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LoL: Aurelion Sol CGU Bug Eliminates Entire Teams

Champions 22-02-2023 19:35
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Aurelion Sol is just too OP with this in-game bug. | © Riot Games

Aurelion Sol's Comprehensive Gameplay Update was only tested on the PBE server for a week before he was released to live servers and some of the more crucial bugs are still being found by players in their solo queue and normal games.

The most recent bug has him eliminating entire teams without a single countermeasure against the giant star forging dragon from space. A multitude of players have experienced this bug and while it's fun to laugh at, it could also make playing against him pretty obnoxious and ruin some games. 

Aurelion Sol vs. Mordekaiser Causes In-Game Bug

When playing Aurelion Sol into Mordekaiser this insane in-game bug happens. So, if you want to avoid ruining your team's chances of a win, then make sure not to pick Morde into Aurelion Sol until this bug gets fixed. YouTuber and content creator Vandiril has compiled a video of the bug happening on multiple occasions. 

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So, what exactly happens here, and why are players dying without any chance of survival? Well, it seems that if Aurelion Sol casts his new E - Singularity before being thrown into the Death Realm by Mordekaiser, anyone who was affected by Singularity and it's AoE will continue to burn down without a chance of survival. 

There is only one way to stop the burn and that is by dying. It almost seems like you're constantly stuck with this invisible debuff and continue to burn down until you lose all your HP. no matter how often Soraka heals you, you only have one end and that is death in the case of this bug. 

There have been other in-game bugs, like Aurelion Sol merging with the terrain which have been found by players ahead of his release to live servers, but this is probably one that can impact a player's game the most with no way of stopping the inevitable death. 

Aurelion Sol has been disabled in pro play due to in-game bugs, so we haven't gotten to see him in pro play yet and it seems that until Riot fixes some of these major bugs we also won't get to see him anytime soon. Hopefully Riot manages to fix him ahead of the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational though. 

There are still two months until then, so we do think Riot is going to have ample time to go over the biggest issues and if we go by the 2022 League of Legends World Championship, some bugs are fine to be kept in the game and ignored unti there is enough community outcry against them, right? 

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