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What is happening with Yuumi mains?

LoL: The Yuumi Main Subreddit Has Gone Feral

Legends of Runeterra Yuumi
Gnar going to eat up Yuumi due to the nerfs. | © Riot Games

Yuumi mains have gone insane. At least judging by their subreddit. Seriously, in LoL Patch 13.1b, the balance team decided to take Yuumi and nerf her to hell... where she belongs according to 90% of the League of Legends community. 

But now the Yuumi mains subreddit has decided to protest against these measures, collectively tanking games to bring her win rate down as low as possible, even managing feats the Ryze mains subreddit can only dream of. 

Yuumi's League of Legends Win Rate is Atrocious 

What most expected, when they saw those nerfs heading Yuumi's way in the hotfix patch, happened. Yuumi has officially died, but no one expected that she would fall this low and all of it as a calculated protest by Yuumi mains themselves who have decided to "run it down" until she has a 40% win rate. 

We did it, we achieved what Ryze mains never could. Yuumi fell below a 40% win-rate. from yuumimains

Well, it seems that the subreddit has succeeded, because Yuumi has landed herself a 39% win rate, the lowest of any champion in the entire game. Seriously, the last time I saw a win rate this low was right when Akshan was released and he was meandering about at the 34% win rate mark. 

But even if Yuumi mains protest we doubt Riot is going to pay them any attention. Sometimes you just need to ignore that annoying toddler having a tantrum instead of calming them down, right? And we all know that Yuumi is getting a rework, parts of which might have already been revealed by Riot themselves.

So, while Yuumi has gone down the drain and is likely one of the most unplayable champions right now, with her kit being extremely weak. Her early game has been nerfed due to a lack of range and her scaling on W and move speed on E have also been reduced, making her late game nothing noteworthy. 

Riot will not do anything about her though, since they will be changing her kit to be less impactful in high elo and professional play, while staying beginner-friendly for those who want an easy entry to League. Until that rework goes live though, Yuumi mains will have to join the Ryze players in the treatment of their champion. 

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