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League of Legends Fans Believe These Champion's Damage Types Don't Make Sense

Champions 21-04-2024 11:30

Recently a few players got together on Reddit to discuss which champions don't align with their damage type. So, who are the ones that make the least sense?

Sashimi Akali
League of Legends: Some champions don't make sense... | © Riot Games

League of Legends has over 160 champions and is adding more and more to the game. Some champions deal magic damage, while others deal physical damage. But it seems that the player base feels that certain champions don't align with the damage type they deal. 

So, which champions are the worst offenders in this aspect? Let's go over the list of champions that look like they should be a part of a different damage type than the one that Riot chose for them. 

Which Champion's Damage Type Feels Off? 


Battle Academia Katarina
Katarina is one of the champs players mentioned. | © Riot Games

One of the biggest offenders seems to be none other than Katarina. She might be a great assassin and a popular mid laner, but the fact that she deals magic damage seems to be something most players don't truly understand. She throws knives at people and uses those knives to deal damage... but why are they magical?

Most players decided that this doesn't make sense and that from her looks and attack patterns, Katarina should be a physical damage dealer. I guess Riot just needed some champions to be a part of the AP Assassin club and Katarina was one of them. 


Akali Prestige
Akali is also an AP champion that should be dealing AD damage. | © Riot Games

Akali is another assassin that looks and feels like she should be an Attack Damage champion... but isn't. She's a ninja, but somehow on Summoner's Rift she goes around dealing magic damage? Rito please explain. This doesn't make any sense. 

One Redditor even pointed out that Akali has stated before that she prefers steel to magic, so why exactly am I building AP items on her? Is it because you're trying to force players into buying Zhonya's? Who knows, but she is definitely a champion that should not be AP. 


Zenith Games Jayce
Jayce deals physical damage... with hextech? | © Riot Games

Jayce is the founder of Hextech, the mastermind behind it all and his hammer is literally made out of the stuff and yet here he is dealing physical damage, when he should be the magiest-mage of them all, right? Where is the logic Riot? 

Sure, Jayce was created and added to the game before Arcane was released and Riot has retconned it pretty hard, but it still makes no sense to have him deal physical damage in the game. I guess some champions just don't want to conform to their lore, eh? 

These are some of the champions that just don't feel like they are dealing the correct type of damage. Do you agree> Let us know in the comments below. 

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