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Zac is OP

LoL: Don't Sleep on this Flex Pick in LoL Patch 13.1

Champions 18-01-2023 17:30
Empyrean Zac splash
LoL: Zac has been so good lately! | © Riot Games

Flex picks are fun in League of Legends and none seem to be as good right now as this giant slime who is tearing up solo queue. In basically any role, other than the ADC, you're able to pull this guy out and be successful, especially when looking at his win rates in every position on the map. 

Sure, some of the win rates are deceptively high with a rather low pick rates, indicating mostly One Trick Pony's (OTP's) are picking this guy up, but it just goes to show how effective Zac truly is. 

LoL: Zac Considered OP in Four Roles on Summoner's Rift 

Zac is one of the best picks in the game right now, whether that's as a top laner or a mid laner, hell even a support. Zac can make his enemies tremble before him. He's got high ban rates as well with around 7% in the mid, top and support position and even 15 in the jungle, which is his most played role as well. 

Riot is aware of his high win rates right now and they are keeping an eye on the slime from Zaun, but with indirect nerfs hitting the Rift in LoL Patch 13.2, they aren't going to directly target the big guy just yet. Radiant Virtue is getting updated, as well as Demonic Embrace, two key-items which have made this champion so strong. 

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After that, Zac builds his usual tank items like Sunfire Aegis and Spirit Visage, meaning he is going to be one tanky champion, with added bonus as well thanks to his first two builds. 

Riot has also stated that they will be making changes to Grievous Wounds, thus making his self-heal a little weaker in the upcoming patch as well which could hurt his win rate and bring him down from the height he's seen in the current League of Legends Patch. 

Having win rates in four positions with over 52% is impressive and just goes to show how broken the meta is right now. Compare that to the suffering of mages, who have been replaced by Champions like Zac, Sett and even Garen in the mid lane. 

Will the changes to items and systems in the upcoming patch be able to pull Zac back from his utter domination? 

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