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Fans Want To Know What Happened To Lore In League of Legends

News 31-07-2023 17:00
Naafiri Soul Fighter skin
Naafiri is the most recent champion in League of Legends, but her lore coverage is barely noticable. | © Riot Games

A new champion release usually comes with a big update to the League of Legends lore. Some of them even come with a lore event or are included into one for a skin line that releases at the same time. While Naafiri is part of the Soul Fighter event, her own lore is severely underrepresented. Fans are now calling this out and are worried about future lore updates.

A short view back to the past tells us that champion releases are usually met with a lot of hype. Riot Games contribute to this by holding events and releasing stories about their new recruits. 

For example, Jhin got multiple artworks on the League of Legends website. Kai'Sa got a voiceline in Swain's kit after the Noxian Grand General's rework. Viego, Gwen, Senna and Vex got an event and a book, and Seraphine even got her own social media profiles!

  • Yes, the book is real. You can get it here!

Sadly, Naafiri did not receive the same treatment. Although players were excited for her release, it does not seem like Riot shared this excitement. While Naafiri received a cinematic – and therefore more than Mordekaiser got after his latest rework – her story does not tell us anything new. Apart from that, she is also the first champion not to receive a color story since Camille released in 2016. 

This Character Is Tied Deeper Into LoL's Lore – And She Is Not Even A Champion

Xolaani Legends of Runeterra
Xolaani is Aatrox' archnemesis. We are not sure who of these two is petting Naafiri more often. | © Riot Games

The Darkin story has seen multiple new members in the modern League of Legends era. While Varus has been there for a good while, Rhaast has joined the group in 2017. Aatrox found his new identity as part of a rework in 2018, while Xolaani also joined in recent years. 

She is tied into the story very well and serves as Aatrox' nemesis – all of which while she is not even a League of Legends champion. So far, she only appears in Legends of Runeterra.

Fans are now worried that this trend might continue with the next champions. Jungler Briar is set to release later this year, with Skarner's rework set to hit the live servers in early 2024. 

While Briar's story is expected to extend the lore around Noxus, Skarner's rework will hopefully bring the Brackern – the kind of scorpion species he is part of – an exciting, new lore update. If anything, Naafiri's release is hopefully something to learn from for Riot's lore design team.

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