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What is Riot warning us about?

LoL Briar Teaser: Riot Issues "Warning" On Home Page

Champions 29-08-2023 15:40
Is Riot actually warning us about Briar? | © Riot Games

It's not even October, but Riot seems to think it's already spooky-season! After the release of the first Briar teaser on August 27, 2023, aka the "forbidden" tab on LoL's home page, Riot has now unleashed a "warning" on their home page as part two of their possibly four-step plan. 

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That's right, it seems Briar's teaser will be split into four parts, as SkinSpotlights has leaked.

With each new teaser, we're getting to see more and more of Briar, but it seems there's something that Riot has been hiding from us so far.

LoL: Why Riot Is "Warning" Us

Lo L Briar Warning door
Why is Briar locked behind that door? | © Riot Games / screenshot

Unlike the first phase of the teaser, "forbidden", phase two offers us more intractability. It seems we've just gone down the hall, all the way to the door we could previously click on. 

Something is different from before though, there's no more whistling. I don't know what's scarier – the eerie whistling, or the lack thereof. 

Not everything has changed, we can still hear chains rattling, but this time we can actually see who's wearing them. If you click on the door, the person locked behind it will start talking to you and run around their cell. As we've already guessed before, the person locked up is probably Briar.

Some of Briar's voice lines lead me to believe that phase two of Briar's teaser shows us her "hunger" stage.

LoL: This Might Be Briar's "Hunger"

Lo L Briar Warning running
Is Riot warning us about "hunger"? | © Riot Games / screenshot

If you haven't already heard, one part of our 2000-year-old vampire Briar's skill set will be her "hunger". We don't know what it will look like exactly, but we do know that her "hunger" will be completely different to Briar's normal state.

Well, my guess here is that we're being given a first glimpse at what "hunger" will look like in this second part of Briar's teaser. 

In part one we could hear this eerie melody being whistled, but it stopped as soon as you click on the door that Briar is trapped behind. From the voice lines we can hear so far in this teaser, it seems like Briar is slightly insane, just like Jinx.

So, my wild guess is that Briar might have a bit of a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde situation on her hands. As long as she's calm, she's Briar, as cute, whistling 2000-year-old girl. But, as soon as her hunger gets the best of her, or if she notices some "prey", her "hunger" comes out to play. At least that's my theory from what we've seen so far.

What leads me to believe so, is for one, the person running around behind those bars doesn't really look like Briar does in her splash art. In those short glimpses we have of her, she looks slightly...unhinged. 

Besides that, while some voice lines, like "Hiiii!" or "Hello? Anyone there?", make it seem as though Briar has noticed us and is talking directly to us, others make it seem as though it's actually "hunger" talking to us.

If you click on the door often enough, you won't only hear her talking, but also sounds described as "[hunger moaning]" and "[sniffing]". This makes it seem like "hunger" was hoping to feed on some prey and is trying to find out where you are. After all, Briar is blind, so if you don't talk to her, she doesn't really know where you are.

Briar's "hunger" might be the reason why she's being locked up behind this door, and is probably what Riot is "warning" us about. If the releases continue on in the same way, then we will be seeing phase three and four in the next couple of days. Hopefully they'll give us a bit more clarity and info to Briar's release!

Let's hope "hunger" doesn't escape from their cell in the next parts of Briar's teaser. Or maybe we should hope that will happen. Perhaps Briar will escape from her prison and immediately enter League of Legends? 

As soon as we find out more about Briar, her abilities and her teasers, we'll keep you updated!

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