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LoL: The Best Blitzcrank Counters – And How To Play If You Can't Pick Them

Champions 01-09-2023 13:00
How to counter Blitzcrank mains
LoL: Dive into this article to find out more about the best Blitzcrank counters! | © Riot Games

Over the last few years, we had many new additions to the support roster in League of Legends. You would think the 200 years of collective game design experience would help drown out aging champion designs, right? NOPE. They most certainly do not drown out every immobile bot laner's biggest nightmare. It is time to disarm this specific champion – let us present to you the best Blitzcrank counters, and how to play against them if you can't pick a counter.

Let us be real: there is not a single support that can make or break a lane like Blitzcrank does. In their core concept, Blitzcrank is incredibly simple. You would think that makes the Great Steam Golem easy to play against? HA! It is actually the key why they are so dangerous!

If Blitzcrank misses their early hooks, they are quickly put down as useless. If they instead hit the majority of their hooks, they easily create a lane advantage and are worshipped as support gods. All of this with the press of a single button? It is time to put an end to this – we are here to tell you about the best Blitzcrank counters and how to play if you can't pick any of them!

Before We Dive Into The Best Blitzcrank Counters: Why Is Blitzcrank So Annoying To Deal With?

Zenith Games Blitzcrank

The core to understanding Blitzcrank is to understand his Q – Rocket Grab. This seems very easy on paper, but can actually get very difficult. Blitzcrank mains know every trick in the book to use this tool to its greatest extent, and they will do everything within their power to create dangerous situations out of absolutely nowhere.

Obviously, hooks are not a concept exclusive to Blitzcrank. Other champions like Nautilus, Thresh and Pyke also have hooks to their disposal. Why are they easier to deal with? Because their hooks are objectively weaker.

While their hooks are still potent tools, Nautilus and Thresh have to displace themselves too to follow up on their hooks. Pyke does not have to displace himself, but he has to charge his hook up and still gives the target the chance to flash or dash away before he can apply his follow-up.

Blitzcrank makes up for his incredibly strong hook with an otherwise weak kit. Their durability is nowhere near Nautilus, their crowd control can never match that of Thresh and their mobility and damage are a joke compared to Pyke's. However, this also means that their moments to shine can come literally out of nowhere – and your own confidence after a safe laning phase might cost you the game if they manage to land a single, clutch Rocket Grab.

Everyone of us surely has this one dark memory where we were caught out by a Blitzcrank in the most unexpected scenario possible. However, do not worry – these situations are now a thing of the past. Let us tell you who the best Blitzcrank counters are – and how you can deny the Great Steam Golem if you have to play a different champion!

If You Can't Pick The Best Blitzcrank Counters: How To Stop A Blitzcrank Main In Their Tracks

Blitzcrank lancer paragon
We are glad to tell you that Blitzcrank is not actually this big in the game. | © Riot Games

Laning against a champion that can ruin your entire game with a single spell can be really difficult, especially when the sheer threat of their playmaking is already enough to compromise your possibilities. However, there are still ways to prevent Blitzcrank from ruining your day. 

The most important part is that Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab is a single-target skillshot. This means that the first target hit will be pulled towards the Great Steam Golem – no matter if it is the enemy bot laner, a caster minion, Lord Grompulus Kevin Ribbiton of Croaksworth (yes, that is Gromp's full name) or the enemy Malphite with 800 armor and his R – Unstoppable Force available.

Because Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab has an incredible high range, it is difficult to just stay out of range. Instead, sticking with your lane minions is a much better call. They will grab a minion instead, or just try to snipe you and miss entirely.

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Letting Blitzcrank and their laner push the lane is also an easy way to prevent a lot of threat. They will more often than not equip the Hexflash rune, which does absolutely nothing when you stand under your turret. While Blitzcrank can still hook you out of your turret's safety, hexflashing under it to shorten the distance is definitely not a good strategy.

Communicate with your support to ensure you always have information on Blitzcrank. Vision is their biggest enemy because it robs them off any surprise element. Hexflashing over a wall can create a game-winning play – or be entirely useless when your team saw them charge their Hexflash up on the other side of the wall and ran away as a result.

In later teamfights, you can not always hide behind minions. Instead, make sure that you do not step away from your front liners. Blitzcrank can win the game by separating you from your team – or lose the game by grabbing your super-beefy top lane tank and giving them an easy engage instead. 

LoL: The Best Blitzcrank Counters

Pool Party Taric
Countering Blitzcrank while looking absolutely immaculate has never been this easy. | © Riot Games

Thankfully, there are multiple champions who can put up with Blitzcrank quite easily. Taric is not only a solid pick on lane, his late game shenanigans also have Blitzcrank question their playmaking capabilites. 

On lane, Taric can react to a successful Rocket Grab by counter-engaging with his E – Dazzle. Additionally, his healing from his Q – Starlight's Touch combined with his Passive – Bravado bonus charges makes his carries a lot more durable than Blitzcrank would like. 

After level 6, Blitzcrank can no longer rely on his catches alone, as Taric's R – Cosmic Radiance will buy some precious time for his teammates. However, be sure to watch your resource management. Taric is incredibly good at burning through his mana pool quickly. This may be less of an issue in the later stages of the game, where Taric outscales Blitzcrank blatantly.

Apart from Taric, our dearest crowd favorite Rakan also has it rather easy against Blitzcrank. While he is not able to make his fellow bot laner invulnerable, he can instead follow his involuntarily abducted carry with his E – Battle Dance

The resulting shield buys them some more time to live through the engage, after which they can turn on Blitzcrank and their carry while Rakan keeps them in place with his W – Grand Entrance and his R – The Quickness. This is almost unfair for Blitzcrank...

Finally, this list would definitely not be complete without Morgana! Her E – Black Shield is a Blitzcrank main's biggest nightmare, as the crowd control immunity denies any attempt to grab her or her fellow bot laner's booties. The only issue about this is that Morgana is in a really bad spot right now, so you may be better off sticking to the other two if you want to reliably win your games.

Also, if you prefer to play the carry on bot lane: Ezreal is your best friend. Even if Blitzcrank hits you, they will not pull you towards them if you are already in your E – Arcane Shift animation. Ezreal works incredibly well with Taric too!

That concludes RiftFeed's quick guide on how to counter Blitzcrank. Make sure to keep your booty safe from incoming Rocket Grabs, and good luck on your climb!

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