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League of Legends: Aurora's Reveal Has Left Players Worried About Visual Clarity

Champions 21-06-2024 15:35

Aurora, the newest League of Legends champion, was introduced yesterday. And players are already worried about her ultimate ruining visual clarity.

Aurora Splash Art
League of Legends: Will Aurora impact visual clarity? | © Riot Games

Aurora is the newest League of Legends champion on Summoner's Rift. She is a bunny Vastaya from the Bryni tribe and the first prey animal Vastaya to boot. Thanks to her ability to see and communicate with Spirits, she's going to be bringing some brand-new elements to the game as well. 

Her ultimate is something that caught a lot of players attention when her abilities were revealed. Some are even worried about the visual clarity of the game and how her ult could impact teamfights. 

League of Legends: Will Aurora Impact Visual Clarity?

Aurora is a fun new champion in League of Legends who will call the mid or top lane her home. She is a mid range mage unlike any we've seen before. She has some interesting abilities, but what most people looked at when she was revealed was her ultimate, which creates a giant circle on the ground, and lets her reposition with ease while trapping enemies inside

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The ultimate is going to create a lot of hilarious situations for players who might cast it without fully understanding it, but some are also worried. Due to the ult being a giant circle thrown on the ground, some wonder whether it's going to hurt visual clarity, especially if you take into account the abilities that already exist in League of Legends. 

Let's just say Aurora plays against a Gwen, has an Akali on her team and the enemy support is Zyra. How many AoE circles do you want in your teamfight? Yes. 

Aurora Concept 2
Do you think her ult will be a nightmare? | © Riot Games

Players are worried that fights will feel extremely crowded. And others have gone further, claiming to be "completely checked out" by the fights involving Aurora, which are like giant firework shows. 

Whether Aurora is the final nail in the coffin in terms of visibility and clarity is yet to be seen, but honestly, clarity has been an issue in LoL for a while and a single champion likely won't make much of a difference. 

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