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We don't need this champion in the game, let's be real.

Riot Please Delete Fizz from League of Legends

Champions 20-04-2024 10:00

Some champions in League of Legends are just annoying and awful. Fizz is one of them. So please Riot, get rid of this awful champion. 

Cottontail Fizz
Please delete him. | © Riot Games

If there is one champion in League of Legends that you could delete, which one would it be? Master Yi? Or maybe it would be someone like Viego who just broke League of Legends? The list of annoying champions could go on forever, but today we're going to talk about Fizz. 

Seriously, if Fizz was to be taken out of the game, would anyone even miss him? He's an annoying trickster, which I know is what Riot went for when they created this champion, but no thank you we don't need this. So please Riot, do us all a favour and delete this monster from our games right away. 


Why Should Fizz Be Deleted From League of Legends? 

3. Untargetability for Days

Super galaxy fizz
This is a champion that belongs in the grabage. | © Riot Games

Let's be real guys, playing against Fizz is just not fun. He's untargetable for days, goes into a god-damn Zhonya's and then he uses his E once more to get out of any situation. Seriously, is that even fair? No it is not. And yes, the comments are going to say to just CC the Mother F*cker, but is that even possible? 

Sure, Fizz's whole stick is to be funny, dopey and mobile as hell, but there is a limit to how annoying and how much mobility a champion can have. Is one ability really supposed to be so strong that he is able to dodge any and every ability and ultimate? It's not fair and it's awful to play against. 

Let's not get started on his passive either, which basically lets him ghost continuously as well which, when looking at his kit already seems way overtuned, but sure let's let this annoying Yordle hop around on Summoner's Rift the entire time.... 

2. The Amount of Damage

Fuzz fizz skin
Please stop picking him in my games. | © Riot Games

Another reason why Fizz is a champion we don't want to see anything any more of is that he has quite a simple kit and is an untargetable mess, but all of that comes together with him also having simple abilities with which he just cannot miss. Sure, it's gotten better after the durability update, but Fizz still hits like a truck. 

He hops into lane from the mid lane, presses his E to get close to a target, and then he will be able to one shot an opponent with a single attack. His W lets him deal damage over time, and his Q gives him added mobility and damage. Is this even fair? 

Let's not even get started on his ultimate. Even my five-year-old nephew would be able to get a kill with a simple point-and-click ultimate like that of Fizz. The amount of damage this one simple ability does in the later stages of the game...

1. He is a Toxic Champion

Fizz 1
He might look cute... but he isn't. | © Riot Games

There you are, playing a champion and going up against Fizz, only to have that annoying trickster giggle and laugh at you over-and-over again. It's infuriating, brings your pulse up to unnatural levels and with every untargetable ability and every evade you feel your rage building in the pit of your stomach. Weren't games supposed to be fun? 

Sure, Fizz isn't impossible to counter, but if you're playing and just hear that god-awful 'swimmingly' coming out of that little champion's mouth you'll be tilted off the face of this earth with ease, ruining your evening, day and even week. This is how deep the toxicity is ingrained in this champion. 

So, with all these reasons, we beg you Riot, please think of deleting this mid lane menace from League of Legends. Seriously, Seraphine can wait, this is a much more urgent champion that should be taken out of the game. 

Sabrina Ahn

Sabrina Ahn is the League of Legends and Riftfeed Lead. During her time at Concordia University in 2014 she fell in love with League of Legends and esports and has been playing LoL since then – how she hasn't lost...