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Four Reasons to Main Jhin

Champions 20-08-2022 15:00
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Here are a few reasons why you should become a Jhin main. | © Riot Games

So you've picked up League of Legends, but haven't figured out which champion you should put time, effort and love into? Well then, we have the perfect pick for you. A champion that works in any bot lane meta and is always in-style and that is none other than Jhin, the Virtuoso

Jhin is a great champion to main and we are going to give you exactly four reasons why. We don't need more and if we're honest, Jhin probably wouldn't want there to be more reasons either... considering his OCD with the number four and all. So let's just jump right into the four reasons why you should become a Jhin main. 


Reasons to Main Jhin

1. Jhin's Versatility

Sure, Jhin is a high damage ADC in the bot lane, but he brings so much more to the table. Thanks to the passive on his W – Deadly Flourish – Jhin is also able to catch and root opponents that had been recently struck by him or an ally. This means that while Jhin does deal damage, he also has long ranged crowd control built into his kit, making him quite dangerous. 

But wait, there are other ADC champions with CC abilities, right? But Jhin also has great area control thanks to his E – Captive Audience, as well as his R – Curtain Call. He is able to control huge portions of the map thanks to these abilities, which other ADCs just cannot do. 

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2. The Learning Curve Is Satisfying

Jhin isn't the most difficult champion in the game, but he is one of the most unique. Due to Jhin's obsession with the number 4 in lore, he's always got 4 shots. His Q has hits 4 targets, his R has 4 hits, he's got 4 bullet to auto attack with... you get the gist. That's why you need to learn how to properly utilize the 4 hits you've got. 

What do we mean by this? You need to learn to be efficient with your attacks, as well as know how to position yourself to be able to deal the high damage numbers we're used to seeing from Jhin. Making sure that there are 4 targets for Q to bounce off so that the final target gets dealt the most damage, or even just knowing when to use that final crit hit. It all comes together perfectly and once you've mastered his kit, it's so satisfying to be in the late game as Jhin. 

3. Easy Entry - High Mastery Ceiling

While Jhin is completely different from any other ADC or even champion for that matter he is actually very easy to pick up as a beginner. His kit doesn't have any super complicated extras, like invisibility, untargetability, nor do you need to know a thousand keyboard combinations for the perfect damage combo – looking at you Riven. So, for a beginner he's simple to pick up and learn. 

On the other hand, Jhin has an extremely high mastery ceiling, because knowing how to perfectly execute everything Jhin can do will take time. But by the time you're in higher elos where the execution matters you'll already have 100K mastery points on him and know how to time that last shot perfectly. This makes Jhin one of the most fun champions in the entire game. 

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So you know how to play more difficult champions. | © Riot Games/Riftfeed

4. Jhin Has Insane Cosmetics

Jhin is one of the most stylish champions on the rift. Dark Star Jhin? Best skin in all of League of Legends. Even though Jhin doesn't have too many skins each and every one of them is a banger. Oh, and he's got two World Championship skins. If that isn't a sign that this champion is cracked... 

Seriously though, the only other champion that can rival Jhin in terms of looks and animation is probably Thresh. Hell, even the base skin for Jhin looks insane if we're being honest. The walk, the way his abilities just look and feel. It's amazing and all that makes him a champion you should definitely main. 


So there you have it folks, just four reasons why you should main Jhin. There are way more, but we decided to stay true to the champion design and therefore only gave you four. If you enjoy Jhin let us know on Discord and you might find other Jhin mains there as well! 

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