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LoL: New Hidden OP Champ You Never See On Summoner's Rift

News 15-02-2024 09:24

Yorick has been out of meta since forever. Actually I can't remember a time when he was meta at all. But maybe it is finally time to dig.

Undertaker Yorick
I must dig. | © Riot Games

Yorick is pretty bad. I think that is a statement that anybody in the League of Legends scene can agree on. Even Riot thought so and therefore buffed the champion in Patch 14.3

These buffs are pretty massive but don't fix his biggest issue. The champion has no mobility and can't actively engage or disengage fights. But currently he might not even need to. 

LoL: What Are The Yorick Buffs, And What Do They Do?

Arclight Yorick splash HD
My favourite Yorick Skin. | © Riot Games

Yorick got multiple buffs that enable a bruiser play style. Previously, Yorick players have preferred lethality because that way the champion actually does damage.

They lowered the cost of his Q and gave it some more sustain for his harsh early laning phase. They also sped up the E cast time to make it smoother to cast, but by far the most important buff is the change to his maiden.

Previously, whenever Maiden attacked an enemy, they would get a stack. If Yorick attacked the same target he would deal bonus damage. This had a 2-second cooldown. Now it doesn't anymore. 

Without this internal cooldown of the Maiden proc, Yorick is basically dealing double his damage and even more when he has a bit of attack speed. Fighting Yorick with Maiden will now be incredibly difficult and almost impossible for tanks.

But that is not the biggest problem. This change works against Monsters. And as a Split Pusher that Yorick is he likes to be alone in the top lane or any other side lane. What is a great buff for side laners? Baron buff. Which you get for defeating Baron Nashor. Which Yorick can solo with Maiden now, in like one minute.

It is absolutely crazy how Yorick and the Maiden absolutely demolish the Void Creature, even after it got buffed with the release of Season 14. He can literally solo Baron at 20 minutes without any sort of memorable lead or advantage. 

Spirit blossom yorick
Is he back? Probably not. | © Riot Games

Will this be enough to bring Yorick into the game? Most likely not but I bet all four Yorick players are crying of joy that their favourite champion finally got some love. And he absolutely deserved it.

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