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LoL: Riot Reveal When Arena Will Be Returning

More 29-08-2023 13:05
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The League of Legends Arena Mode is set to return |©Riot Games

The Arena Mode in League of Legends has to be one of the most successful stories for the game in the last couple of years. Thousands of players fought in the different settings, an own meta for the mode evolved and millions of hours of content were produced by fans and players.

Sadly the end of the current event also meant the end of the popular mode, with many fans demanding a rather sooner than later return in the future. And their cries were heard, since according to the newest "Dev Update" video announced the mode's return. Here is everything you need to know about it.

LoL: Next Arena Mode Version Is Coming Right Before Christmas

It was already announced by the company, that the Arena Mode is likely to come back at some point, since it was one of the most successful ideas of the last years. Back then, the devs announced to work and balance the mode further, while considering its return.

And now it's official, according to Riot Games developer Andrei "Riot Meddler" van Roon, the Arena will return in early December,

Arena's debut run will end with the Soul Fighter Event as previously discussed, but that's where we can take it down, make a bunch of upgrades to it. So, the game mode seam is already underway on that work and the next Version of Arena will drop in early December

Apparently the devs are still in the process of deciding which changes the mode needs the most to be attractive for players and be even better than its first version, which debuted with the Soul Fighter Event and received some changes and updates in the past Patches. 

Santa Gragas
The return of the Arena Mode might the best christmas present ever |©Riot Games

Riot employee Jeremy "Brightmoon" Lee stated in the dev update video,

We're still figuring out exactly what will be in the update, but we're looking at things like adding a lot more augments to give the game variety, improved champion viability, so you can have a good time bringing in a larger variety of your favorite champions into Arena, some map adjustments and ways of playing with more than just one friend.

And many fans of the Arena Mode will surely be happy about these announcements, since champ variety and the lack of options with more than just one friend were two of the biggest aspects players pointed out, when asked about possible improvements for the game mode.

It will be interesting to see, how the hinted changes, like new augments and map designs might look and feel like in-game. Also, if some new Hazards might be introduced as well, since the last additions weren't that well received by a big potion of the players.

Maybe we're going to see more of the announced changes in the teased "full reveal", which should be coming soon. Until then, enjoy some of the other modes League of Legends has to offer. Of course, we will keep you up-to-date one new information or announcements are released.

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