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LoL: Ruler Had Dream LPL Start in First Week of 2023 Season

Esports 16-01-2023 11:10
Gen G Ruler semi finals
This was an insane start in the LPL. | © Riot Games

Former Gen.G bot laner, now playing in the LPL for JDG Park "Ruler" Jae-hyuk had one of the most insane starts to the LPL 2023 season. JDG took on Bilibili Gaming in their first match to kick off their 2023 LPL season and they managed to take home the victory. Who was the MVP? None other than Ruler. 

JDG built up what many believe to be a super team during the off-season, bringing in Zhuo "knight" Ding from Top Esports, as well as former world champion Ruler from the LCK. With so many high profile players some were worried about too much stardom on one team. Well, they proved everyone wrong.


LoL: Ruler Scores Quadra and Pentakill in LPL Debut

During his time in the LCK, Ruler became known, not only for his insane play and huge numbers, but also his 'penta petna penta' meme from a while back. Everyone knows this man is hungry for a multi-kill in every single game and during his debut in the bloodiest region, he got just that. 

Ruler showed off what he is best at during the games, with CS leads, damage output and positioning in fights. In the first game of th series JDG managed to take the win after 40 minutes of back-and-forth with Ruler earning a quadra kill right as the Nexus fell. 

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The second game went to Bilibili gaming, who are fielding former JDG mid laner Zeng "Yagao" Qi. They managed to win within thirty minutes, thanks to their top laner Chen "Bin" Ze-Bin who carried his team on his back, thus making the series go all the way to a third game. 

The final game saw the aforementioned pentakill. The kills came 47-minutes into the match while JDG was in Bilibili's base with all three inhibs down. This fight earned them their first victory of the year, with Ruler showing off that "LPL style" is no problem for this seasoned veteran. 

 This is his seventh career pentakill. Ruler has played five different champions when he got the pentakills. Only his Ezreal and Kai'Sa have two pentakills each. 

Ruler had an insane start to the LPL and fans are excited to see JDG improve throughout the year and hope that this superteam will be able to earn the LPL a trophy at the 2023 League of Legends World Championship in South Korea later this year. 

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