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We know who will be the OP pick in pro play already

A Look At LoL Season 13: K'Sante Dominates Demacia Cup

Champions 22-12-2022 13:30
Prestige K Sante
K'Sante is going to be a champion we see a lot of in pro play come 2023. | © Riot Games

Currently there isn't much esports happening. Thankfully the LPL has our backs with the yearly Demacia Cup which always takes place around Christmas. As we are heading into the playoffs, with two of the quarter final matches already over, it's time to look at the trends we see emerging. 

The Demacia Cup is played on LoL Patch 12.23, which means we've already got some insights into the upcoming season and what trends players might be going for in the upcoming season. One thing we have seen is that K'Sante is insane. 


K'Sante Dominates the Top Lane 

The newest League of Legends champion – K'Sante is going to dominate 2023. This is just a prediction, but looking at the Demacia Cup it's clear, that when the right players have this champion under their control, then insane things are going to happen. 

K'Sante is a unique champion that builds tank items, but with the press of his ultimate he will become a bruiser who can take on anyone with insanely high damage numbers. Of course, his tankiness will diminish when his ultimate is active, but he's got mobility, shielding and everything else he'd need to survive a skirmish. 

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In solo queue K'Sante has a mere win rate of just under 50%, sitting at 49.8%. This is alright for a brand-new champion, but when we look at the Demacia Cup the stats tell a completely different story. 

As of writing this article K'Sante has been picked a total of 21 times and. From those 21 games he managed to win 12, shooting his win rate up to over 56%. This is the highest win rate of any champion at the Demacia Cup. 

So, while in solo queue K'Sante is average, it seems like this champion was made for pro players. He has a unique and quick playstyle where you can choose when to go all-in with his ultimate or when to back off and stay in tank form. The damage this champion can dish out is insane. 

We will likely be seeing a lot of K'Sante at the start of the season if Riot doesn't decide to nerf him before the 2023 pro seasons start. Hopefully he doesn't get the Gwen treatment where he becomes unplayable within a year of his release. 

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