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Leaks Of Next LoL Champion Briar Could Reveal Release Date

Champions 14-08-2023 15:35
Briar teaser lol champion
League of Legends' new champion Briar is expected to release later this year – and her entrance on the PBE might come sooner than we think... | © Riot Games

Usually, a new champion is reason for a lot of excitement within the League of Legends community. This is no different with Briar, the new vampiric jungler expected to release later this year. However, it turns out that "later" might not be too much later!

After Naafiri's release, players were quick to set their sights on the following champion Briar. While Naafiri has been highly anticipated as an easy-to-learn assassin, her lore has left the community disappointed. With a relatively flat learning curve and a distinct lack of theory crafting, players quickly shifted their attention to Briar – and they have all the reasons to be excited about League's newest jungler.

The excitement for Briar has been high ever since she was originally teased. While still in development, we learned that she is being designed by August 'August' Browning, who is responsible for some of the most beloved champion designs in League of Legends. Thanks to contributions like Ekko and Jhin, the community is always excited for his work! (Editor's Note: Let's just ignore the abomination that is Zeri)

Now, the excitement might skyrocket – leaks are pointing towards a possible release date for Briar, and it is a lot sooner than we think!

League of Legends: Briar Release Might Come Sooner Than We Think

Krul Tepes
Will Briar look similar to this well-known character? | © Wit Studio

Recently, multiple leaks have emerged, talking about Briar's possible release patch. Her public reveal might actually happen very soon – later this month, to be exact! Multiple audio files that are set to be introduced to the game next patch have been found by dataminers, and the file names are pointing towards Briar!

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This leads us to believe that Briar's reveal might come within a couple of days ahead of patch 13.17, which is planned to hit the live servers on August 30. With new champions usually spending one patch on PBE, she would hit the Rift on patch 13.18, released on September 13

Briar's exact release date is difficult to predict, but we expect her to be playable a few days after the patch is released. We are very excited for her – even if she follows in the footsteps of August's most recent, infamous creations...

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