on the EUW server, stating that he and his playstyle is to blame for players not getting banned on EUW for hard inting games. 


League of Legends Streamer Tyler1 Loses It And Blames Thebausffs For EUW Server 

Tyler1 has desperately been trying to reach Challenger, but it seems that the EUW solo queue environment is slowly starting to break the player as he went on a tangent about the culture of the server and how the players emulate playstyles they have no business testing out. 

When Tyler1 was told that other players managed to reach Challenger within a day, he explained that their achievements are not comparable, due to them being "fucking nobodies" and therefore don't get as many intentional feeders in their games as he does. 

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He then went on to explain that the unique playstyle of Thebausffs has ruined EUW solo queue with players who are intentionally feeding not getting banned on the server. 

He is the reason intentional feeders don't get banned on EUW. That unqiue, cringe playstyle... all the others are fucking nobodies, they're not going to get griefed, they're not going to get trolled. [...] [Thebausffs] is the reason that the fucking person that I played against didn't get banned, becasue Riot EUW doesn't ban intentional feeders. 

Some players on Reddit agreed with Tyler1, but not for the reason one might think. Most believe that the way Thebausffs plays works for him, because he is good at understanding the game and exploiting specific champions, but many of his viewers will want to emulate him in their low-elo games and try the same tactics ewithout the same amount of game knowledge and understanding. 

Others just think the rant is hilarious and feel that EUW is slowly tearing Tyler1 apart and breaking his mental. Tyler1 has tried to reach Challenger on the Korean server in 2021, but failed to do so, and many believe that he won't reach his goals on EUW either. 

Thebausffs Reacts to Tyler1

Of course, Baus also saw the video and reacted in perfect Baus fashion, merely laughing it off and telling his chat that it is a playstyle. He also said that you should never meet your hero in a joking manner. Honestly, his reaction is perfect to Tyler1. Just watch it below and enjoy the wholesome-ness. 

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