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LoL: This Is Why Keria Said Not To Play ADC Supports

Champions 02-03-2023 20:15
Arclight Varus
League of Legends: Please stop playing Varus support. | © Riot Games

In the current League of Legends meta, ADC supports have found a home. You can't go a night of LCS or LEC without seeing someone lock in either Varus or Caitlyn into the support position, but it seems that solo queue players can't resist the urge to copy their idols. 

In a recent post-game interview, T1 support Ryu "Keria" Min-seok warned players not to copy him. ADC supports are difficult and require good teamplay and communication to really work, so was his warning justified? 

LoL: ADC Support Champions Win Rates Worst In The Game

"You are not Keria. You're team is not T1." That was the warning viewers received from the Keria after their win over KT Rolster. He picked Varus support, showing off his skill on the champion and in the role, but that wasn't the first time he's shown his inventive picks, with things like Caitlyn and Kalista also in his back pocket. 

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Since then other bot lane duos have followed suit, with a recent match featuring five ADC champions in one game. Insane, right? Well, there is some hard proof that seems to show that solo queue players shouldn't mindlessly lock in ADC supports just because the best of the best do so. 

ADC supports currently have the worst win rates in the support position. Hell, they're almost as bad in Plat+ as Yuumi, whom Riot nerfed so hard that she was meant to be unplayable

Kalista has a meagre 38% win rate, the worst support of them all, but Caitlyn, Jhin and Varus aren't faring much better all of them around the low 40% win mark. 

The Issue With ADC Supports

ADC supports can be very good. That is if you get ahead early in your lane and can continue to snowball the lead you acquired from bullying your opponent's lane. Things like Ashe or Miss Fortune in the support role have been around forever, so it's no surprise to see other ADC champions take on the role. 

You need to have good communication with your team and the correct synergies, because the moment an ADC support falls behind its over for them. They've got no way to help out their team and no way to claw their way back into the game. If they do fall behind it'll be on the rest of the team to carry them, which could not always happen in solo queue games. 

So just stick around and wait for champions like Milio to release, because he is a dedicated enchanter who will be able to help his team in any situation, not just when in a lead. 

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