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League of Legends Server Connection Failed: Are The LoL Servers Down?

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League of Legends Server down? Here's how to fix it! | © Riot Games

Sometimes it happens that you are unable to get into your League of Legends game. Is it because the LoL servers are down, or could it be the fact that you are playing on a toaster? Here is how to check whether the servers are actually down or if the problem lies somewhere else.

It is definitely not a rare instance to be annoyed at one of  League of Legends' many flaws. But sometimes, it is problems in the League of Legends client that are the reason for annoyance. 

Many players can even encounter issues where the game won't load just after queuing up for a game.

So what to do in these moments? Let's take a look at the various reasons you might not be able to get into your League of Legends game. Is it your computer, or is the Riot server actually the cause of the problem? Why is League of Legends down?

Is League of Legends Down? - How To Check The LoL Server Status

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What to do when the LoL server connection fails? | © Riot Games

Sometimes the Ranked button is not cooperating with you, and you cannot play the game you know and love. So how can you figure out where the issue lies? In other words, is League of Legends down, or is your computer to blame for this atrocity?

Because League of Legends is an online game, the whole system is supported by servers that provide the computing power for the mass of data that is required to run the game. 

The servers are quite complex and constantly require maintenance. If a single part of the whole chain breaks, the issue can have large consequences and put the entire LoL server down for some time. 

Is League of Legends Patching? 

If you have trouble starting your League game, one thing you can do is check whether it is patch day. Throughout the year, Riot Games releases multiple patches to make various changes in League of Legends, and these changes could result in some downtime due to maintenance. 

How to Check the League of Legends Server Status

Lucky for us, Riot Games has a Support Website, where you can check the current server status. If Riot Games has identified an issue with the servers, they will update the website with the issue and tell us whether they are currently working on it

When you are checking the Server Status on the website, make sure you are checking the status for the server your account is located on

This website is also a good option for planning your future grinding nights. The website gives us all the information about the upcoming maintenance dates such that you can avoid playing on these days.  

If you are not really in the mood to be checking any websites, you can also follow Riot Support on Twitter. Here, you will be updated with news about the server status and other issues regarding League of Legends.

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Other Reasons for LoL Failed Server Connection 

If you checked the Website and did not find any updates telling you the server is down, the issue might be lying somewhere else. Here are some solutions you could try out: 

  • Check your Wi-Fi  - Is your Wi-Fi working, or did it disconnect?
  • Check your Ping - Here is an article on how to fix your LoL Ping if that is the cause. 
  • Right-click on the League of Legends icon and click "run as administrator"

If none of the options above worked, you likely have another issue that is usually displayed with an error code. Here are all the error codes in League of Legends. 

All Error Codes in League of Legends

Error CodeMeaningSolution
004The Client can't start the gameCheck that your internet connection does not drop and check if there is enough memory on the hard disk.
7The Riot server is slowly running out of capacity and disconnecting players.The problem is with the server itself. Wait and try to log in again after a short time.
1BThere may be an ISP problem here that throws players out of the game.Client maintenance is being performed. Try logging in again after a few hours.
Unexpected Error With Login SessionLogin problems occur in the background of the client.Close everything (through task manager) and start the client anew. (How to Fix Unexpected Error With Login Session in LoL)
0xc0000005Error prevents a connection to the client. The cause is often unknown. This error rarely lies with the game, but with Windows. Start the game either in administrator mode or delete all files for the game.
Attempt to Join Queue FailedEither a networking issue on your end, or a game server error.Check your internet connectivity. If it's fine restart League of Legends or even your PC.

Error Code


A Critical Error has OccurredOther programs are hindering you from logging in.Close all programs with overlays like Steam, Origin and Discrod, etc.
Unexpected Login ErrorMost often, the problem is a weak connection that does not allow downloads or logins.Try resetting your router.
Unknown Direct x ErrorThere is a graphic problem.Either update the graphics driver or delete the game.cfg files.
002Similar to Error Code 004, there are problems with the patch process.Check again if you have enough space on your SSD and if your anti-virus didn't detect anything in the updated file.
The program can’t start because d3dx9_43.dll is missing from your computer.The data was not found.Check whether all of your windows updates have been done. That should fix the problem.
Error 5C: Trouble Fetching InformationThe bug prevents payers from queuing up for normal or ranked games.Check your internet connection. Re-set your router. Try logging into another account and back into your regular one.

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