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Faker is being threateneed

League of Legends: Death Threats Against Faker – Police Starts Investigation

Esports 11-08-2023 14:40
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League of Legends star Faker has received some scary death threats. | © Riot Games

T1 are currently working together with the police after detailed death threats were posted on an online forum against T1's veteran mid laner Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok. This comes after a spur of stabbings have made waves in South Korea. 

T1's mid laner Faker has been threatened online, with T1 taking these threats very seriously, allerting the police right away. An investigation has been started, looking into the death threats and to figure out who is behind them. 

League of Legends: Death Threats Against Faker Make Their Way Online

A post has gone online with the title "I will go to T1’s dormitory tomorrow to cut off Faker’s wrist" as translated by Reddit user u/HumbleTheorizer. In the death threat on a Korean message board, a user has outlined in detail what he would do and how he would kill mid laner Faker. 

In the post a user wrote that he would go to T1's dormitory and then "cut off this fatherless bastard’s wrist and behead him with kitchen knife". This comes just a week after multiple stabbings took place in South Korea, with one injuring 14 people. 

T1 and the LCK are taking these threats very serious and have already taken measures to protect players and fans. T1 have a police watch at their headquarters, even putting out a statement regarding the threats posted online against their veteran player. 

We confirmed that there have been disgraceful comments posted in online communities about Faker yesterday. On a team level, we have reported it to the police and we are actively responding/moving for the safety of the players.

The LCK will also strengthen their security by adding more security personnel in the building and around it, while also making sure to check incoming fans more thoroughly throughout the rest of the LCK playoffs. 

The person who wrote the post has not been identified yet, but the police is still searching and investigating. 

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