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Spoiler: It's not Yasuo!

LoL AFK: Surprising Champion Is The Biggest Leaver In League of Legends

Champions 17-06-2023 11:00
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Which champion goes AFK the most? | © Riot Games

There are over 160 champions in League of Legends at this point and for some reason players can be put into boxes depending on the champions they main. But who takes the crown when it comes to going AFK? There is one champion that seems to make people throw in the towel more than anyone else. 

Having someone go AFK is one of the worst experiences in League of Legends, so here are the champions with the highest AFK rate. Beware when you see a teammate lock these guys in. 

AFK These Champions Leave Games Most Often

AFK (away from keyboard) is not something we want to have in our League of Legends matches, especially when playing ranked. Unfortunately, the penalty's for AFK don't seem to be harsh enough yet, with peole leaving "unwinnable" games pretty often. 

  • Sick and tired of these leavers? Then play a solo game like Persona 5 to relax a little. 

There are some champions though that seem to leave the matches more than others. Does this just mean that the mains of these champions are easier to tilt or are they just champs that are more frustrating to play than others? 

According to the website League of Graphs, across all regions, none other than Sett is the champion with the highest AFK rate. With 1.79% he takes the tip of the iceberg. Most probably would have thought that it would be either Yasuo or Yone, but the wind brothers don't even sit at second place. 

The second champion to have the most AFK matches is another top laner. In LoL Patch 13.11 Renekton got some buffs, so let's hope that his 1.78% AFK will drop. 


AFK Rate


Highest AFK Rate Champions On EUW & NA

EUW and NA are two of the biggest League of Legends servers with a huge amount of players. Now, which champions should you watch out for on these servers? 

Well, according to the stats from League of Graphs, the most AFK's come from none other than Yone with 1.46%, followed closely by his brother Yasuo at 1.44% on EUW. Honestly... understandable. The amount of AFK Yasuo's I've had in my games... 

If you're on the North American server another champion sits at the top though. Yone is second with a 1.24% AFK rate, but the crown goes to none other than Sylas with 1.49%. 

Which Regions Have The Most AFK Players? 

Of course, it's also fun to check out the specific regions and where they stand. The region with the most AFK players? Turkey. Sitting with 10.2% is the turkish League of Legends server. If you're in Iron there is an almost 20% chance of you encountering an AFK player. Brozne has a 15% AFK rate and Silver a 12% rate. 

The best server? Japan. It's a small server compared to EUW or NA, but the AFK rate is as low as just under 2%. On the Japanese League of Legends server there are 2.3% games with AFK in Iron, while Bronze and Silver are at 2% and Gold at 2.2%. Honestly, that's practically 0. 

How Is Riot Punishing AFK Players? 

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Let's pray that we don't have a Sett in our games, eh? | © Riot Games

Riot has a tool called LeaverBuster which detects AFK players and then issues specific punishments. Players who often go AFK will also be forced into the "low priority queue". 

  • LeaverBuster
    • The LeaverBuster system automatically detects players who frequently leave games or go AFK. Initially, players who repeatedly went AFK received warnings and increasing durations of temporary suspensions. Continued offenses could result in escalating penalties, including longer suspensions and even permanent bans.

  • Low Priority Queue
    • In addition to the LeaverBuster system, Riot introduced the Low Priority Queue. When a player repeatedly goes AFK or leaves games, they are placed in the Low Priority Queue, which forces them to wait in longer queue times before entering matches. This acts as a deterrent and inconvenience to discourage players from abandoning or AFK-ing in games.

Punishment For AFK Penalties

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Riot has placed players into different tiers depending on how often they've gone AFK and ruined a game environment. Depending on which tier they're in the punishment will vary. Riot has also said that they will issue warnings before issuing any of the penalties listed below. 

Also, games in which someone leaves, whether their team ended up winning or not, will always count as a loss for the person who went AFK. 

01 minute queue delay1 game
15 minute queue delay5 games
210 minute queue delay5 games
315 minute queue delay5 games
424 hour queue lockout (Followed by Tier 3 Penalty)1 game
53 day queue lockout (Followed by Tier 3 Penalty)1 game
67 day queue lockout (Followed by Tier 3 Penalty)1 game
72 week queue lockout (Followed by Tier 3 Penalty)1 game

So, is it really worth going AFK? Probably not. You want to be able to play as many games as possible to rank up and get those last-minute ranking rewards, right? 

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