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LoL Patch 14.8: Azir Nerfs Made Him Unplayable In Solo Queue

Champions 23-04-2024 17:10

Azir has never been the champion with the best win rate in the game, but has Riot completely destroyed the champion with their latest nerfs?

Galactic Azir
LoL Patch 14.8: Is Azir unplayable now? | © Riot Games

Azir is probably one of the hardest champions to master in all of League of Legends. Placing your sand soldiers correctly, knowing how to use your ult, all of it takes time and precision to master. 

This difficulty means he usually has a low win rate the lower the elo. High MMR players would know how to play with such a mobile and unique champions, while low MMR players struggle with mastering this pick. But right now it seems Riot completely ruined the champ ahead of the 2024 Mid-Season Invitational

LoL Patch 14.8: Azir With Biggest Drop In Win Rate

Elderwood azir
No Azir at MSI 2024. | © Riot Games

Azir doesn't tend to have a huge win rate in League of Legends. His complexity makes it hard for people to simply pick him up and master him right off the bat, and that's alright, not every champion has to be Annie, right?

Recently, in LoL Patch 14.8, Riot nerfed the mid laner and since then his win rate has dropped drastically. His win rate has dropped by a staggering 1.8%. The only other champion to have as much of a drop? Briar, and she was also nerfed. 

Warring kingdoms azir
Azir nerfs were pretty bad... can he recover? | © Riot Games

He was at a 47.1% win rate in Patch 14.7 in Plat+. This has dropped down to 45.3% in LoL Patch 14.8. Riot nerfed his health regeneration in the last patch, as well as the magic damage of his W. Two small nerfs have turned the champion into one of the worst in the entire game. 

The nerfs were intended to keep Azir from being a perma-pick at the 2024 Mid-Season Invitational. With players like Faker, Chovy and Knight at the tournament, it's no surprise that he would be a popular choice. So the nerfs are understandable, but this does hurt the Azir player base in solo queue as well, who now have to deal with a squishy underpowered champion. 

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