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LoL Players Hope This Champion Can Get A Wild Rift Glow Up On PC

Champions 06-07-2023 17:45
Academy vladimir 1
LoL players want an ASU for an old champion. | © Riot Games

League of Legends is a pretty old game. It was first released back in 2009 and the age can be seen, especially on some older champions that haven't gotten too much love in the visual update department either. 

With some champions getting upgrades in other games like Legends of Runeterra or Wild Rift, LoL PC players are hoping tha their mains will also finally be getting some love and attention from Riot.

LoL Players Want A Visual Update For Older Champions

Vladimir W Ild R Ift Splash Art
The Wild Rift Vladimir splash art! | © Riot Games

The newest addition to the 'we want an ASU for them' train is none other than our favorite hemomancer, Vladimir. Yes, we know we're getting a real vampire soon, but Vladimir has a dedicated fan base and players are hoping that he will get some attention, especially after the reveal of his Wild Rift look

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Wild Rift will introduce Vladimir soon, but he is going to get an updated splash art and he, of course, has a much better and cleaner model than the one he's rocking on Summoner's Rift on the PC right now. 

This has some players asking for some form of visual update for the champion, similar to what happened with Nidalee when her new look in Legends of Runeterra was also revealed by Riot not too long ago. 

The list of champions in dire need of a new model and new splash arts for both the base, as well as their skins, grows with every year, but Riot have stated before that they will only be working on ASU's for popular champions – for now. 

So, unfortunately, champions like Vladimir and Zilean, that don't have the biggest fan base are currently not a priority in the eyes of the game developer. We are going to be getting ASU's for three champions though, with an extra ASU for Jax having been revealed alongside Teemo and Lee Sin. 

Maybe once Riot is done with those ASU's we can hope for some visual upgrades for Vladimir. Until then players will just have to look at the Wild Rift version and keep on dreaming. 

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