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League of Legends: What Kind Of Champion Will Ambessa Medarda Be?

Champions 17-06-2024 16:00

Ambessa Medarda is going to be a brand-new champion on Summoner's Rift. From her appearance in Arcane, we can already guess what type of champion she could be. 

Ambessa Medarda champion
League of Legends: Ambessa Medarda is going to be so fun. | © Riot Games

Ambessa Medarda is going to be a new champion in League of Legends. Fans of the Netflix series Arcane were already introduced to this tough fighter and from what we've seen in various Season 2 trailers she is going to be playing a much more important role in the upcoming season as well. 

But she won't just be a key character in the television series. She's also being made into a brand-new champion on Summoner's Rift. But what kind of champion will she be? 

League of Legends: Ambessa Medarda Champion Predictions

Ambessa Medarda just exudes top lane energy. Let's be real. Could you imagine her as a support or a mid laner? I sure can't. Honestly, she just looks and feels like a top lane brawler, and nothing else makes sense when looking at her in the first season of Arcane. 

Ambessa Medarda
I just want to play her already. | © Riot Games

It is known that Ambessa Medarda is a skilled melee combatant and prefers weapons like a push dagger to fight. This would work extremely well for melee juggernauts similar to Darius, Sett and Illaoi. Therefore, we could envision her to use short daggers when fighting in tight spaces. 

Ambessa Medarda also showed off her quick reflexes and agility, which could prompt her to include at least one dash or spacing ability in her kit to close gaps when going up against ranged top laners.

Ambessa Medarda Trailer Screenshot
Wouldn't you think she'd make an amazing juggernaut? | © Riot Games / Fortiche

In the latest Arcane Season 2 Teaser Trailer from June 2024, we also catch a glimpse of Ambessa putting on a golden uniform, which could be how her model is going to look on Summoner's Rift. This suggests that she will be able to take a few hits. 

I could see her being a champion who won't use mana either, relying on either her HP similar to Dr. Mundo, or building up some form of energy bar similar to Sett in her kit. She would also most likely be an AD champion, scaling off AD or HP in some way

Ambessa Medarda will likely release in November, along with Arcane Season 2, so players will have to wait and be a bit more patient until she is going to be on Summoner's Rift. But aren't you already excited? 

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