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Legends of Runeterra Fixed Seraphine

Champions 10-10-2022 18:00
Legends of Runeterra Seraphine
Thank you LoR for this great image! | © Riot Games

Legends of Runeterra just revealed some new cards and one of the Piltover & Zaun cards is none other than the starry-eyed songstress Seraphine. Once the most hated champion in all of League of Legends, she's sure as hell making a new for herself in the current LoL meta, as well as going through a redemption arc in LoR. 

What has Riot done to fix her though compared to her previous iteration in League of Legends? Why are we thanking Legends of Runeterra again? It seems that lore-wise the card game is leaps ahead of the MOBA it's based off of and honestly, we're here for it. 


LoR Fixes Seraphine's Outfit

First of all, one of the biggest complaints when Seraphine was revealed in League of Legends was her outfit. She did not look like someone from Piltover. Not at all. She didn't look like she belonged in Runeterra at all and a simple vest or belt buckle could have changed it. 

Thankfully we get just that in the Legends of Runeterra Seraphine card. The outfit looks and feels like it belongs to someone from Piltover, which makes her actually fit into the world and doesn't make her feel like an afterthought as a champion from the K/DA universe transported into Runeterra. 

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Seraphine Found her Place in Runeterra

It's also important to note that Seraphine's lore seemed rather shallow and was one of the biggest complaints fans had when she was first released. Through this iteration in Legends of Runeterra Seraphine becomes more multidimensional as a character, which also makes her more likeable. 

MartyMong on Twitter explained that while they didn't write the script for Seraphine in Legends of Runeterra, they did help with the concept and stated that the narrative team worked on her craftsman side, something which fits perfectly into the world of Piltover where many people are craftsmen and scholars. 

In one of the art pieces we can see Seraphine in her studio tinkering around and trying to fix an old guitar. This simple image gives her much more depth than anything she's received in League of Legends and let's fans understand where Seraphine is coming from. 

Overall this is an extremely well-made character and has given Seraphine new life in the world of Runeterra. With these changes Seraphine finally seems to work in the world she was placed into. Now we just have to hope that her LoR cards are actually good in the current meta. 

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