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LoL: Riot, Please Delete Katarina

Champions 21-01-2024 14:00

There are a few champions that make me as mad as Katarina. Sure, the game always gets the emotions flowing in some way, but Katarina is a different kind of evil.

Death Sworn Katarina
My personal nemesis on the mid lane. | © Riot Games

Katarina is one of the most mobile champions in the game. In the right situations, Katarina can 1 vs. 5 a whole team, ending in a Pentakill and a lot of tears and shattered dreams. I absolutely despise this champion with all my heart, and that's why I will list a few reasons why Riot should delete Katarina.

LoL: Why Riot Should Delete Katarina

I know Riot will not listen to my prayers, but I can at least try my hardest and rant about her. 


Shop New
What will Kata buy? ANYTHING! | © Riot Games

Is she AP? AD? Tank? Why does she buy Nashors Tooth? So AP I guess… wait, she just bought Titanic Hydra and a Steraks. So AD? Oh god, my Jungler got one shot. The insane build diversity of the champion is absolutely insane. 

She starts with a long sword to autoattack you with her E. But even if you buy Armor, and she keeps buying AD Items, she does magic damage. It's horrendous to itemize against her, and it feels unfun. I really hope the new Items are more or less balanced so she can't do that anymore.


High noon katarina
She does look good tho. | © Riot Games

Ezreal has a Blink with 18 seconds cooldown and that's all nice and fair, but Katarina has infinite instant blinks that she can use on anything. How are you supposed to hit this champion once it gets going?

It's so infuriating to see her demolish your whole team, and you cannot do anything against it as she just shunpo'd back to her minions, but oh wait she is on your ADC again.


Battle Queen Katarina splash
Its good. I gotta admit that. | © Riot Games

Okay, okay, I'm just being jealous here, but Battle Queen Katarina is such an amazing skin, I'm almost mad that they used it for her. With all the different colors and VFX, it almost deserves to be an Ultimate skin. Why give it to Katarina of all Champions? Okay in all seriousness Katarina has some really cool skins. Project Katarina might be one of my favorites because it works so well on her. Battle Academia is also really, really cool, but even going back to the classic Kitty Kat feels great.

Reset Mechanics

Champion abilities are balanced around two different but important things. Cost and Cooldown. Katarina has neither, as she doesn't use Mana nor any other resource, but this isn't even the worst. As soon as she gets a kill or takedown, her passive reduces the cooldown of all her abilities by 15 seconds. Newsflash, none of Katarina's basic abilities have a 15-second, so it's a reset. I've already touched on this earlier BUT WHY CAN A BLINK RESET. 


Faerie Court Katarina Prestige
She even has a Prestige Skin. | © Riot Games

Alright, so your laning versus Katarina. You are doing your best to not give her any options to assassinate you, and carefully avoid the daggers. You are chilling in a free and won lane basically as you realize it is quiet… too quiet. 

Katarina is missing. You start furiously pinging your bot lane, but it is already too late. Katarina has arrived and is about to get a double kill. Fun. She does absolutely nothing in lane, you are bored out of your mind and because your bot lane has no map awareness you are now playing versus a fed Katarina. GG

I'm sure if I think longer about this, I'll find even more reasons, but this is already hard enough to write as it is. I need a calming Tea right now. Thanks for listening to my rant. What character do you hate and wish to be removed?

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