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Give K'Sante a ranged AP ability, just so he can really do everything.

Fans Slam Riot Phreak Over Overbuffing K'Sante

Champions 08-11-2023 01:30

Since his release, K'Sante has followed the path of all hybrid LoL champions, and been impossible to balance out. And Riot are not really trying, it seems.

K Sante Base Splash Compressed
All he needs is for Riot to now start respecting the lore, and make him a jungler as well | © Riot Games

K'Sante has it all, he stacks tons of armor and magic resist, his W resets upon transformation, his passive deals true damage, and he's got more dashes than a Tryndamere, and more knock-ups than Cho'Gath.

Even through all that, however, Riot have only implemented the overbuff part of the balancing process to K'Sante, while the nerfs seem to be waiting, as Riot Phreak promised, the end of Worlds.

K'Sante OP - No Salvation in Sight

Earlier this year, Rito explained that their balancing process comes in two stages. First comes the part where they buff the champion, and usually overshoot the mark, before bringing it back down slowly to a desired target strength.

Unfortunately for us, in patch 13.20, K'Sante got the buff part of his balance which needed immediate nerfing, but, as Riot Phreak announced in a Reddit comment, the nerfs are waiting for the end of Worlds.

"Current plan is to ship K'Sante changes after Worlds. His pro presence has consistently trended downward across summer and is currently pretty reasonable at ~50% (0% in LEC on 13.15, which is kinda fake data). Plus there are several top lane buffs that have happened since then (some leagues aren't playing in post-changes Aatrox, for example)."

He goes on to explain that the urgency has dropped, but that they still wish to make changes.

However, seeing as the moderators of the League of Legends subreddit have had to delete threads of people complaining about how overpowered K'Sante is in this patch, due to constant repetitive posts, the urgency is still very much there!

Especially seeing as his recent take had him considering K'Sante as a balanced champion.

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But, we may be biased against K'Sante's overall design, as he is extremely difficult to balance, so don't take our word for it. Instead, here are Showmaker's two cents on the subject!

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Even after the hotfix nerfs, he is the rank 1, S- tier top laner in Master+ lobbies, with a 52% win rate, and has been as such this entire patch. And seeing how the next patch does not intend to bring him any changes, it would appear the K'Sante permaban is here to stay!

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