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Is this a disproportionate response?

LoL Korean Drama Explained - Riot Punish All Because of TFBlade

News 12-08-2023 23:00
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Ranged top players, am I right? | © Riot Games

Unless you've been living under a proverbial rock, you've most likely heard that the recent boot camp organized by streamers in Korea encountered a setback. So, just what happened?

After all, going to Korea to try and grind out rank one is a major accomplishment for all streamers, and has been something of a milestone in the past years. That's why the targeted bans and the drama that followed have such an impact.

Riot Korea Ban All Non-Korean Streamers

It all started earlier this week when TFBlade's account got banned due to toxicity in chat, something he is quite famous for. So he wouldn't stop streaming for the duration of the ban, he got a different account and continued playing.

However, due to the Korean server needing an ID to create accounts, account sharing is a far bigger deal than it is on any other server. Coupled with TFBlade's toxic behavior, got that account banned as well.

Unfortunately for the streamers who were staying in the same hotel TFBlade was, such as Dantes, Riot Korea used a targeted IP ban, as one Redditor explains, which led to all their accounts getting banned as well. Even Rybson, a streamer who was using a RIot account, got his account banned.

Since then, TFBlade has apologized, in his own characteristic manner. That is, he apologized for getting others banned, at least, but not for the behavior he displayed in the game.

While all of this was happening, however, a valid point has been raised by quite a lot of fans. Namely, the fact that Riot Korea are quite heavy-handed with bans when it comes to those that call them out, or in cases where players are reported by famous Korean streamers or pro players.

One of the first streamers with a large platform who pointed this out was Cowsep, who got all of his accounts banned in retaliation for calling Riot Korea out for their faulty report system.

And in the current case, TFBlade himself was told by a pro player in his game, whom he was flaming admittedly, that he was going to get him banned.

And, seeing as Riot Korea must be aware of the issues caused, where other streamers are affected as collateral damage, while they've offered no explanations and it took them days to unban the other affected streamers, the outrage present with fans at Riot Korea, and their diminishing reputation, is at an all-time high!

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