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League of Legends Champions With the Longest Crowd Control

Champions 26-02-2022 02:15
Movement meta is easily taken care of | © Riot Games

Crowd Control abilities in League of Legends win games. Whether they're needed to set up a gank, stop a hyper-carry from doing their thing, or making a pick before an important objective, crowd control is the way to go.

In League of Legends, crowd control abilities can be classified into two major categories, namely soft and hard crowd control. And, while crowd control abilities of the "soft" kind are insidious and those using them are extremely annoying champions, it's the hard CC that wins games, which includes:

  • Stuns,
  • Roots,
  • Knock-ups,
  • Silences,
  • Taunts.

Which LoL champions have the most Crowd Control?

The crowd control score, which can be found in the post-game report, says a lot about just how much you've impeded your opponents. However, it calculates CC individually, even if it came from an AoE ability. What we will focus on will be the so-called "cc-chains", best employed by support champions.

3. Nautilus

When it comes to support champions, there is none quite so intimidating for ADCs like Nautilus. It doesn't matter if you've got an inbuilt dash, have flash up, or are using Galeforce, his point and click ultimate will find its way to you eventually.

It's what Tyler1 used to get to Challenger | © Riot Games

Before hs Ultimate comes into play, Nautilus has 3 more forms of crowd control in his arsenal, with his hook, auto-attack root and E slow, making for a deadly combination. Perhaps it was his hook that should've been called Death Sentence, instead of Thresh's.

2. Leona

Where Nautilus needs a clear line of sight to get to his target, with no enemy minions of terrain in the way, Leona suffers no such issues. Her E ability passes through minions and applies on the last champion hit, so good luck trying to hide behind your front-line tanks.

Project Leona
Still more fun to play into than Diana | © Riot Games

Where Nautilus' CC can't be accurately measured, due to his Dredge Line, Leona's very much can. If applied correctly, from level 13, Leona can stun-lock a champion for 4 seconds straight. Though, it does take some practice to get the timing right.

1. Morgana

Was there really ever any doubt? Morgana's Q ability, which is her root, when maxed out roots a target for 3 whole seconds by itself. It's gotten to the point where Riot have even put in a joke affliction description, saying that the champion has been rooted for an eternity.

Talk about stopping power | © Riot Games

Add in her stun from her ultimate, and the cc-chain lasts for 5.5 seconds. WIth some ability haste, it's very possible to get another Q off before the target leaves the stun, bumping up the numbers to 8.5 seconds of CC. All of this on a ranged mage champion.

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