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LoL Hotfix For Patch 13.21: K'Sante Receives Nerfs After Rise To OP Status

Patch Notes 27-10-2023 15:15

K'Sante went from a forgotten 48% win rate champion to the most sought after top laner in the meta. Unfortunately he became a bit too strong so now Riot had to intervene with a quick hotfix nerf for LoL Patch 13.21. 

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LoL Hotfix: K'Sante will receive some nerfs after his buffs in Patch 13.21. | © Riot Games

League of Legends Patch 13.21 has been released. While K'Sante did receive some follow-up buffs in the patch after Riot reworked most of his kit in LoL Patch 13.20, the champion literally blew up in the top lane, which made the balance team quickly reel in his power. 

That's why Riot have decided to take a look at K'Sante's Q ability and nerf it a little so he won't be as oppressive in the mid game. 

LoL Patch 13.21 Hotfix: K'Sante's Ntofo Strikes Nerfed

K'Sante's bread and butter ability is his Q. You want to hit all three instances of the ability to deal as much damage as possible and to be as disruptive as he can be. Unfortunately, it has been a little too powerful and disruptive, so Riot has added in a quick nerf with a hotfix patch. 

K'Sante has been tearing up the top lane, especially in the mid and late game. Once he's got his third item he was basically untouchable and unkillable, since he managed to reach the minimum cast time of the ability pretty quickly. 

  • Q - Ntofo Strikes
    • Bonus health required for minimum cast time increased from 1200 to 1600
Prestige K Sante
K'Sante is going to be nerfed in this hotfix | © Riot Games

So now Riot is going to be nerfing the health requirements for the minimum cast time, meaning he won't be able to go completely bonkers once he's managed to build Gargoyle's Stoneplate as a third item anymore since he will not meet the bonus health requirement with the item. 

Overall, it seems like the community likes these changes since it does put a stop to some of his power in the mid and late game, but doesn't change the champion too much to make him completely useless either. It's a small hotfix that will make playing against him much better. 

Some players also suspect that Riot isn't done tuning him just yet and they believe that there will be more changes and adjustments in K'Sante's near future. 

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