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But not in LoL....

Norra Has Finally Been Revealed

Norra is here!
We have waited and now she has been revealed. | © Riot Games

It was a year ago that Vex finally got released onto Summoner's Rift. Ahead of her release everyone was convinced that this gloomy champion would be none other than Norra, Yuumi's owner. Fan theories went wild and yet... we got Vex instead of Norra. 

Now, it seems like Norra is finally going to make an appearance in the world of League of Legends. Will we finally know where she disappeared off into? Thanks to Legends of Runeterra we might have finally found her. Isn't Yuumi going to be so happy? 


Norra - Exclusively in Legends of Runeterra

We have had exclusive skins for various Riot IPs, like the Star Guardian Seraphine or Star Guardian Gwen skins in both Wild Rift and LoR, but now it seems like we're also going to receive exclusive champions in other IPs and the first is going to be Norra, someone League players have been waiting for since the release of Yuumi. 

Norra has been teased in Legends of Runeterra and with the reveal of new Bandle City cards it seems like she is officially going to be in the game quite soon. Step aside Kayn and all your Darkin, we're here for Norra and Norra only. 

Who is Norra? 

So, let's quickly go over some League of Legends lore. Who exactly is Norra, and why is she so important? Well, Norra is a Yordle that has left Bandle City, leaving behind her magical book and her magical cat – Yuumi. Her disappearance has prompted Yuumi to go out into the world to search for her owner. 

Hopefully, with the release of Norra's card in Legends of Runeterra we will be getting more information on this unique and cute Yordle roaming Runeterra. 

Will More Exclusive Champions Be Added to LoR? 

According to BigBadBear, there will be another exclusive champion added to Legends of Runeterra. Earlier this year the Teamfight Tactcis team even managed to bring Silco to the game exclusively and it seems like more exclusive champions and characters will be making their way into other Riot IPs. 

When are we going to have Wild Rift exclusive champions then? We've already got the skins so it is only a matter of time before we have champions in Wild Rift we can only dream of in League of Legends, right? Maybe specific champions designed for mobile and the way you play on mobile instead of on PC?