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Dr. Mundo is getting some big changes

LoL PBE Patch 12.23 | Dr. Mundo Rework Announced

News 17-11-2022 15:30
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Mundo is getting some major updates! | © Riot Games

Wait, was it not just a bit over a year ago that Dr. Mundo received his Visual and Gameplay Update? Why yes, yes it was. In 2021 Dr. Mundo received a complete overhaul with a new story, new art and a reworked champion model, as well as abilities, but it seems Riot is going to change a few things on the champion. 

We already know that Zeri, who was just released in January 2022 will be getting a huge rework in LoL Patch 12.23, but Dr. Mundo joins her as well with his abilities being looked at once more. What is Riot trying to achieve with these changes thought? 

LoL Patch 12.23 | These Are Dr. Mundo's Ability Changes 

Ever since his VGU Dr. Mundo has had a bit of an identity crsis. Is he a jungler or a top laner? Where is he better and more efficient? Well, now Riot is going to make him a bit more of a late game monster, as well as help out those of you who decide to play him in the jungle with some jungle buffs as well... oh, and his W is an ability now! 

So let's quickly go over all the changes that will impact Dr. Mundo in the coming patch. Hopefully these are updates that will only improve the Madman of Zaun, because let's be real he has one of the best concepts in all of League of Legends. 

Curious about the newest champion? You might run into him when playing Mundo in the top lane, but do we suggest Dr. Mundo as a counter to Akshan? Find out in the video below: 

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Dr. Mundo Abilities in LoL Patch 12.23

Base Stats

  • AD per Level: 3.5 --> 3
  • Base Magic Resist: 32 --> 29
  • Magic Resist per Level: 2.050 --> 2.3

Goes Where he Pleases (P)

  • Cannister Current Health Loss: 7% --> 3%
  • Cannister Max Health Heal --> 8% --> 4%
  • Max Health Regen per 5s --> 0.8-1/6% (linear progression) --> 0.4-2.5 (non-linear progression equal at level 11)

Infected Bonesaw (Q)

  • Health Cost: 50 --> 60

Heart Zapper (W)

  • Health Cost: 5% current Health --> 8% current Health
  • Gray Health Heal (No Hit): 0% --> 50%
  • Damage Stored as Gray Health: 25/30/35/40/45% --> 80-95% based on level in the first 0.75s, then 25% thereafter
  • Duration: 4s --> 3s

Blunt Force Trauma (E)

  • Passive Bonus AD: 15/20/25/30/35 + 25/30/35/40/45 based on missing health --> 2.5/3/3.5/4/4.5% max Health
  • [Removed] Instantly push small jungle monsters
  • Monster Damage: 200% --> 250%

Maximum Dosage (R)

  • [Removed] Bonus AD
  • Missing Health as Max Health: 8/11.5/15% --> 15/20/25%
  • [Added] At Rank 3, both healing effects (R regen and base health gain) are increased by an additional 5% per nearby champion

Thanks to these changes Dr. Mundo is going to feel much better to play. His W is probably the ability with the biggest changes, but they're for the better since you'll be able to heal even if you f*ck up your engage... which we know can happen no need to be shy. 

These changes have also been tested on the new jungle patch, so if you're worried about the jungle role and Dr. Mundo as a jungler then you should be pleasantly surprised what he will be able to do. For now the changes are on the PBE server and should go live on LoL Patch 12.23. 

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